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U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

SIC Businesses & Products

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1,834 Beginning With ‘C’

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SICCode Business or Product Registrants
In ascending order
0161Cabbage farms*
3812Cabin environment indicators, transmitters, and sensors124
3429Cabinet hardware, including locks and lock sets6
3553Cabinet makers’ machinery1
5712Cabinet work on a custom basis to individual order – retail33
1751Cabinet work performed at the construction site*
3843Cabinets, dental31
2514Cabinets, kitchen: metal*
5712Cabinets, kitchen: not built in – retail33
5211Cabinets, kitchen: to be installed – retail41
2514Cabinets, medicine: metal*
2522Cabinets, office: except wood19
2521Cabinets, office: wood*
2514Cabinets, radio and television: metal*
2519Cabinets, radio and television: plastics*
3585Cabinets, show and display: refrigerated64
2541Cabinets, show, display, and storage: except refrigerated-wood1
2542Cabinets, show, display, and storage: not refrigerated-except wood*
* There are SEC Registrants, but only at the 2- or 3-digit SIC Code levels.

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