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SEC Filings-Review Offices (FROs)
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SIC Codes used for Assigning Filings-Review Responsibility to the FROs – SIC [SEC] Codes

See U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) for all SIC [1987] Division, Major Group, Industry Group & Industry Codes.
Office    Title    Show all 444 SIC [SEC] CodesSource:  The SEC’s SIC Code List Registrants
(Past Year) 
In ascending order 
 OE&T    Office of Energy & Transportation6,302    1,211    
 OF    Office of Finance7,237    1,322    
 OIA&S    Office of Industrial Applications & Services4,019    888    
 OICF    Office of International Corporate Finance1,077    89    
 OLS    Office of Life Sciences2,507    1,203    
 OM    Office of Manufacturing9,745    1,318    
 ORE&C    Office of Real Estate & Construction8,010    1,886    
 OSF    Office of Structured Finance12,117    1,118    
 OT    Office of Technology6,857    1,287    
SIC CodeDivisionMajor Group, Industry Group or IndustryRegistrantsActive 
In ascending order(Total)†(Past Year) 
   3510   Engines and Turbines, et al.61 14 
   3523   Farm Machinery and Equipment49 12 
   3524   Lawn and Garden Tractors and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment10 2 
   3530   Construction, Mining, and Materials Handling Machinery and Equipment, et al.12 3 
   3531   Construction Machinery and Equipment48 7 
   3532   Mining Machinery and Equipment, Except Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment13 0 
   3533   Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment78 18 
   3537   Industrial Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, and Stackers34 2 
   3540   Metalworking Machinery and Equipment, et al.45 6 
   3541   Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types17 1 
   3550   Special Industry Machinery, Except Metalworking Machinery, et al.37 5 
   3555   Printing Trades Machinery and Equipment22 4 
   3559   Special Industry Machinery, Not Elsewhere Classified137 22 
   3560   General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, et al.61 11 
   3561   Pumps and Pumping Equipment31 9 
   3562   Ball and Roller Bearings11 2 
   3564   Industrial and Commercial Fans and Blowers and Air Purification Equipment41 8 
   3567   Industrial Process Furnaces and Ovens14 1 
   3569   General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified67 19 
   3570   Computer and Office Equipment, et al.57 4 
   3571   Electronic Computers149 9 
   3572   Computer Storage Devices90 6 
   3575   Computer Terminals25 0 
   3576 §Computer Communications Equipment152 16 
   3577   Computer Peripheral Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified234 21 
   3578   Calculating and Accounting Machines, Except Electronic Computers36 4 
   3579   Office Machines, Not Elsewhere Classified33 1 
   3580   Refrigeration and Service Industry Machinery, et al.67 9 
   3585   Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment68 9 
   3590   Miscellaneous Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment, et al.88 13 
  Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services:
   4812   Radiotelephone Communications345 29 
   4813   Telephone Communications, Except Radiotelephone752 56 
   4822   Telegraph and Other Message Communications61 5 
   4832   Radio Broadcasting Stations383 26 
   4833   Television Broadcasting Stations205 14 
   4841   Cable and Other Pay Television Services324 32 
   4899   Communications Services, Not Elsewhere Classified319 31 
   7370   Computer Programming, Data Processing, and Other Computer Related Services, et al.455 119 
   7371   Computer Programming Services424 73 
   7372   Prepackaged Software1,889 419 
   7373   Computer Integrated Systems Design591 55 
   7374   Computer Processing and Data Preparation and Processing Services607 190 


List all Registrants reviewed by the Office of Technology
   The Registrants (Total) column sum is greater than the (Distinct) count due to SIC Code reassignments.
 §  This is an SEC-specific SIC Code that is not an official SIC [1987] Industry Code.
 OT&S    Office of Trade & Services9,344    1,722    

The SEC Division of Corporation Finance’s Filings-Review Offices

The SEC uses a modified subset of the SIC [1987] Industry Codes as its standard.  The Industry Codes subset that the SEC uses has only 430 (29%) of the 1,504 official SIC [1987] 4-digit Industry Codes, plus 14 unique SEC-specific Codes, so it is identified herein as “SIC [SEC]”.  The SIC [SEC] Code that appears in a company’s disseminated EDGAR Filings indicates the basic type of business the company is in.  The Code is used by the SEC Filings-Review Offices as a basis for assigning review responsibility for a company’s Filings.  (For details, see the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance:  Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code List.)


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