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Appaloosa LP – ‘13F-HR’ for 6/30/18 – ‘INFO-TABLE’

On:  Tuesday, 8/14/18, at 4:04pm ET   ·   Effective:  8/14/18   ·   For:  6/30/18   ·   Accession #:  1656456-18-6   ·   File #:  28-17453

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 8/14/18  Appaloosa LP                      13F-HR      6/30/18    2:25K

Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an Institutional Money Manager   —   Form 13F
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 13F-HR      Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an      HTML      5K 
                          Institutional Money Manager --                         
 2: INFO-TABLE  Appaloosa Lp Information Table --                   HTML     23K 

INFO-TABLE   —   Appaloosa Lp Information Table — Form13FInfoTable.xml

This ‘INFO-TABLE’ Document is an XML Data File that may be rendered in various formats:

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SEC Info rendering:  Appaloosa Lp Information Table

Appaloosa LP  

Form 13F Holdings Report   ·   For:  6/30/18   ·   Assets:  $8,741,372,900   ·   History:  Assets Under Management
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Security Market ValueªShares or PrincipalInvestment
Voting Authority
Issuer NameIssue ClassOpt.CUSIP/CINS$1000sWeightAmountS/PPriceSoleSharedNone
Sort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderIn descending orderSort in ascending orderSort in descending orderSort in ascending order   List(S/P Amounts or For All)
MICRON TECHNOLOGY INCCOM595112·10·32,125,278  24.31%40,527,800Sh.52.44   SoleSole
FACEBOOK INCCL A30303M·10·2986,174  11.28%5,075,000Sh.194.32   SoleSole
ALLERGAN PLCSHSG0177J·10·8565,181  6.47%3,390,000Sh.166.72   SoleSole
ALIBABA GROUP HLDG LTDSPONSORED ADS01609W·10·2490,351  5.61%2,642,974Sh.185.53   SoleSole
ALTABA INCCOM021346·10·1469,474  5.37%6,412,700Sh.73.21   SoleSole
ALPHABET INCCAP STK CL C02079K·10·7369,280  4.22%331,000Sh.1,115.65   SoleSole
T MOBILE US INCCOM872590·10·4239,000  2.73%4,000,000Sh.59.75   SoleSole
LAM RESEARCH CORPCOM512807·10·8238,533  2.73%1,380,000Sh.172.85   SoleSole
BANK AMER CORPCOM060505·10·4204,200  2.34%7,243,695Sh.28.19   SoleSole
WELLS FARGO CO NEWCOM949746·10·1180,527  2.07%3,256,261Sh.55.44   SoleSole
CAESARS ENTMT CORPCOM127686·10·3168,785  1.93%15,774,344Sh.10.70   SoleSole
XPO LOGISTICS INCCOM983793·10·0164,801  1.89%1,645,045Sh.100.18   SoleSole
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INCCOM91324P·10·2129,881  1.49%529,390Sh.245.34   SoleSole
ALLY FINL INCCOM02005N·10·0126,569  1.45%4,817,993Sh.26.27   SoleSole
CENTENE CORP DELCOM15135B·10·1126,403  1.45%1,025,916Sh.123.21   SoleSole
THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INCCOM883556·10·2121,177  1.39%585,000Sh.207.14   SoleSole
ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS LPUNIT LTD PRT INT29278N·10·3105,702  1.21%5,551,581Sh.19.04   SoleSole
UBS GROUP AGSHSH42097·10·7105,698  1.21%6,828,480Sh.15.48   SoleSole
KEYCORP NEWCOM493267·10·8104,570  1.20%5,351,561Sh.19.54   SoleSole
