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Eating and Drinking Places

SIC Major Group 58

SIC [1987]  →  Retail Trade  →  Eating & Drinking Places
SIC CodeU.S. Industry Group  Registrants
In ascending order   
580Eating and Drinking Places, et al.– 
581Eating and Drinking Places  § OT&S 622 
        Registrants in SIC Major Group 58:   622 
 §  In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987] for assigning Filings-review to the SEC Filings-Review Offices:
          OT&S – Office of Trade & Services

Description of SIC Major Group 58 — Eating and Drinking Places
This major group includes retail establishments selling prepared foods and drinks for consumption on the premises; and also lunch counters and refreshment stands selling prepared foods and drinks for immediate consumption.  Restaurants, lunch counters, and drinking places operated as a subordinate service facility by other establishments are not included in this industry, unless they are operated as leased departments by outside operators.  Thus, restaurants and lunch counters operated by hotels are classified in Services, Major Group 70; those operated by department stores in Major Group 53.  Bars and restaurants owned by and operated for members of civic, social, and fraternal associations only are classified in Industry 8641.  Mobile food and dairy wagons are classified in Industry 5963.


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