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Praxair Inc – ‘10-K405’ for 12/31/01 – EX-21

On:  Thursday, 3/14/02   ·   For:  12/31/01   ·   Accession #:  950159-2-161   ·   File #:  1-11037

Previous ‘10-K405’:  ‘10-K405’ on 3/15/99 for 12/31/98   ·   Latest ‘10-K405’:  This Filing

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    For·On·As Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

 3/14/02  Praxair Inc                       10-K405    12/31/01    9:244K                                   Scullin Group, Inc./FA

Annual Report — [x] Reg. S-K Item 405   —   Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-K405     Annual Report -- [x] Reg. S-K Item 405                16     82K 
 2: EX-10       Exhibit 10.03                                          7     20K 
 3: EX-10       Exhibit 10.07A                                         1      7K 
 4: EX-10       Exhibit 10.18                                         16     29K 
 5: EX-10       Exhibit 10.19                                          7     29K 
 6: EX-12       Statement re: Computation of Ratios -- exhibit12-1     1      7K 
 7: EX-13       Exhbit 13.01                                          59±   266K 
 8: EX-21       Exhibit 21.01                                          4     22K 
 9: EX-23       Exhibit 23.01                                          1      7K 

EX-21   —   Exhibit 21.01

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Praxair, Inc. and Subsidiaries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXHIBIT 21.01 Place of Incorporation ------------- 2325-4022 Quebec Inc. Canada Accent Cay Holdings Inc. B.V.I. Adirondack Insurance Company Vermont Agas Servizi S.r.l. Italy Amko Service Company Ohio Argim Limited Israel Asian Surface Technologies Pte. Ltd. Singapore Asistir Ltda. Colombia Beijing Praxair Huashi Carbon Dioxide Co., Ltd. China CBI Investments, Inc. Delaware CBI Terminal Company Delaware Chanceller Servicos de Lavanderia Industrial Ltda. Brazil Cilbras da Amazonia S.A. Brazil Coatec Gesellschaft Fur Oberflachentechnik GmbH Germany Companhia Nacional de Carbureto Brazil Consultora Rynuter S.A. Uruguay Cryo Teruel S.A. Spain CSF Technology, LLC Delaware D'Angelo S.p.A. Italy Doler Kft Hungary Domolife S.r.l. Italy Dorsey Gage Co., Inc. New York Dryce Italia S.r.l. Italy Euro Cantley S.A. Colombia Gases Ensenada S.A. Argentina Grenslandgas GmbH Germany Grupo Praxair S.A. de C.V. Mexico Hielo Seco S.A. Bolivia Hielogas S.A. Uruguay Indugas Holding B.V. Netherlands Indugas N.V. Belgium Indugas Netherland B.V. Netherlands Indugas Vastgoed B.V. Netherlands Industria Paraguaya de Gases Paraguay Ingemedical S.A. Colombia Innovative Membrane Systems, Inc. Delaware Integrar Comercio e Servicos Industriais Ltda. Brazil International Cryogenic Equipment Corporation Delaware Interwest Home Medical, Inc. Utah Interwest Home Medical-Alaska, Inc. Alaska Interwest Home Medical-Arizona, Inc. Arizona Interwest Home Pharmacy, Inc. Utah Interwest Medical Equipment Distributors, Inc. Utah Julio Pastafiglia & Cia. S.A. Argentina Kelvin Finance Company Limited Ireland Korea Liquid Carbonic Company, Ltd. Korea Kosmoid Finance Ireland Kunshan Praxair Co., Ltd. China L. Clausen & CIA. SRL Uruguay Liquid Carbonic Corporation Delaware Liquid Carbonic del Paraguay S.A. Paraguay Liquid Carbonic do Nordeste, S.A. Brazil Liquid Carboinc Industrias S.A. Brazil
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Praxair, Inc. and Subsidiaries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXHIBIT 21.01 (cont'd.) Place of Incorporation ------------- Liquid Carbonic LNG International, Inc. Delaware Liquid Carbonic of Oklahoma, Inc. Oklahoma Liquid Carbonico Colombiana S.A. Colombia Liquid Quimica S.A. Brazil Logistic Supply Company, LLC Delaware Magaldi Life Italy Malaysian Industrial Gas Company Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia Maxima Air Separation Center Limited Israel Medical Gases S.R.L. Argentina MetFabCity Inc. Delaware Neotex Solucoes Ambientais Ltda. Brazil Nitraco N.V. Belgium Nitropet, S.A. Mexico Nitroxide (1993) Production and Marketing Ltd. Israel Oak Brook International Insurance Co. Ltd. Bermuda Old Danford S.A. Uruguay Operadora Perinorte, S.A. de C.V. Mexico Oxigenos Camatagua, C.A. Venezuela Oxigenos de Colombia Efese S.A. Colombia Oximesa S.L. Spain Oxygene Drummond (1991) Ltee Canada Plainfield, Inc. Delaware Praxair (China) Investment Co., Ltd. China Praxair (Nanjing) Carbon Dioxide Co. Ltd. China Praxair (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China Praxair (Shanghai) Semiconductor Gases Co., Ltd. China Praxair (Thailand) Company, Ltd. Thailand Praxair (Wuhan), Inc. China Praxair (Yueyang) Co., Ltd. China