ENERGY TRANSFER EQUITY L PCOM UT LTD PTN29273V·10·0103,080  1.18%5,975,672Sh.17.25   SoleSole
HUNTSMAN CORPCOM447011·10·790,784  1.04%3,109,041Sh.29.20   SoleSole
DOLLAR GEN CORP NEWCOM256677·10·590,586  1.04%918,719Sh.98.60   SoleSole
OWENS CORNING NEWCOM690742·10·189,299  1.02%1,409,164Sh.63.37   SoleSole
WILLIAMS PARTNERS L P NEWCOM UNIT LTD PAR96949L·10·586,042  0.98%2,119,775Sh.40.59   SoleSole
WESTERN DIGITAL CORPCOM958102·10·585,112  0.97%1,099,500Sh.77.41   SoleSole
CAESARS ENTMT CORPNOTE 5.000%10/0127686·AA·184,464  0.97%48,992,834Pr.172.4%   SoleSole
BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORPCOM101137·10·782,670  0.95%2,528,138Sh.32.70   SoleSole
CHENIERE ENERGY INCCOM NEW16411R·20·880,167  0.92%1,229,741Sh.65.19   SoleSole
NRG ENERGY INCCOM NEW629377·50·878,974  0.90%2,572,442Sh.30.70   SoleSole
SYMANTEC CORPCOM871503·10·878,470  0.90%3,800,000Sh.20.65   SoleSole
PG&E CORPCOM69331C·10·876,351  0.87%1,793,967Sh.42.56   SoleSole
KENNAMETAL INCCOM489170·10·072,420  0.83%2,017,257Sh.35.90   SoleSole
ATLANTICA YIELD PLCSHSG0751N·10·369,852  0.80%3,461,464Sh.20.18   SoleSole
SUMMIT MATLS INCCL A86614U·10·067,733  0.77%2,580,314Sh.26.25   SoleSole
STRYKER CORPCOM863667·10·153,360  0.61%316,000Sh.168.86   SoleSole
PLATFORM SPECIALTY PRODS CORCOM72766Q·10·550,330  0.58%4,338,801Sh.11.60   SoleSole
CITIZENS FINL GROUP INCCOM174610·10·548,924  0.56%1,257,694Sh.38.90   SoleSole
BOYD GAMING CORPCOM103304·10·146,961  0.54%1,354,896Sh.34.66   SoleSole
VISTRA ENERGY CORPCOM92840M·10·244,267  0.51%1,870,951Sh.23.66   SoleSole
KNIGHT SWIFT TRANSN HLDGS INCL A499049·10·442,058  0.48%1,100,700Sh.38.21   SoleSole
TERRAFORM PWR INCCOM CL A88104R·20·939,838  0.46%3,404,955Sh.11.70   SoleSole
UNITED CONTL HLDGS INCCOM910047·10·936,627  0.42%525,276Sh.69.73   SoleSole
NEW ORIENTAL ED & TECH GRP ISPON ADR647581·10·734,095  0.39%360,189Sh.94.66   SoleSole
VENATOR MATLS PLCSHSG9329Z·10·028,655  0.33%1,751,541Sh.16.36   SoleSole
NXP SEMICONDUCTORS N VCOMN6596X·10·923,960  0.27%219,272Sh.109.27   SoleSole
MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONALCOM552953·10·123,035  0.26%793,504Sh.29.03   SoleSole
ALPS ETF TRALERIAN MLP00162Q·86·65,050  0.06%500,000Sh.10.10   SoleSole
NXP SEMICONDUCTORS N VCOMCallN6596X·10·94,808a0.06%440,000Sh.10.93   SoleSole
WMIH CORPCOM92936P·10·01,817  0.02%1,355,646Sh.1.34   SoleSole
47 Issuers49 Issues49 Holdings:  $8,741,372,900ªSole Manager
 ª  The market value of one Holding (usually Options) was adjusted (a), due to conflicting security prices in other Filings.  [ Show Data As Filed ]
 º  Other Included Managers with whom investment discretion is shared as to any Holding:  No Other Included Managers
Additional Information:  The Value displayed in the attached table for (1) NXP SEMICONDUCTORS N V Call Options assumes that the call options have been fully exercised. Accordingly, the Value displayed for each security reflects the value of the underlying shares and not the value of the call options.

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