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Ziopharm Oncology Inc – ‘10-Q/A’ for 6/30/12 – R13

On:  Tuesday, 8/28/12, at 4:07pm ET   ·   For:  6/30/12   ·   Accession #:  1144204-12-48414   ·   File #:  1-33038

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 8/28/12  Ziopharm Oncology Inc             10-Q/A      6/30/12   50:3.1M                                   Vintage/FA

Amendment to Quarterly Report   —   Form 10-Q
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-Q/A      Amendment to Quarterly Report                       HTML     29K 
 2: EX-31.1     Certification per Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Section 302)  HTML     20K 
 3: EX-31.2     Certification per Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Section 302)  HTML     20K 
 4: EX-32.1     Certification per Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Section 906)  HTML     18K 
16: EXCEL       XBRL IDEA Workbook -- Financial Report (.xls)        XLS    392K 
32: R1          Document and Entity Information                     HTML     38K 
23: R2          Balance Sheets                                      HTML    114K 
30: R3          Balance Sheets (Parenthetical)                      HTML     40K 
34: R4          Statements Of Operations                            HTML     68K 
46: R5          Statement Of Stockholders' Equity                   HTML     67K 
24: R6          Statement Of Stockholders' Equity (Parenthetical)   HTML     18K 
29: R7          Statements of Cash Flows                            HTML    144K 
21: R8          Business                                            HTML     26K 
15: R9          Summary of Significant Accounting Policies          HTML     20K 
47: R10         Collaborations and Alliances                        HTML     21K 
36: R11         Fair Value Measurements                             HTML     39K 
35: R12         Net Loss per Share                                  HTML     23K 
40: R13         Related Party Transactions                          HTML     22K 
41: R14         Commitments and Contingencies                       HTML     53K 
39: R15         Warrants                                            HTML     52K 
42: R16         Common Stock                                        HTML     19K 
31: R17         Stock-Based Compensation                            HTML     48K 
33: R18         Fair Value Measurements (Tables)                    HTML     27K 
38: R19         Net Loss per Share (Tables)                         HTML     22K 
50: R20         Warrants (Tables)                                   HTML     43K 
44: R21         Stock-Based Compensation (Tables)                   HTML     52K 
26: R22         Business - Additional Information (Detail)          HTML     23K 
37: R23         Collaborations and Alliances - Additional           HTML     24K 
                          Information (Detail)                                   
28: R24         Assets and Liabilities Measured at Fair Value on    HTML     26K 
                          Recurring Basis (Detail)                               
13: R25         Potential Dilutive Shares Excluded from             HTML     26K 
                          Computation of Diluted Net Loss Per                    
                          Share (Detail)                                         
45: R26         Related Party Transactions - Additional             HTML     29K 
                          Information (Detail)                                   
48: R27         Commitments and Contingencies - Additional          HTML    121K 
                          Information (Detail)                                   
18: R28         Number of Warrants Outstanding (Detail)             HTML     21K 
17: R29         Warrants - Additional Information (Detail)          HTML     75K 
19: R30         Assumptions Used In Binomial Valuation Model and    HTML     25K 
                          Black-Scholes Valuation Model (Detail)                 
20: R31         Warrant Exercise (Detail)                           HTML     32K 
22: R32         Common Stock - Additional Information (Detail)      HTML     34K 
11: R33         Stock-Based Compensation Expense on All Employee    HTML     23K 
                          and Non-Employee Awards (Detail)                       
43: R34         Stock-Based Compensation - Additional Information   HTML     31K 
25: R35         Fair Value of Stock Options Assumptions Using       HTML     35K 
                          Black-Scholes Option Valuation Model                   
27: R36         Stock Option Activity Under Stock Option Plan       HTML     84K 
14: R37         Summary of Unvested Restricted Stock (Detail)       HTML     47K 
49: XML         XBRL XML File -- Filing Summary                      XML     78K 
 5: EX-101.INS  XBRL Instance -- ziop-20120630                       XML    731K 
 7: EX-101.CAL  XBRL Calculations -- ziop-20120630_cal               XML    109K 
 8: EX-101.DEF  XBRL Definitions -- ziop-20120630_def                XML    649K 
 9: EX-101.LAB  XBRL Labels -- ziop-20120630_lab                     XML    964K 
10: EX-101.PRE  XBRL Presentations -- ziop-20120630_pre              XML    725K 
 6: EX-101.SCH  XBRL Schema -- ziop-20120630                         XSD    147K 
12: ZIP         XBRL Zipped Folder -- 0001144204-12-048414-xbrl      Zip    101K 

R13   —   Related Party Transactions

This is an XBRL IDEA Report rendered in HTML by the SEC.  [ Alternative Formats ]

Related Party Transactions
106 Months Ended
Related Party Transactions

6. Related Party Transactions



On January 6, 2011, the Company entered into an Exclusive Channel Partner Agreement (the “Channel Agreement”) with Intrexon Corporation (see Note 7 for additional disclosure relating to the Channel Agreement). During the six months ended June 30, 2012, the Company paid Intrexon approximately $10.7 million, of which $2.5 million was for services already incurred and the remaining $8.2 million expected to be incurred within a year. This amount has been included as part of prepaid expenses and other current assets on the accompanying balance sheet as of June 30, 2012. The Company does not owe any amounts to Intrexon that have not already been accrued for as of June 30, 2012.


On January 25, 2012, Intrexon purchased 1,923,075 shares of common stock in the Company’s public offering (see Note 9).

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Filed on:8/28/12
For Period End:6/30/1210-Q
1/25/128-K,  SC 13D/A
9/15/094,  8-K
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