Praxair Asia, Inc. Delaware Praxair Argentina S.A. Argentina Praxair Australia Pty. Ltd. Australia Praxair B.V. Netherlands Praxair Barqisimeto S.A. Venezuela Praxair Bolivia, S.A. Bolivia Praxair Canada Inc. Canada Praxair Carbondioxide Private Limited India Praxair Chemax Semiconductor Materials Co. Taiwan Praxair Chile S.A. Chile Praxair Comercio e Participacos Ltda. Brazil Praxair e Companhia - Comercio e Servicos Portugal Praxair Costa Rica, S.A. Costa Rica Praxair Deer Park Cogen, Inc. Delaware Praxair Distribution, Inc. Delaware Praxair Distribution Southeast, LLC Delaware Praxair E-Services Private Limited India Praxair Energy Resources, Inc. Delaware Praxair Energy Services, Inc. Delaware Praxair Espana, S.L. Spain Praxair Euroholding, S.L. Spain
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Praxair, Inc. and Subsidiaries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXHIBIT 21.01 (cont'd.) Place of Incorporation ------------- Praxair Foreign Sales Corporation Virgin Islands Praxair G.m.b.H. Germany Praxair Holding Company Canada Praxair Holding Espana S.L. Spain Praxair Holding Latinoamerica, S.L. Spain Praxair Holding N.V. Belgium Praxair Holdings International, Inc. Delaware Praxair Hydrogen Supply, Inc. Delaware Praxair Iberica, S.A. Spain Praxair India Private Limited India Praxair Iwatani Electronics Gases Co. Japan Praxair K.K. Japan Praxair Korea Company Limited South Korea Praxair Management Services, Inc. Delaware Praxair Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Mexico Praxair Maritime Company Canada Praxair MRC S.A.S. France Praxair N.V. Belgium Praxair Pacific Limited Mauritius Praxair Partnership Delaware Praxair PC Partnership Canada Praxair Polska, SP. Z O.O Poland Praxair Paraguay S.R.L. Paraguay Praxair Peru S.A. Peru Praxair Portugal Gases S.A. Portugal Praxair Produccion Espana, S.L. Spain Praxair Production N.V. Belgium Praxair Puerto Rico B.V. Netherlands Praxair Puerto Rico, Inc. Delaware Praxair S.A.S. France Praxair S.p.A. Italy Praxair S. T. Technology, Inc. Delaware Praxair Services et Systemes S.A. France Praxair Services G.m.b.H. Germany Praxair Shanghai Meishan Inc. China Praxair Soldadura S.L. Spain Praxair Sudamerica, S.L. Spain Praxair Surface Holdings SARL France Praxair Surface Technologies do Brazil Ltda. Brazil Praxair Surface Technologies Co., Ltd. Korea Praxair Surface Technologies Espana S.A. Spain Praxair Surface Technologies (Europe) S.A. Switzerland Praxair Surface Technologies G.m.b.H. Germany Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. Delaware Praxair Surface Technologies K.K. Japan Praxair Surface Technologies Ltd. United Kingdom Praxair Surface Technologies Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Mexico Praxair Surface Technologies Pte. Ltd. Singapore Praxair Surface Technologies S.A. France Praxair Surface Technologies S.p.A. Italy Praxair Taiwan Co., Ltd. Taiwan Praxair Technology, Inc. Delaware
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Praxair, Inc. and Subsidiaries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXHIBIT 21.01 (cont'd.) Place of Incorporation ------------- Praxair Uruguay S.A. Uruguay Praxair Venezuela, S.A. Venezuela Praxair-Ozone, Inc. Delaware Praxair-Shaogang (Guangdong) Liquified China Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. inc. Delaware Praxair & M.I. Services France S.a.r.l. France Praxair & M.I. Services, S.r.l. Italy Production Praxair Canada Inc. Canada Productos Especiales Quimicos, S.A. Mexico Rapidox Gases Industriais Ltda. Brazil RBG Comercio de Metais Ltda. Brazil Rhee Beheer B.V. Netherlands Rivoira S.p.A. Italy S. A. White Martins Brazil Servicios Energeticos S.A. Chile Shanghai Praxair-Yidian, Inc. China Smeding B.V. Netherlands TAFA Europe, Ltd. United Kingdom TAFA Incorporated Delaware The Weldinghouse, Inc. Ohio Tianjin Praxair Inc. China Topaz Consultora S.A. Uruguay Tradewinds Insurance Limited Bermuda Transportes Flamingo S/A Peru Treffers Precision, Inc. Arizona UCISCO Canada Inc. Canada UCISCO, Inc. Texas Unigas Co., Ltd. B.V.I. Voets B.V. Netherlands Wall Chemicals, Inc. Illinois Welco-CGI Gas Technologies, LLC Delaware Westair Cryogenics Company Delaware White Martins Cilindros Ltda. Brazil White Martins e White Martins Comercio e Servicos Portugal White Martins de Camacari S.A. Bahia White Martins e Companhia Comercio e Servicos Portugal White Martins Gases Industriais do Nordeste S.A. Brazil White Martins Gases Industriais do Norte S.A. Brazil White Martins Gases Industriais Ltda. Brazil White Martins Investimentos Ltda. Brazil XYZ Distribuidora e Transportadora Ltda. Brazil Zuliana de Oxigenos, C.A. Venezuela
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