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SEC Review Offices (ROs)
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SIC Codes used for Assigning Filings-Review Responsibility to the ROs — SIC [SEC] Codes

See U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) for all SIC [1987] Division, Major Group, Industry Group & Industry Codes.
Office    Title    Show all 444 SIC [SEC] CodesSource:  SEC’s SIC Code List Registrants
(Past Year) 
In ascending order 
 OE&T    Office of Energy & Transportation6,825    1,305     
 OF    Office of Finance7,563    1,286     
 OICF    Office of International Corporate Finance1,122    183     
 OLS    Office of Life Sciences6,460    1,788     
 OM    Office of Manufacturing10,386    1,343     
 ORE&C    Office of Real Estate & Construction9,086    1,360     
 OSF    Office of Structured Finance12,124    1,082     
 OT    Office of Technology7,258    1,117     
 OT&S    Office of Trade & Services10,506    1,603     
SIC CodeDivisionMajor Group, Industry Group or IndustryRegistrantsActive 
In ascending order(Total)†(Past Year) 
  Wholesale Trade:
   5000   Wholesale Trade — Durable Goods, et al.14 
   5010   Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies, et al.48 
   5013   Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts74 
   5020   Furniture and Homefurnishings, et al.31 
   5030   Lumber and Other Construction Materials, et al.21 
   5031   Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, and Wood Panels14 
   5040   Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies, et al.40 
   5045   Computers and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software163 13 
   5047   Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies112 
   5050   Metals and Minerals, except Petroleum, et al.10 
   5051   Metals Service Centers and Offices35 
   5063   Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies, and Construction Materials40 
   5064   Electrical Appliances, Television and Radio Sets25 
   5065   Electronic Parts and Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified97 17 
   5070   Hardware, and Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies, et al.40 
   5072   Hardware25 
   5080   Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies, et al.57 11 
   5082   Construction and Mining (except Petroleum) Machinery and Equipment– 
   5084   Industrial Machinery and Equipment52 
   5090   Miscellaneous Durable Goods, et al.121 14 
   5094   Jewelry, Watches, Precious Stones, and Precious Metals30 
   5099   Durable Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified42 
   5110   Paper and Paper Products, et al.42 
   5122   Drugs, Drug Proprietaries, and Druggists’ Sundries162 12 
   5130   Apparel, Piece Goods, and Notions, et al.53 
   5140   Groceries and Related Products, et al.163 15 
   5141   Groceries, General Line78 13 
   5150   Farm-Product Raw Materials, et al.27 
   5160   Chemicals and Allied Products, et al.52 
   5171   Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminals38 
   5172   Petroleum and Petroleum Products Wholesalers, except Bulk Stations and Terminals66 
   5180   Beer, Wine, and Distilled Alcoholic Beverages, et al.33 
   5190   Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods, et al.106 12 
  Retail Trade:
   5200   Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply, and Mobile Home Dealers, et al.30 
   5211   Lumber and Other Building Materials Dealers41 10 
   5271   Mobile Home Dealers– 
   5311   Department Stores85 10 
   5331   Variety Stores109 18 
   5399   Miscellaneous General Merchandise Stores19 
   5400   Food Stores, et al.75 
   5411   Grocery Stores151 12 
   5412 §Convenience Stores53 
   5500   Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations, et al.342 98 
   5531   Auto and Home Supply Stores63 18 
   5600   Apparel and Accessory Stores, et al.72 14 
   5621   Women’s Clothing Stores67 
   5651   Family Clothing Stores46 13 
   5661   Shoe Stores24 
   5700   Home Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment Stores, et al.43 12 
   5712   Furniture Stores33 
   5731   Radio, Television, and Consumer Electronics Stores43 
   5734   Computer and Computer Software Stores36 
   5735   Record and Prerecorded Tape Stores35 
   5810   Eating and Drinking Places, et al.80 21 
   5812   Eating Places544 67 
   5900   Miscellaneous Retail, et al.139 39 
   5912   Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores98 15 
   5940   Miscellaneous Shopping Goods Stores, et al.83 15 
   5944   Jewelry Stores38 
   5945   Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops30 
   5960   Nonstore Retailers, et al.96 14 
   5961   Catalog and Mail-Order Houses302 32 
   5990   Retail Stores, Not Elsewhere Classified, et al.198 62 
   7200   Personal Services, et al.187 41 
   7310   Advertising, et al.242 36 
   7311   Advertising Agencies162 45 
   7320   Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, Mercantile Reporting Agencies, and Adjustment and Collection Agencies, et al.54 13 
   7330   Mailing, Reproduction, Commercial Art and Photography, and Stenographic Services, et al.31 
   7331   Direct Mail Advertising Services34 
   7340   Services to Dwellings and Other Buildings, et al.40 
   7350   Miscellaneous Equipment Rental and Leasing, et al.49 
   7359   Equipment Rental and Leasing, Not Elsewhere Classified310 43 
   7361   Employment Agencies55 
   7363   Help Supply Services149 27 
   7377   Computer Rental and Leasing72 – 
   7380   Miscellaneous Business Services, et al.193 27 
   7381   Detective, Guard, and Armored Car Services70 
   7384   Photofinishing Laboratories11 – 
   7385 §Telephone Interconnect Systems33 
   7389   Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classified2,063 206 
   7500   Automotive Repair, Services, and Parking, et al.61 
   7510   Automotive Rental and Leasing, without Drivers, et al.53 10 
   7600   Miscellaneous Repair Services, et al.32 
   7812   Motion Picture and Video Tape Production305 26 
   7819   Services Allied to Motion Picture Production87 
   7822   Motion Picture and Video Tape Distribution60 
   7829   Services Allied to Motion Picture Distribution
   7830   Motion Picture Theaters, et al.70 
   7841   Video Tape Rental33 
   7900   Amusement and Recreation Services, et al.296 46 
   7948   Racing, Including Track Operation99 
   7990   Miscellaneous Amusement and Recreation Services, et al.446 44 
   7997   Membership Sports and Recreation Clubs54 
   8111   Legal Services14 
   8200   Educational Services, et al.223 65 
   8300   Social Services, et al.24 
   8351   Child Day Care Services23 
   8600   Membership Organizations, et al.12 – 
   8700   Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management, and Related Services, et al.57 
   8711   Engineering Services180 12 
   8731   Commercial Physical and Biological Research340 35 
   8734   Testing Laboratories51 
   8741   Management Services171 15 
   8742   Management Consulting Services370 76 
   8744   Facilities Support Management Services36 
   8900   Services, Not Elsewhere Classified, et al.37 


List all Registrants reviewed by the Office of Trade & Services
   The Registrants (Total) column sum is greater than the (Distinct) count due to SIC Code reassignments.
 §  This is an SEC-specific SIC Code that is not an official SIC [1987] Industry Code.


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