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1 Business & Operations:
Entries into definitive agreements
Terminations of definitive agreements
Bankruptcies or receiverships
Mine-safety shutdowns or violations
2 Financial Information:
Acquisitions or dispositions of assets
Operations & financial conditions
New direct or off-BS obligations
Upped direct or off-BS obligations
Costs of exit or disposal activities
Material impairments
3 Securities & Trading:
Notices of delistings or rule failures
Unregistered sales of equity secs.
Changes to rights of sec. holders
4 Accountants & Accounting:
Changes in certifying accountants
Non-reliance on previous financials
5 Governance & Management:
Changes in control
Changes in directors or officers
Changes in incorp., bylaws or FY
Temporary suspensions of trading
Changes to codes of ethics
Changes in shell company statuses
Submissions of matters to votes
Shareholder nominations
6 Asset-Backed Securities:
Information & computations
Changes in servicers or trustees
Changes in credit enhancements
Failures to make distributions
Updating disclosures
Static Pools
7 Fair Disclosures
8 Other Events
9 Financial Statements & Exhibits

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