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Level 3 Communications Inc 10-K/Afor12/27/97 EX-21

As of: Thursday, 4/23/98 For: 12/27/97 Accession #: 794323-98-12 File #: 0-15658

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    ForOnAs Docs:Size

 4/23/98  Level 3 Communications Inc        10-K/A     12/27/97   10:561K

Amendment to Annual Report Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-K/A      Amendment to Annual Report                            88   344K 
 2: EX-3        Articles of Incorporation/Organization or By-Laws     20    79K 
 3: EX-10       Material Contract                                     32   124K 
 4: EX-10       Material Contract                                      3    14K 
 5: EX-21       Subsidiaries of the Registrant                         3    12K 
 6: EX-23       Consent of Experts or Counsel                          1      8K 
 7: EX-27       Financial Data Schedule (Pre-XBRL)                     2    10K 
 8: EX-27       Financial Data Schedule (Pre-XBRL)                     2    17K 
 9: EX-99       Miscellaneous Exhibit                                 32   123K 
10: EX-99       Miscellaneous Exhibit                                 68   256K 

EX-21 Subsidiaries of the Registrant

PETER KIEWIT SONS', INC. Kiewit Diversified Group Inc. PKS Information Services, Inc. PKS Systems Integration, Inc. LexiBridge Corporation PKS Systems Integration (Ireland) Ltd. PKS Systems Integration (Brazil), Inc. PKS Systems Integration (UK) Limited AmSoft Information Services Limited AmSoft Information Services (India) Private Limited PKS Healthcare Systems, Inc. Integrated Medical Networks L.L.C. PKS Computer Services, Inc. PKS Information Services do Brasil Ltda. NET Twenty-One, Inc. Level 3 Communications, LLC Kiewit Diversified Holdings Inc. Kiewit Infrastructure Corp. United Infrastructure Company Kiewit SR91 Corp. Kiewit SR91 L.P. Express Lanes, Inc. Kiewit Telecom Holdings Inc. RCN Corporation Cable Michigan, Inc. Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Inc. Kiewit Investment Management Corp. Peter Kiewit Sons' Co. Kiewit Telecommunication Management Company KFS Financial LLC Retirement Foundations Inc. Retirement Foundations Agency Inc. Gateway Opportunity Fund CompuCook DKA KMI Continental Land Resources, Inc. KMI Continental High Value, Inc. KMI Continental Lease 1, Inc. KMI Continental Area 1, Inc. Continental Holdings Inc. Continental Forest Investments, Inc. Continental Mineral Sales, Inc. Continental Land Sales, Inc. KMI Continental Timberlands, Inc. KMI Continental Lignite, Inc. KMI Continental Jeffersonville, Inc. Continental Kiewit Inc. CCC Canada Holding, Inc. CFS Management Company KMI Continental (Wakefield), Inc. KMI Continental Lake City, Inc. Kiewit Energy Group Inc. Kiewit Coal Properties Inc. Decker Coal Company, A Joint Venture Black Butte Coal Company, A Joint Venture Rosebud Coal Sales Company Big Horn Coal Company Kiewit Texas Mining Company Walnut Creek Mining Company, A Partnership BioClean Fuels Inc. Kiewit Energy Company CalEnergy Company, Inc. Kiewit Energy U.K. Inc. CE Electric Holdings CE Electric UK plc Northern Electric plc American Pacific Finance Company II Kiewit Energy Pacific Holdings Corp. Kiewit Energy International (Bermuda) Ltd. CE Luzon Geothermal Power Company, Inc. (Philippines) CE Casecnan Water & Energy Company, Inc. (Philippines) Himpurna California Energy Ltd. (Bermuda) Patuha Power, Ltd. (Bermuda) Bali Energy, Ltd. (Bermuda) Slupo I B.V. PKS Holdings, Inc. Kiewit Construction Group Inc. Kiewit Construction Company Kiewit Pacific Co. Kiewit Western Co. Grow Tunneling Corp. ME Holdings Inc. Mass. Electric Construction Co. Mass. Electric Securities Corp., Inc. Kiewit Engineering Co. Ben Holt Company The Ben Holt International Co., Inc. Kennebec Construction Company Kiewit Industrial Co. Southern Electrical Contractors, Inc. Kiewit International Services Ltd. (inactive) Kiewit International Inc. Kiewit International Services Inc. Peter Kiewit Sons Co. Ltd. Canaan Corridor Constructors Corp. Les Entreprises Kiewit Ltee Kiewit Management Limited Kiewit Asphalt Ventures Ltd. MIL Offshore Inc. Kiewit Engineering Canada Ltd. Kiewit Industrial Canada Ltd. V.K. Mason Construction Ltd. V.K. Mason Inc. Kiewit Mining Group Inc. Kiewit Alabama Mining Company Kiewit Mining Services Inc. United Metro Materials Inc. Western Equipment Co. Sierra Ready Mix and Materials Co. Show Low Ready Mix, Inc. Show Low Acquisition Company Quality Ready Mix, Inc. Global Surety & Insurance Co. Midwest Agencies, Inc. Kiewit Support Services, Inc. (inactive) Construcciones Kiewit, S.A. de C.V. Kiewit Mazon Constructores, S.A. de C.V. Servitec de Sonora, S.A. de C.V. Gilbert Southern Corp. Guernsey Stone and Construction Company Twin Mountain Rock Company Twin Mountain Construction II Company Bentson Contracting Company Gilbert Central Corp. Gilbert Western Corp. Gilbert Texas Construction Corp. Gilbert Industrial Corporation Gulf Marine Fabricators, Inc. Aker Gulf Marine (Partnership)
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