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SEC Info is...     •  Securities Information
•  The most-sophisticated U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR database service on the Web, with billions of links added to Filings, Documents & Exhibits to enable easier navigation
•  The 2nd-oldest SEC EDGAR database site, in operation since 1997
•  Designed by a former investment banker to be better than the SEC’s site, EDGAR Online [which faced bankruptcy before selling itself], et al.
Located in a large Internet computer center in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., in Silicon Valley      SEC Info
•  A service mark of...   Fran Finnegan & Company
•  Neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the SEC
EDGAR is...•  The SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system
•  A registered trademark of the SEC

Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else on the Web

Unique filing-, document- and page-oriented organization
Filings are comprised of separate documents, and the documents contain individual pages
Document-Type navigation
Exhibits are indexed so you can get directly to “Material Contracts”, “By-Laws”, et al.
Linked Table of Contents for every filing and document
For jumping directly to any of the documents and topics within them
Linked topics within each document and exhibit
Such as “Business”, “Competition”, “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion”
Intra- and inter-document links
Jump around within a document and to documents incorporated by reference
Relationship links
Between registrants, group members, owners, issuers, signatories and agents
SEC-file links
For navigating the numbered “folders” that transactions and reports are organized into
Links into the future
For jumping to amendments and forward-referenced filings
SIC-code navigation
All 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-digit industries and 5- and 6-digit businesses
Hierarchical navigation (top-down and bottom-up)
SEC-assigned and company-declared SIC codes
Companies placed into multiple industries
Print quality
We adjust print point sizes so that tables do not get truncated on the right
Print an individual page
In the upper-right corner of each page is a “Just Page” link
Intelligent searches
“C|Net”, “C/Net”, “C-Net”, “C Net” and “CNet” all resolve to the same company
“IBM” returns all affiliated registrants
Nickname mapping, such as for “Big Blue” and “Ma Bell”
“Y2K” is equivalent to “Year 2000”
Geographic searches
Country, state, city, ZIP code and area code, plus state of incorporation
Name identification
For finding directors, officers, attorneys, accountants, bankers and agents
Group-member identification
For example, find filings of Perelman’s “MacAndrews & Forbes”
Agent identification
For finding conflicts of interest and agent relationships
Current reports by item number
Get recent 8-Ks for just bankruptcies, director resignations, et al.
Most-recent Filing of each type
In case you want to see an example of a specific Filing-Type
All SEC EDGAR filings, including those that the SEC and other services delete
For example, SEC-corrected filings and correct IPO classification of filings
No “test” filings
Searching for “Allen” in other services returns meaningless filings
Filing-status footnotes
Indicating SEC corrections and SEC deletions (we don’t delete filings)
Status line
Each of our Billion+ links has a status-line description (appearing in the lower left corner of your browser window) of where you will go if you click on it
Including getting e-mail for Filings by selected Registrants or specific Filing-Types

Our users are from...

85,000+  .com  domains

7,400+  .net  domains

4,500+  .org  domains

1,700+  .edu  domains

320+  .gov  domains

Copyright 2017 Fran Finnegan & Company. All Rights Reserved.
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