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Bain Capital Public Equity Management, LLC – ‘13F-HR’ for 3/31/19 – ‘INFO-TABLE’

On:  Wednesday, 5/15/19, at 4:07pm ET   ·   Effective:  5/15/19   ·   For:  3/31/19   ·   Accession #:  1768111-19-5   ·   File #s:  28-06625, 28-06924, 28-06946, 28-13491, 28-13492

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    For·On·As Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

 5/15/19  Bain Cap Public Equity Mgmt, LLC  13F-HR      3/31/19    2:36K                                    Bain Cap Public … II LLC

Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an Institutional Money Manager   —   Form 13F
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 13F-HR      Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an      HTML      6K 
                Institutional Money Manager -- primary_doc.xml                   
 2: INFO-TABLE  Bain Capital Public Equity Form 13F Information     HTML     32K 
                Table as of March 31, 2019 -- bcpem.xml                          

‘INFO-TABLE’   —   Bain Capital Public Equity Form 13F Information Table as of March 31, 2019 — bcpem.xml

This ‘INFO-TABLE’ Document is an XML Data File that may be rendered in various formats:

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SEC Info rendering:  Bain Capital Public Equity Form 13F Information Table as of March 31, 2019

Bain Capital Public Equity Management, LLC [ formerly Brookside Capital Management LLC ]  

