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Republic Group Inc S-4on9/11/98 EX-21

As of: Friday, 9/11/98 Accession #: 930661-98-1933 File #: 333-63261

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    ForOnAs Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

 9/11/98  Republic Group Inc                S-4                   11:665K                                   Donnelley RR & So..Co/FA

Registration of Securities Issued in a Business-Combination Transaction Form S-4
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: S-4         Registration of Securities Issued in a                88    621K 
                          Business-Combination Transaction                       
 2: EX-1        Purchase Agreement Dated July 10, 1998                31    121K 
 3: EX-4.(C)    4th Amendment to Loan Documents, Dated as of April    12     44K 
                          28, 1998                                               
 4: EX-4.(F)    Registration Rights Agreement Dated July 15, 1998     24     82K 
 5: EX-12       Statement Re Computation of Ratios                     2    13K 
 6: EX-21       Significant Subsidiaries of the Registrant             1      6K 
 7: EX-23.(A)   Consent of Arthur Andersen, LLP                        1      6K 
 8: EX-25       Statement of Eligibility of Trustee                   27     93K 
 9: EX-27       Financial Data Schedule                                2      7K 
10: EX-99.(A)   Form of Letter of Transmittal                         22     76K 
11: EX-99.(B)   Form of Notice of Guaranteed Delivery                  5     14K 

EX-21 Significant Subsidiaries of the Registrant


Exhibit 21 SIGNIFICANT SUBSIDIARIES OF REGISTRANT The following list indicates each subsidiary of the Company; all are wholly- owned by the Company, except for the Hollis & Eastern Railroad Company, of which the Company owns 99.3% of the Common Stock. Republic Paperboard Company of West Virginia is a subsidiary of Republic Paperboard Company. Republic Paperboard Company of West Virginia does business under the name Halltown Paperboard Company. Each other subsidiary does business under its corporate name. The Consolidated financial statements filed herewith include the accounts of each of such subsidiaries. Subsidiaries State of Incorporation ------------ ---------------------- Republic Gypsum Company Oklahoma Republic Paperboard Company Kansas Republic Paperboard Company of West Virginia West Virginia Hollis & Eastern Railroad Company Oklahoma
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