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Alden Global Capital LLC – ‘13F-HR’ for 12/31/18 – ‘INFO-TABLE’

On:  Thursday, 2/14/19, at 3:41pm ET   ·   Effective:  2/14/19   ·   For:  12/31/18   ·   Accession #:  1616882-19-2   ·   File #:  28-16914

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 2/14/19  Alden Global Capital LLC          13F-HR     12/31/18    2:8K

Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an Institutional Money Manager   —   Form 13F
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 13F-HR      Quarterly Holdings or Combination Report by an      HTML      5K 
                          Institutional Money Manager --                         
 2: INFO-TABLE  Description for Information Table --                HTML      8K 

INFO-TABLE   —   Description for Information Table — form13fInfoTable.xml

This document is an XML File that may be rendered in various formats:

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Alden Global Capital LLC  

Holdings Report   ·   For:  12/31/18   ·   Assets:  $88,780,000   ·   History:  Assets Under Management

Security Market ValueªShares or PrincipalVoting AuthorityInvestment
Issuer NameIssue ClassOpt.CUSIP/CINS$1000sWeightAmountS/PPriceSoleSharedNone
In ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in ascending orderSort in descending orderSort in ascending orderSort in descending orderSort in ascending order   List
DEUTSCHE BANK AGNAMEN AKTD18190·89·81,866  2.10%229,000Sh.8.15All   Sole
DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING INCOM25271C·10·21,469  1.65%155,600Sh.9.44All   Sole
FREDS INCCL A356108·10·024,570  27.68%13,000,000Sh.1.89All   Sole
GANNETT CO INCCOM36473H·10·446,915  52.84%5,500,000Sh.8.53All   Sole
GENERAL ELECTRIC COCOM369604·10·31,983  2.23%262,000Sh.7.57All   Sole
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INCCOM38141G·10·44,794  5.40%28,700Sh.167.04All   Sole
GREAT ELM CAP CORPCOM390320·10·9572  0.64%72,902Sh.7.85All   Sole
HALCON RES CORPCOM PAR NEW40537Q·60·5576  0.65%339,000Sh.1.70All   Sole
TRANSOCEAN LTDREG SHSH8817H·10·01,416  1.59%204,000Sh.6.94All   Sole
TRIBUNE PUBG CO NEWCOM89609W·10·7624  0.70%55,000Sh.11.35All   Sole
TURKCELL ILETISIM HIZMETLERISPON ADR NEW900111·20·43,995  4.50%711,000Sh.5.62All   Sole
11 Issuers11 Issues11 Holdings:  $88,780,000Sole Manager
 ª  No market value of any Holding was adjusted.
 º  Other Included Managers with whom investment discretion is shared as to any Holding:  No Other Included Managers

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