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Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment
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SIC Major Group 35

SIC [1987]  →  Manufacturing  →  Industrial Machinery & Equipment
SIC CodeU.S. Industry Group  Registrants
In ascending order   
350Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment, et al.– 
351Engines and Turbines  § OT 61 
352Farm and Garden Machinery and Equipment59 
353Construction, Mining, and Materials Handling Machinery and Equipment  § OT 188 
354Metalworking Machinery and Equipment  § OT 62 
355Special Industry Machinery, Except Metalworking Machinery  § OT 199 
356General Industrial Machinery and Equipment  § OT 228 
357Computer and Office Equipment  § OT 779 
358Refrigeration and Service Industry Machinery  § OT 139 
359Miscellaneous Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment  § OT 89 
        Registrants in SIC Major Group 35:   1,804 
 §  In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987] for assigning Filings-review to the SEC Filings-Review Offices:
          OT – Office of Technology

Description of SIC Major Group 35 — Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment
This major group includes establishments engaged in manufacturing industrial and commercial machinery and equipment and computers.  Included are the manufacture of engines and turbines; farm and garden machinery; construction, mining, and oil field machinery; elevators and conveying equipment; hoists, cranes, monorails, and industrial trucks and tractors; metalworking machinery; special industry machinery; general industrial machinery; computer and peripheral equipment and office machinery; and refrigeration and service industry machinery.  Machines powered by built-in or detachable motors ordinarily are included in this major group, with the exception of electrical household appliances.  Power-driven handtools are included in this major group, whether electric or otherwise driven.  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical equipment are classified in Major Group 36, and those manufacturing handtools, except powered, are classified in Major Group 34.


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