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Lead Pencil and Art Good Manufacturing[2007]

NAICS Industry 339942

NAICS [2012]ManufacturingMiscellaneous ManufacturingOther Miscellaneous ManufacturingOffice Supplies (except Paper) ManufacturingLead Pencil & Art Good Manufacturing[2007]

NAICS [2007] Industry 339942 ⇒ SIC [1987] Industry Codes

SIC CodeU.S. IndustryRegistrants
In ascending order
2531Public Building and Related Furniture§12
3579Office Machines, Not Elsewhere Classified§34
3952Lead Pencils, Crayons, and Artists' Materials
§ In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987].

Businesses & Products of NAICS Industry 339942
  • Artist’s paint manufacturing[2007]
  • Artist’s supplies (except paper) manufacturing[2007]
  • Blackboards, framed, manufacturing[2007]
  • Brushes, artists’, manufacturing[2007]
  • Canvas board, artist’s, manufacturing[2007]
  • Canvas, artist’s, prepared on frames, manufacturing[2007]
  • Chalk (e.g., artist’s, blackboard, carpenter’s, marking, tailor’s), manufacturing[2007]
  • Chalkboards, framed, manufacturing[2007]
  • Clay, modeling, manufacturing[2007]
  • Crayons manufacturing[2007]
  • Drafting materials (except instruments and tables) manufacturing[2007]
  • Easels, artists’, manufacturing[2007]
  • Frames for artist’s canvases (i.e., stretchers) manufacturing[2007]
  • Holepunchers, hand operated, manufacturing[2007]
  • Label making equipment, handheld, manufacturing[2007]
  • List finders and roledex address files manufacturing[2007]
  • Marker boards (i.e., whiteboards) manufacturing[2007]
  • Mechanical pencil refills manufacturing[2007]
  • Modeling clay manufacturing[2007]
  • Paints, artist’s, manufacturing[2007]
  • Palettes, artist’s, manufacturing[2007]
  • Paper cutters, office-type, manufacturing[2007]
  • Pencil leads manufacturing[2007]
  • Pencil sharpeners manufacturing[2007]
  • Pencils (except mechanical) manufacturing[2007]
  • Staple removers manufacturing[2007]
  • Staplers manufacturing[2007]
  • Tape dispensers manufacturing[2007]
  • Water colors, artist’s, manufacturing[2007]

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