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SEC Filings Review Offices (ROs)
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SIC Codes used for Assigning Filings-Review Responsibility to the ROs — SIC [SEC] Codes

See U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) for all SIC [1987] Division, Major Group, Industry Group & Industry Codes.
Office    Title    Show all 444 SIC [SEC] CodesSource:  SEC’s SIC Code List Registrants
(Past Year) 
In ascending order 
 OE&T    Office of Energy & Transportation6,193    1,291    
 OF    Office of Finance7,079    1,317    
 OICF    Office of International Corporate Finance1,072    100    
 OLS    Office of Life Sciences6,168    1,890    
 OM    Office of Manufacturing9,575    1,282    
 ORE&C    Office of Real Estate & Construction7,628    1,706    
SIC CodeDivisionMajor Group, Industry Group or IndustryRegistrantsActive 
In ascending order(Total)†(Past Year) 
   1520   General Building Contractors-Residential Buildings, et al.93 10 
   1531   Operative Builders189 53 
   1540   General Building Contractors-Nonresidential Buildings, et al.40 4 
   1600   Heavy Construction Other Than Building Construction-Contractors, et al.74 14 
   1623   Water, Sewer, Pipeline, and Communications and Power Line Construction40 9 
   1700   Construction-Special Trade Contractors, et al.120 17 
   1731   Electrical Work67 4 
  Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate:
   6500   Real Estate, et al.1,000 155 
   6510   Real Estate Operators (except Developers) and Lessors, et al.51 6 
   6512   Operators of Nonresidential Buildings233 18 
   6513   Operators of Apartment Buildings144 10 
   6519   Lessors of Real Property, Not Elsewhere Classified70 7 
   6531   Real Estate Agents and Managers139 26 
   6532 §Real Estate Dealers (for their own account)39 0 
   6552   Land Subdividers and Developers, except Cemeteries158 12 
   6770 §Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), a.k.a. Blank-Check Companies, et al.4,238 831 
   6792   Oil Royalty Traders70 11 
   6794   Patent Owners and Lessors214 23 
   6795 §Mineral Royalty Traders35 6 
   6798   Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)1,244 399 
   6799   Investors, Not Elsewhere Classified322 21 
   7000   Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps, and Other Lodging Places, et al.43 6 
   7011   Hotels and Motels518 48 
  Nonclassifiable Establishments:
   9995 §Non-Operating Establishments1,085 16 


List all Registrants reviewed by the Office of Real Estate & Construction
   The Registrants (Total) column sum is greater than the (Distinct) count due to SIC Code reassignments.
 §  This is an SEC-specific SIC Code that is not an official SIC [1987] Industry Group or Industry Code.
 OSF    Office of Structured Finance11,946    1,089    
 OT    Office of Technology6,599    1,171    
 OT&S    Office of Trade & Services9,001    1,618    

The SEC Division of Corporation Finance’s Filings Review Offices

The Standard Industrial Classification (sic) Code that appears in a company’s disseminated EDGAR Filings indicates the company’s basic type of business.  The SIC [SEC] Code is also used in the Division of Corporation Finance as a basis for assigning review responsibility for the company’s Filings to a Filings Review Office.  (For details, see the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance:  Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code List.)


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