Form 13F Holdings Report   ·   For:  3/31/19   ·   Assets:  $1,038,002,500   ·   History:  Assets Under Management
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Security Market ValueªShares or PrincipalInvestment
Voting Authority
Issuer NameIssue ClassOpt.CUSIP/CINS$1000sWeightAmountS/PPriceSoleSharedNone
Sort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderIn descending orderSort in ascending orderSort in descending orderSort in ascending order   List(S/P Amounts or For All)
DOCUSIGN INCCOM256163·10·6158,172  15.24%3,051,166Sh.51.84   SoleSole
NOVARTIS A GSPONSORED ADR66987V·10·984,795  8.17%882,000Sh.96.14   SoleSole
CROWN HOLDINGS INCCOM228368·10·668,255  6.58%1,250,773Sh.54.57   SoleSole
ANAPLAN INCCOM03272L·10·860,985  5.88%1,549,427Sh.39.36   SoleSole
GODADDY INCCL A380237·10·759,262  5.71%788,165Sh.75.19   SoleSole
HONEYWELL INTL INCCOM438516·10·643,982  4.24%276,757Sh.158.92   SoleSole
NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPCOM666807103 ?43,815  4.22%162,518Sh.269.60   SoleSole
WYNN RESORTS LTDCOM983134108 ?36,276  3.49%304,020Sh.119.32   SoleSole
VOYA FINL INCCOM929089·10·035,265  3.40%705,860Sh.49.96   SoleSole
BALL CORPCOM058498·10·634,162  3.29%590,427Sh.57.86   SoleSole
WEX INCCOM96208T·10·427,517  2.65%143,327Sh.191.99   SoleSole
ELANCO ANIMAL HEALTH INCCOM28414H·10·326,830  2.58%836,601Sh.32.07   SoleSole
CITRIX SYS INCCOM177376101 ?24,801  2.39%248,857Sh.99.66   SoleSole
COMCAST CORP NEWCL A20030N·10·124,567  2.37%614,477Sh.39.98   SoleSole
ALPHABET INCCAP STK CL A02079K·30·520,667  1.99%17,561Sh.1,176.87   SoleSole
ALIBABA GROUP HLDG LTDSPONSORED ADS01609W·10·220,649  1.99%113,174Sh.182.45   SoleSole
SYNCHRONY FINLCOM87165B·10·320,362  1.96%638,311Sh.31.90   SoleSole
AUTOZONE INCCOM053332·10·218,391  1.77%17,958Sh.1,024.11   SoleSole
IQVIA HOLDINGS INCCOM46266C·10·517,831  1.72%123,954Sh.143.85   SoleSole
GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPCOM369550·10·817,700  1.71%104,561Sh.169.28   SoleSole
CERIDIAN HCM HLDG INCCOM15677J·10·816,472  1.59%321,084Sh.51.30   SoleSole
ALTABA INCCOM021346·10·116,265  1.57%219,439Sh.74.12   SoleSole
CSX CORPCOM126408·10·314,071  1.36%188,061Sh.74.82   SoleSole
NOVO-NORDISK A SADR670100·20·513,176  1.27%251,882Sh.52.31   SoleSole
E TRADE FINANCIAL CORPCOM NEW269246·40·112,326  1.19%265,475Sh.46.43   SoleSole
GS ACQUISITION HLDGS CORPUNIT 06/12/202336255F·20·110,490  1.01%1,000,000Sh.10.49   SoleSole
AT HOME GROUP INCCOM04650Y·10·09,530  0.92%533,603Sh.17.86   SoleSole
GLOBAL BLOOD THERAPEUTICS INCOM37890U·10·89,280  0.89%175,333Sh.52.93   SoleSole
DYNAVAX TECHNOLOGIES CORPCOM NEW268158·20·19,228  0.89%1,262,328Sh.7.31   SoleSole
CLOUDERA INCCOM18914U·10·07,514  0.72%686,813Sh.10.94   SoleSole
PROOFPOINT INCCOM743424·10·36,930  0.67%57,069Sh.121.43   SoleSole
AFFIMED N VCOMN01045·10·86,328  0.61%1,506,595Sh.4.20   SoleSole
STANLEY BLACK & DECKER INCCOM854502·10·16,175  0.59%45,347Sh.136.17   SoleSole
JOHNSON CTLS INTL PLCSHSG51502·10·55,935  0.57%160,661Sh.36.94   SoleSole
IRONWOOD PHARMACEUTICALS INCCOM CL A46333X·10·85,515  0.53%407,598Sh.13.53   SoleSole
LYFT INCCL A COM55087P·10·45,480  0.53%70,000Sh.78.29   SoleSole
SALESFORCE COM INCCOM79466L·30·25,015  0.48%31,664Sh.158.38   SoleSole
CHILDRENS PL INCCOM168905·10·74,368  0.42%44,906Sh.97.27   SoleSole
BIOHAVEN PHARMACTL HLDG CO LCOMG11196·10·54,349  0.42%84,501Sh.51.47   SoleSole
GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLCSPONSORED ADR37733W·10·54,306  0.41%103,036Sh.41.79   SoleSole
TRANSLATE BIO INCCOM89374L·10·44,246  0.41%416,670Sh.10.19   SoleSole
SCIENCE APPLICATNS INTL CP NCOM808625·10·73,739  0.36%48,589Sh.76.95   SoleSole
RHCOM74967X·10·32,457  0.24%23,866Sh.102.95   SoleSole
NOVARTIS A GSPONSORED ADRCall66987V110 ?2,299  0.22%8,312Sh.276.59   SoleSole
FORTIVE CORPORATION 0.875 02/15/2022CONVERTIBLE BOND – PRIVATE PLACEMENT34959J·AJ·72,054  0.20%1,950,000Sh.1.05   SoleSole
MERIDIAN BANCORP INC MDCOM58958U·10·31,761  0.17%112,252Sh.15.69   SoleSole
ALLEGHENY TECHNOLOGIES INCCOM01741R·10·21,704  0.16%66,649Sh.25.57   SoleSole
COMCAST CORP NEWCL ACall20030N102 ?595  0.06%10,000Sh.59.50   SoleSole
CROWN HOLDINGS INCCOMCall228368107 ?588  0.06%5,000Sh.117.60   SoleSole
PROTEOSTASIS THERAPEUTICS INCOM74373B·10·9292  0.03%231,418Sh.1.26   SoleSole
ISHARES TRRUSSELL 2000 ETFPut464287·65·5268a0.03%8,622Sh.31.09   SoleSole
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TRTR UNITPut78462F·10·3255a0.02%5,820Sh.43.75   SoleSole
CITRIX SYS INCCOMCall177376·10·0225a0.02%10,005Sh.22.50   SoleSole
CURIS INCCOM NEW231269·20·0128  0.01%64,134Sh.2.00   SoleSole
WYNN RESORTS LTDCOMCall983134·10·7123a0.01%2,570Sh.48.02   SoleSole
SPDR SERIES TRUSTS&P BIOTECHPut78464A·87·068a0.01%3,125Sh.21.86   SoleSole
HONEYWELL INTL INCCOMCall438516·10·650a0.00%2,200Sh.22.64   SoleSole
SAP SESPON ADRCall803054·20·447a0.00%2,500Sh.18.76   SoleSole
VANGUARD INTL EQUITY INDEX FFTSE EUROPE ETFPut922042·87·427a0.00%3,500Sh.7.74   SoleSole
NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPCOMCall666807·10·222a0.00%680Sh.32.06   SoleSole
LILLY ELI & COCOMPut532457·10·817a0.00%700Sh.24.86   SoleSole
60 Issuers61 Issues61 Holdings:  $1,038,002,500ªSole Manager
 ª  The market values of 10 Holdings (usually Options) were adjusted (a), due to conflicting security prices in other Filings.  [ Show Data As Filed ]
 º  Other Included Managers with whom investment discretion is shared as to any Holding:  No Other Included Managers  [ 4 Not Allocated Above ]
Additional Information:  Bain Capital Public Equity Management, LLC is the general partner of Brookside Capital Investors, L.P., which is the general partner of Brookside Capital Partners Fund, L.P. Bain Capital Public Equity Management, LLC is also the general partner of Brookside Capital Investors II, L.P., which is the general partner of Brookside Capital Trading Fund, L.P.

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