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U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

SIC Businesses & Products

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540 Beginning With ‘G’

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SICCode Business or Product Registrants
In ascending order
2211Gabardine, cotton34
1429Gabbro, crushed and broken-quarrying*
1411Gabbro, dimension-quarrying*
3021Gaiters, rubber or rubber soled fabric17
2211Galatea, cotton34
1031Galena mining6
2834Galenical preparations1,525
2258Galloons, lace*
3021Galoshes, plastics17
3021Galoshes, rubber or rubber soled fabric17
3312Galvanized hoops, pipes, plates, sheets, and strips: iron and steel140
3547Galvanizing lines (rolling mill equipment)*
3479Galvanizing of iron and steel and end formed products, for the trade2
3825Galvanometers, except geophysical92
2861Gambier extract*
9311Gambling control boards – government
7999Gambling establishments not primarily operating coin-operated machines45
7993Gambling establishments primarily operating coin-operated machines18
7993Gambling machines, coin-operated: operation of18
7999Gambling machines, except coin-operated: operation of45
* There are SEC Registrants, but only at the 2- or 3-digit SIC Code levels.

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