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Textile Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified
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SIC Industry 2299   —   NAICS² Industries  313110,  313111,  313113,  313210,  313220,  313221,  313230,  313310,  313312  &  314999

SIC [1987]  →  Manufacturing  →  Textile Mill Products  →  Miscellaneous Textile Goods  →  Textile goods, NEC

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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 2299
  • Apparel filling: cotton mill waste, kapok, and related materials
  • Bagging, jute: made in jute weaving mills
  • Batts and batting: cotton mill waste, kapok, and related materials
  • Burlap, jute
  • Carbonized rags
  • Coir yarns and roving
  • Crash, linen
  • Fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, ramie
  • Felt goods, except woven felts and hats: wool, hair, jute, or other fiber
  • Felts, pressed or needle loom
  • Fibers, textile: recovery from textile mill waste and rags
  • Flax yarns and roving
  • Flock (recovered textile fibers)
  • Garnetting of textile waste and rags
  • Grease, wool
  • Hair, curled: for upholstery, pillow, and quilt filling
  • Handwoven fabrics
  • Hemp yarn, thread, roving, and textiles
  • Linings, carpet: felt except woven
  • Mats, felt: except woven
  • Narrow woven fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie
  • Noils, wool and mohair
  • Oakum
  • Packing, twisted jute
  • Padding and wadding, textile
  • Pads and padding, felt: except woven
  • Pads, fiber: henequen, sisal, istle
  • Pillow filling: curled hair (e.g., cotton waste, moss, hemp tow, kapok)
  • Pipe and boiler covering, felt
  • Polishing felts, except woven
  • Preparing textile fibers for spinning (scouring and combing)
  • Pressed felts
  • Processing of textile mill waste and recovering fibers
  • Punched felts
  • Quilt filling: curled hair (e.g., cotton waste, moss, hemp tow, kapok)
  • Ramie yarn, thread, roving, and textiles
  • Rayon tops, combing and converting
  • Recovering textile fibers from clippings and rags
  • Roves, flax and jute
  • Rugbacking, jute or other fiber
  • Slubs and nubs (cutting up fibers for use in tweeds)
  • Textile mills: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie yarn, thread, and fabrics
  • Thread: linen, hemp, and ramie
  • Tops, combing and converting
  • Tops, manmade fiber
  • Tow to top mills
  • Towels and towelings, linen and linen-and-cotton mixtures – made in the same establishment
  • Trimming felts, except woven
  • Upholstery filling, textile
  • Wads and wadding, textile
  • Webbing, jute
  • Wool felts, pressed or needle loom
  • Wool scouring and carbonizing
  • Wool shoddy
  • Wool tops, combing and converting
  • Wool waste processing
  • Yarn, specialty and novelty
  • Yarn: flax, jute, hemp, and ramie
  • Yarn: metallic, ceramic, or paper fibers

Description of SIC Industry 2299 — Textile Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing textile goods, not elsewhere classified, including linen goods, jute goods, felt goods, padding and upholstery filling and processed waste and recovered fibers and flock.  Establishments primarily engaged in processing textile fibers to prepare them for spinning, such as wool scouring and carbonizing and combing and converting tow to top, are also classified here.  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing woven wool felts and wool haircloth are classified in Industry 2231, and those manufacturing needle punch carpeting are classified in Industry 2273 .  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing embroideries are classified in Industry Group 239.  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lace goods are classified in Industry 2258.  Establishments primarily engaged in sorting wiping rags or waste are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5093.

²  North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 2299     ⇒     NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code  North American Industry    SIC Codes
In ascending order
313110Fiber, Yarn, and Thread Mills  ⇒  2281228222842298,  2299
313111Yarn Spinning Mills  [2007]  ⇒  22812298,  2299
313113Thread Mills  [2007]  ⇒  2284,  2299
313210Broadwoven Fabric Mills  ⇒  221122212231,  2299
313220Narrow Fabric Mills and Schiffli Machine Embroidery  ⇒  2241,  2299,  2397
313221Narrow Fabric Mills  [2007]  ⇒  2241,  2299
313230Nonwoven Fabric Mills  ⇒  2297,  2299
313310Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills  ⇒  22312251225222532254,
22692284,  2299,  51317389
313312Textile and Fabric Finishing (except Broadwoven Fabric) Mills  [2007]  ⇒  22312251225222532254,
2299,  5131
314999All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product Mills  ⇒  2299,  2392239523962399,

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