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Appaloosa LP – ‘13F-HR’ for 9/30/18 – ‘INFO-TABLE’

On:  Wednesday, 11/14/18, at 4:00pm ET   ·   Effective:  11/14/18   ·   For:  9/30/18   ·   Accession #:  1656456-18-7   ·   File #:  28-17453

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11/14/18  Appaloosa LP                      13F-HR      9/30/18    2:19K

Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an Institutional Money Manager   —   Form 13F
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 13F-HR      Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an      HTML      4K 
                          Institutional Money Manager --                         
 2: INFO-TABLE  Appaloosa Lp Information Table --                   HTML     18K 

INFO-TABLE   —   Appaloosa Lp Information Table — Form13FInfoTable.xml

This ‘INFO-TABLE’ Document is an XML Data File that may be rendered in various formats:

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SEC Info rendering:  Appaloosa Lp Information Table

Appaloosa LP  

Form 13F Holdings Report   ·   For:  9/30/18   ·   Assets:  $5,689,647,000   ·   History:  Assets Under Management
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Security Market ValueªShares or PrincipalInvestment
Voting Authority
Issuer NameIssue ClassOpt.CUSIP/CINS$1000sWeightAmountS/PPriceSoleSharedNone
Sort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderIn descending orderSort in ascending orderSort in descending orderSort in ascending order   List(S/P Amounts or For All)
MICRON TECHNOLOGY INCCOM595112·10·31,628,280  28.62%36,000,000Sh.45.23   SoleSole
FACEBOOK INCCL A30303M·10·2542,718  9.54%3,300,000Sh.164.46   SoleSole
ALLERGAN PLCSHSG0177J·10·8379,549  6.67%1,992,591Sh.190.48   SoleSole
ALIBABA GROUP HLDG LTDSPONSORED ADS01609W·10·2247,140  4.34%1,500,000Sh.164.76   SoleSole
ALPHABET INCCAP STK CL C02079K·10·7238,694  4.20%200,000Sh.1,193.47   SoleSole
ALTABA INCCOM021346·10·1230,246  4.05%3,380,000Sh.68.12   SoleSole
T MOBILE US INCCOM872590·10·4188,793  3.32%2,690,127Sh.70.18   SoleSole
PG&E CORPCOM69331C·10·8183,627  3.23%3,991,033Sh.46.01   SoleSole
LAM RESEARCH CORPCOM512807·10·8178,248  3.13%1,175,000Sh.151.70   SoleSole
XPO LOGISTICS INCCOM983793·10·0154,114  2.71%1,349,868Sh.114.17   SoleSole
CAESARS ENTMT CORPCOM127686·10·3148,857  2.62%14,522,636Sh.10.25   SoleSole
BANK AMER CORPCOM060505·10·499,671  1.75%3,383,263Sh.29.46   SoleSole
STATE STR CORPCOM857477·10·399,348  1.75%1,185,823Sh.83.78   SoleSole
NRG ENERGY INCCOM NEW629377·50·897,875  1.72%2,616,982Sh.37.40   SoleSole
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INCCOM91324P·10·292,819  1.63%348,890Sh.266.04   SoleSole
WMIH CORPCOM92936P·10·087,246  1.53%62,767,086Sh.1.39   SoleSole
CENTENE CORP DELCOM15135B·10·185,375  1.50%589,688Sh.144.78   SoleSole
ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS LPUNIT LTD PRT INT29278N·10·385,199  1.50%3,827,431Sh.22.26   SoleSole
DOLLAR GEN CORP NEWCOM256677·10·581,552  1.43%746,130Sh.109.30   SoleSole
CAESARS ENTMT CORPNOTE 5.000%10/0127686·AA·181,136  1.43%48,992,834Pr.165.6%   SoleSole
ENERGY TRANSFER EQUITY L PCOM UT LTD PTN29273V·10·076,208  1.34%4,372,241Sh.17.43   SoleSole
ATLANTICA YIELD PLCSHSG0751N·10·368,969  1.21%3,351,273Sh.20.58   SoleSole
KENNAMETAL INCCOM489170·10·064,649  1.14%1,484,134Sh.43.56   SoleSole
CHENIERE ENERGY INCCOM NEW16411R·20·863,792  1.12%918,000Sh.69.49   SoleSole
OWENS CORNING NEWCOM690742·10·158,276  1.02%1,073,813Sh.54.27   SoleSole
HUNTSMAN CORPCOM447011·10·755,278  0.97%2,030,039Sh.27.23   SoleSole
SUMMIT MATLS INCCL A86614U·10·054,166  0.95%2,979,430Sh.18.18   SoleSole
VISTRA ENERGY CORPCOM92840M·10·249,356  0.87%1,983,745Sh.24.88   SoleSole
BOYD GAMING CORPCOM103304·10·145,901  0.81%1,356,000Sh.33.85   SoleSole
THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INCCOM883556·10·245,643  0.80%187,000Sh.244.08   SoleSole
TERRAFORM PWR INCCOM CL A88104R·20·935,341  0.62%3,059,858Sh.11.55   SoleSole
BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORPCOM101137·10·732,874  0.58%853,875Sh.38.50   SoleSole
PLATFORM SPECIALTY PRODS CORCOM72766Q·10·528,977  0.51%2,323,706Sh.12.47   SoleSole
WILLIAMS COS INC DELCOM969457·10·028,398  0.50%1,044,422Sh.27.19   SoleSole
APPLE INCCOM037833·10·022,574  0.40%100,000Sh.225.74   SoleSole
STRYKER CORPCOM863667·10·116,347  0.29%92,000Sh.177.68   SoleSole
VENATOR MATLS PLCSHSG9329Z·10·012,411  0.22%1,378,979Sh.9.00   SoleSole
36 Issuers37 Issues37 Holdings:  $5,689,647,000Sole Manager
 ª  No market value of any Holding was adjusted.
 º  Other Included Managers with whom investment discretion is shared as to any Holding:  No Other Included Managers

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