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SEC InfoSecurities Information from the US SEC EDGAR
database for sophisticated business professionals
We’ve designed our service for business and Wall Street professionals who need the quickest access to important information: investment bankers, commercial bankers, money managers, research analysts, traders, brokers, investors, securities lawyers, accountants, CEOs, CFOs, product managers, et al. As such, we have no fancy graphics to distract you, take up bandwidth or insult your intelligence. We offer our service on a subscription basis after you exceed a usage threshold. (See About SEC Info.)

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Securities & Trading:
Notices of delistings or rule failures
Unregistered sales of equity secs.
Changes to rights of sec. holders
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Changes in certifying accountants
Non-reliance on previous financials
Governance & Management:
Changes in control
Changes in directors or officers
Changes in incorp., bylaws or FY
Temporary suspensions of trading
Changes to codes of ethics
Changes in shell company statuses
Submissions of matters to votes
Shareholder nominations
Asset-Backed Securities:
Information & computations
Changes in servicers or trustees
Changes in credit enhancements
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Other Events
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The Database: 113,507Group Members2,373,447Transactions33,750,413Documents
3,560Filing Agents643,667Registrants4,195,829Reports70,623,776Topics
2,587Industries717,353SEC Files11,305,537Filings833,074,241Pages
34,474Businesses1,650,399Relationships22,444,876Exhibits14,406,636,256Added Links
Our service, the easiest and fastest way to search for and navigate what’s important in business and on Wall Street, is based upon the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR database. (See About SEC Info.) These are some of the elements of our database that you will be clicking on:

Filing Agents Organizations, such as law firms and printers, who do the filings for Registrants
Industries All Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) & North American System (NAICS) codes
Businesses All 5- and 6-digit SIC and NAICS codes, allowing you to search for products and services
GroupMembersAdditional non-Registrant parties to Filings who are affiliated with Registrants
Registrants All organizations and individuals legally required to register with the SEC
SEC Files The numbered SEC “folders” that transactions and reports are organized into
Relationships Among Registrants, Group Members, Owners, Issuers, Signatories and Agents
Transactions Deals, such as initial public offerings (IPOs) and mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
Reports Periodic filings, such as annual and quarterly reports and ownership positions
Filings Required submissions to the SEC of “full disclosure” documents and exhibits
Exhibits All exhibits of the filings, such as significant contracts and corporate by-laws
Documents Primary documents of the filings, separated from the exhibits for quick access
Topics Subjects, such as “Competition”, “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion”
Pages Individually-accessible pages of the filings, so you can print just a single page
Added Links Links we’ve added that allow you to easily navigate through all of the above objects

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