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State Street Corp 8-Kfor3/5/21

On: Friday, 3/5/21, at 12:00pm ET For: 3/5/21 Accession #: 93751-21-510 File #: 1-07511

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  As Of               Filer                 Filing    ForOnAs Docs:Size

 3/05/21  State Street Corp                 8-K:5,9     3/05/21   13:225K

Current Report Form 8-K Sect. 13 / 15(d) SEA34
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 8-K         Current Report                                      HTML     33K 
 8: R1          Cover page Entities                                 HTML     41K 
 9: R2          Cover page Entity listing                           HTML     19K 
11: XML         IDEA XML File -- Filing Summary                      XML     14K 
 7: XML         XBRL Instance -- stt-20210305_htm                    XML     30K 
10: EXCEL       IDEA Workbook of Financial Reports                  XLSX      7K 
 3: EX-101.CAL  XBRL Calculations -- stt-20210305_cal                XML     10K 
 4: EX-101.DEF  XBRL Definitions -- stt-20210305_def                 XML     24K 
 5: EX-101.LAB  XBRL Labels -- stt-20210305_lab                      XML     88K 
 6: EX-101.PRE  XBRL Presentations -- stt-20210305_pre               XML     45K 
 2: EX-101.SCH  XBRL Schema -- stt-20210305                          XSD     18K 
12: JSON        XBRL Instance as JSON Data -- MetaLinks               15    22K 
13: ZIP         XBRL Zipped Folder -- 0000093751-21-000510-xbrl      Zip     16K 

Filing Submission 0000093751-21-000510 – SGML Text

Original SGML Text submitted by: State Street Corp.

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