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SEC Filing Agents

   through Saturday, 2/25/17

The Top 25 Most-Active SEC Filing Agentsª in 2017

                          Filings                            Since
#SEC Filing AgentªSEC CIK 2017   2016   2015   2014   2013  

In descending order
1Donnelley Financial Solutions/FA119312510,60280,59184,03087,56192,725895,591
2DONNELLEY FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS File16/FA12091918,90042,61649,93945,21437,895547,703
3Computershare Inc/FA11276024,62519,58919,46320,19620,172164,903
4Summit Financial Printing11403614,41421,85723,12523,75824,535254,997
5Merrill Corp-MD/FA11046593,92425,88729,18130,00930,137376,796
7CT's hCue/FA12252082,54011,65213,05614,80814,879143,397
8Vanguard Horizon Funds9324712,3603,3813,1023,0123,31729,096
9Section16 Direct/FA11791101,8479,1149,3239,9899,985146,246
10Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP 01/FA9501031,6859,1719,7589,1617,49379,755
11Donnelley Financial Solutions 06/FA8992431,5638,8804,16223,311
12Bif Money Fund2154571,4553,0387775,314
13RDG Filings/FA14377491,2847,7637,7217,6567,11044,618
14UBS AG11144461,1633,4952,7494,6043,85322,156
15Seward & Kissel LLP9195741,0133,7873,9403,8833,84150,934
16Fitzgerald Marketing & Communications, LLC/FA14455461,0045,3755,1715,4754,98041,341
17FMR LLC3150668691,2291,2261,2881,32036,425
18Bif Government Securities Fund353480834864
19M2 Compliance/FA14931527764,4482,8311,8911,12912,084
20Edgar Agents LLC/FA12139007554,3094,2163,6793,03729,197
21Donnelley Financial Solutions/NY/FA12588977481,1471,123892313,548
22Securex Filings/FA12146597063,5984,2794,1343,34227,537
24Advisor Consultant Network Inc10851466822,0381,9711,8841,55318,271
25Doremus Financial Printing/FA8910926673,7844,9394,2574,54946,633
21 Filing Agentsª — 4 Registrantsª —
Most-Active Filing Agents: 527711767829857
Total Filing Agents: 3,5073,4913,4003,3103,205
ªAn SEC “filing agent” is an entity submitting a Filing, often either a Registrant self-filing as the “Filer”/“Issuer” (non-bold above) or a registered Filing Agent. An SEC-registered Filing Agent (in bold above) is in the business of submitting Filings for Registrants. Oftentimes their name will have “/FA” appended to it. You cannot tell whether an SEC filing agent’s CIK (the 1st part of Accession #s) is that of a Registrant or a Filing Agent, because Registrants may also be (or own) Filing Agents, e.g., R.R. Donnelley, or make Filings for their directors/officers, and Filing Agents may also be Registrants, e.g., some Transfer Agents. Further complicating this, some “parents” submit Filings for their subsidiaries or Funds, and some Money Managers submit Filings for other Money Managers. Our algorithms reconcile this, so we know which of the 150K+ filing agents are “true” Filing Agents and, of those 3K+, which are “pure” (90%) or not (10%). Hover your mouse over a CIK above to see either if a Filing Agent is “pure” or the ratio of Filings for other Registrants versus for themselves as a Registrant.

Proprietary to SEC Info: The SEC does not publish the names of, nor data about, registered Filing Agents.
Try to find Filing Agent #1 (listed above) by entering 0001193125 (its CIK) on the SEC’s “Fast Search” page!

To get detailed information on all registered Filing Agents: Please submit your request on our Help page.

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