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Skye Global Management LP – ‘13F-HR’ for 3/31/18 – ‘INFO-TABLE’

On:  Monday, 5/14/18, at 9:55am ET   ·   Effective:  5/14/18   ·   For:  3/31/18   ·   Accession #:  1420506-18-435   ·   File #:  28-18413

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 5/14/18  Skye Global Management LP         13F-HR      3/31/18    2:18K                          

Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an Institutional Money Manager   —   Form 13F
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 13F-HR      Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an      HTML      5K 
                          Institutional Money Manager --                         
 2: INFO-TABLE  Information Table for Skye Global Management Lp --  HTML     17K 

INFO-TABLE   —   Information Table for Skye Global Management Lp — Form13F_InfoTable.xml

This ‘INFO-TABLE’ Document is an XML Data File that may be rendered in various formats:

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SEC Info rendering:  Information Table for Skye Global Management Lp

Skye Global Management LP  
  ·   Form 13F Holdings Report

§13(f) Securities Holdings   ·   For:  3/31/18   ·   Assets:  $368,686,400   ·   History:  Assets Under Management
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Security Market ValueªShares or PrincipalInvestment
Voting Authority
Issuer NameIssue ClassOpt.CUSIP/CINS$1000sWeightAmountS/PPriceSoleSharedNone
Sort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderIn descending orderSort in ascending orderSort in descending orderSort in ascending order   List(S/P Amounts or For All)
MICROSOFT CORPCOM594918·10·4182,440  49.48%1,998,900Sh.91.27   SoleSole
ALPHABET INCCAP STK CL C02079K·10·754,479  14.78%52,800Sh.1,031.80   SoleSole
AMAZON COM INCCOM023135·10·632,855  8.91%22,700Sh.1,447.36   SoleSole
FACEBOOK INCCL A30303M·10·224,288  6.59%152,000Sh.159.79   SoleSole
GTT COMMUNICATIONS INCCOM362393·10·011,625  3.15%205,025Sh.56.70   SoleSole
AUTODESK INCCOM052769·10·68,539  2.32%68,000Sh.125.57   SoleSole
ADOBE SYS INCCOM00724F·10·15,510  1.49%25,500Sh.216.08   SoleSole
GODADDY INCCL A380237·10·75,282  1.43%86,000Sh.61.42   SoleSole
SERVICENOW INCCOM81762P·10·25,129  1.39%31,000Sh.165.45   SoleSole
TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE SOFTWARCOM874054·10·94,498  1.22%46,000Sh.97.78   SoleSole
SALESFORCE COM INCCOM79466L·30·23,838  1.04%33,000Sh.116.30   SoleSole
TWITTER INCCOM90184L·10·23,481  0.94%120,000Sh.29.01   SoleSole
FACEBOOK INCCL ACall30303M·10·22,716a0.74%170,000Sh.15.98   SoleSole
NETFLIX INCCOM64110L·10·62,658  0.72%9,000Sh.295.33   SoleSole
NEW YORK TIMES COCL A650111·10·72,314  0.63%96,000Sh.24.10   SoleSole
ANSYS INCCOM03662Q·10·51,880  0.51%12,000Sh.156.67   SoleSole
TRANSDIGM GROUP INCCOM893641·10·01,842  0.50%6,000Sh.307.00   SoleSole
COTT CORP QUECOM22163N·10·61,840  0.50%125,000Sh.14.72   SoleSole
PEGASYSTEMS INCCOM705573·10·31,698  0.46%28,000Sh.60.64   SoleSole
SPLUNK INCCOM848637·10·41,574  0.43%16,000Sh.98.38   SoleSole
ATLASSIAN CORP PLCCL AG06242·10·41,051  0.29%19,500Sh.53.90   SoleSole
WORKDAY INCCL A98138H·10·11,017  0.28%8,000Sh.127.13   SoleSole
COUPA SOFTWARE INCCOM22266L·10·6912  0.25%20,000Sh.45.60   SoleSole
MIMECAST LTDORD SHSG14838·10·9850  0.23%24,000Sh.35.42   SoleSole
ZENDESK INCCOM98936J·10·1766  0.21%16,000Sh.47.88   SoleSole
LIBERTY MEDIA CORP DELAWARECOM C SIRIUSXM531229·60·7735  0.20%18,000Sh.40.83   SoleSole
ALTERYX INCCOM CL A02156B·10·3734  0.20%21,500Sh.34.14   SoleSole
JD COM INCSPON ADR CL A47215P·10·6729  0.20%18,000Sh.40.50   SoleSole
OKTA INCCL A679295·10·5638  0.17%16,000Sh.39.88   SoleSole
SAILPOINT TECHNLGIES HLDGS ICOM78781P·10·5621  0.17%30,000Sh.20.70   SoleSole
NEWS CORP NEWCL A65249B·10·9379  0.10%24,000Sh.15.79   SoleSole
APPIAN CORPCL A03782L·10·1353  0.10%14,000Sh.25.21   SoleSole
LIBERTY MEDIA CORP DELAWARECOM SER A FRMLA531229·87·0351  0.10%12,000Sh.29.25   SoleSole
GUIDEWIRE SOFTWARE INCCOM40171V·10·0323  0.09%4,000Sh.80.75   SoleSole
CARGURUS INCCOM CL A141788·10·9308  0.08%8,000Sh.38.50   SoleSole
CHURCHILL DOWNS INCCOM171484·10·8220  0.06%900Sh.244.44   SoleSole
MCCORMICK & CO INCCOM NON VTG579780·20·6213  0.06%2,000Sh.106.50   SoleSole
35 Issuers37 Issues37 Holdings:  $368,686,400ªSole Manager
 ª  The market value of one Holding (usually Options) was adjusted (a), due to conflicting security prices in other Filings.  [ Show Data As Filed ]
 º  Other Included Managers with whom investment discretion is shared as to any Holding:  No Other Included Managers

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