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Harcourt General Inc – ‘10-K405’ for 10/31/97 – EX-21.1

As of:  Wednesday, 1/28/98   ·   For:  10/31/97   ·   Accession #:  950135-98-292   ·   File #:  1-04925

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    For·On·As Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

 1/28/98  Harcourt General Inc              10-K405    10/31/97    7:165K                                   Bowne of Boston/FA

Annual Report — [x] Reg. S-K Item 405   —   Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-K405     Harcourt General, Inc.                                23     95K 
 2: EX-10.2     1997 Incentive Plan                                    6     32K 
 3: EX-11.1     Computation of Shares Outstanding                      2±    10K 
 4: EX-13.1     1997 Annual Report                                    26    163K 
 5: EX-21.1     Subsidiaries of the Company                            3     14K 
 6: EX-23.1     Consent of Deloitte & Touche LLP                       1      6K 
 7: EX-27.1     Financial Data Schedule                                2±     8K 

EX-21.1   —   Subsidiaries of the Company

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Exhibit 21.1 HARCOURT GENERAL, INC. Subsidiaries & Affiliates* ENTITY JURISDICTION OF INCORPORATION ------ ----------------------------- A.K.R. Conseil France A.S.I. (UK) Ltd. United Kingdom Academic Press Limited England Alison Licensing, Inc. Delaware Assessment Systems, Inc. Delaware Bailliere Tindall Limited England Bergdorf Goodman, Inc. New York Bergdorf Graphics, Inc. New York Broadcasters, Inc. Texas California College for Health Sciences California Career Care, Inc. Delaware Chef's Acquisition Corp. Delaware DBM Australia Limited Delaware DBM Career Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore DBM France, S.A. France DBM International, Inc. Delaware DBM New Zealand Limited New Zealand DBM Training and Consulting, Inc. Delaware Deltak Ges.m.b.H Austria Drake Beam Morin-Canada, Inc. Ontario Drake Beam Morin, Inc. Delaware Drake Beam Morin plc England and Wales Educalivres Group Inc. - Group Educalivres I Quebec Educatief B.V. Netherlands Edunetics Corporation Delaware Edunetics International B.V. Netherlands Edunetics Limited Israel Emcor, Inc. Delaware English Language Institute, Inc. Delaware Ermine Trading Corporation California Eurodidakt B.V. Netherlands Eurodidakt Holding B.V. Netherlands Executive In Residence, Inc. New York Foundation for Marine Animal Husbandry, Inc. Florida GMN, Inc. Delaware Grune & Stratton Limited England HG Land Co., Inc. Delaware
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HGI Investment Trust Massachusetts HRW and WBS Canada Corporation, Inc. New York HRW Distributors, Inc. Delaware Hammond Pond Investments, Inc. Massachusetts Harcourt Brace & Company Delaware Harcourt Brace & Company Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Harcourt Brace & Company Australia Pty Limited Australia Harcourt Brace & Company Canada, Ltd. Ontario Harcourt Brace & Company Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong Harcourt Brace & Company Limited England Harcourt Brace & Company New Zealand Pty. Limited Australia Harcourt Brace Andina, S.A. Columbia Harcourt Brace Argentina, S.A. Argentina Harcourt Brace de Espana, S.A. Spain Harcourt Brace de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Mexico Harcourt Brace de Venezuela, C.A. Venezuela Harcourt Brace FSC, Inc. US Virgin Islands Harcourt Brace Japan, Inc. Japan Harcourt Brace Legal and Professional Publications, Inc. Delaware Harcourt Brace Publishers International, Inc. Delaware Harcourt General Charitable Foundation, Inc. Massachusetts Harcourt General Services, Inc. Delaware Holt, Rinehart and Winston Limited England Human Nature, Inc. Delaware ICS Acquisition Company Florida ICS Intangibles Holding Company California ICS Learning Systems, Inc. Delaware Innovation Research, Inc. Delaware International Correspondence Schools Australia (Australia) Pty Ltd International Correspondence Schools Canadian, Limited Canada International Correspondence Schools, Inc. Pennsylvania International Correspondence Schools Limited England International Correspondence Schools New Zealand (New Zealand) Limited International Correspondence Schools (Overseas) Limited England Intertext Group Limited England Intext International Sales Corp. Delaware James Martin Insight, Inc. Illinois KO Corporation Delaware Kentucky School of Technology, Inc. Delaware
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[Download Table] Laureate Canada Inc. Ontario Louisiana CPA Review, Inc. Delaware M-Mash, Inc. Colorado Miller Comprehensive CPA Review, Inc. Delaware NBD Incorporated Delaware NETG Applied Learning GmbH Germany NETG Applied LEARNING GmbH (Vienna, Austria) Austria NETG Direct, Inc. Delaware NETG Holding, Inc. Delaware NETG Limited United Kingdom NM Direct de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Mexico NM Financial Services, Inc. Delaware NM Nevada Trust Massachusetts N.T.I. Nederlands Talen Instituut B.V. Netherlands National Education Centers, Inc. California National Education Corporation Delaware National Education Credit Corporation California National Education Enterprises, Inc. California National Education Foreign Sales Corporation U.S. Virgin Islands National Education International Corp. California National Education Payroll Corp. California National Education Training Group, Inc. Nevada National Learning Systems, Inc. Delaware Neiman Marcus Funding Corporation Delaware Neiman Marcus Holdings, Inc. California Neiman Marcus Special Events, Inc. Delaware Pastille By Mail, Inc. Delaware SIFTCO, Inc. Massachusetts SV Acquisition Corp. Delaware SV Distribution Company Delaware Spectrum Interactive Incorporated Delaware Steck-Vaughn Company Delaware Steck-Vaughn Publishing Corporation Delaware T & A D Poyser Limited England The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. Delaware The Psychological Corporation New York The Psychological Corporation Limited England The School of Accountancy Limited Scotland W. B. Saunders Company Limited England * Includes The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. (of which Harcourt General, Inc. is the majority shareholder), and the direct and indirect subsidiaries of The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc.
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