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Wholesale Trade — Durable Goods

SIC Major Group 50

SIC [1987] Wholesale Trade Wholesale Trade — Durable Goods §
SIC CodeU.S. Industry Group Registrants
In ascending order
500Wholesale Trade — Durable Goods, et al. § OT&S14¹
501Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies § OT&S125
502Furniture and Homefurnishings § OT&S33
503Lumber and Other Construction Materials § OT&S43
504Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies § OT&S324
505Metals and Minerals, Except Petroleum § OT&S45
506Electrical Goods162
507Hardware, and Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies § OT&S74
508Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies § OT&S129
509Miscellaneous Durable Goods § OT&S209
Registrants in SIC Major Group 50: 1,158
§ In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987] for assigning Filings-review to the SEC’s Review Offices (ROs):
OT&S – OfficeofTrade&Services

¹ 14 Registrants Operate Across Multiple Industries Within Major Group 50:
List them ordered by how Active they have been

As OfNameLatest Filings SIC
In ascending orderAs Filer As Issuer
Active (in the Past Year, since 2/26/19) in Group 50’s Industries:
Addvantage Technologies Group Inc [formerly Addvantage Media Group Inc/OK] DEFA14A New Filing this Past Week! 4 New Filing this Past Week!5000
HD Supply Holdings, Inc. [formerly HD Supply Holding, Inc.] 10-Q SC 13G/A5000
HD Supply, Inc. 10-Q UPLOAD5000
School Specialty Inc 8-K SC 13G/A5000
Flag of Mexico emoji
Sonora Resources Corp. [formerly Nature’s Call Brands Inc.] REVOKED SC 13D OLD5000
W.W. Grainger, Inc. [formerly Grainger W W Inc] 424B2 New Filing this Past Week! FWP New Filing this Past Week!5000
— 6 —

Active, but no longer SEC-assigned to nor self-declared in Group 50:
Gulfslope Energy, Inc. [formerly Plan A Promotions, Inc.] 10-Q 4/A1311
— 1 —

Not Active (in the Past Year) as a Registrant:
All Filings are OLD
More... List all, including 7 Inactive Registrants

Description of SIC Major Group 50 — Wholesale Trade — Durable Goods §
This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of durable goods.

§ SEC Review Office (RO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility

OT&S – OfficeofTrade&Services


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