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Agricultural Production-Crops

SIC Major Group 01

SIC [1987]  →  Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing  →  Agricultural Production — Crops §
SIC CodeU.S. Industry Group  Registrants
In ascending order   
010Agricultural Production-Crops, et al.  § OLS 126 ¹
011Cash Grains
013Field Crops, except Cash Grains
016Vegetables and Melons– 
017Fruits and Tree Nuts
018Horticultural Specialties
019General Farms, Primarily Crop– 
        Registrants in SIC Major Group 01:   133 
 §  In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987] for assigning Filings-review to the SEC Filings Review Offices:
          OLS – Office of Life Sciences

¹  126  Registrants Operate Across Multiple Industries Within Major Group 01:
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As Of     Filer / IssuerLatest Filings     SIC
In ascending orderAs: Filer    Re: Issuer    
Active (in the Past Year, since 4/18/20) in Group 01’s Industries:
Flag of Luxembourg emoji
Adecoagro S.A.  S-8  SC 13G/A  0100
Flag of Hong Kong emoji
Aifarm, Ltd. [ formerly Eco Energy Tech Asia, Ltd ]  15-12B  4 OLD  0100
Alico, Inc.  8-K New Filing in the Past Week!  4  0100
AMAYA Global Holdings Corp. [ formerly General Agriculture Corp ]  8-K  FWP OLD  0100
AppHarvest, Inc. [ formerly Novus Capital Corp. ]  D New Filing in the Past Week!  4 New Filing in the Past Week!  0100
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.  10-K  4  0100
Flag of Brazil emoji
BrasilAgro – Brazilian Agricultural Real Estate Co  6-K  UPLOAD OLD  0100
Cannabis Strategic Ventures [ formerly Cascade Energy, Inc. ]  1-A/A  UPLOAD OLD  0100
Flag of Canada emoji
Chemesis International Inc.  1-A/A  —  0100
Corteva, Inc.  8-K  4 New Filing in the Past Week!  0100
Earth Gen-Biofuel, Inc.  15-12G OLD  SC 13G/A  0100
Flag of Cayman Islands emoji
Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.  8-K  4  0100
Flag of Canada emoji
Gage Growth Corp. [ formerly Wolverine Partners Corp. ]  1-U  UPLOAD  0100
Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc.  10-K New Filing in the Past Week!  3  0100
Golden Cacao Corp  C  —  0100
Golden Seed, Inc.  1-SA  UPLOAD OLD  0100
Good Earth Organics, Inc.  1-U  —  0100
Greenfield Groves Inc.  1-U New Filing in the Past Week!  UPLOAD  0100
Green Thumb Industries Inc.  8-K  4 New Filing in the Past Week!  0100
Flag of Canada emoji
Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.  8-K  4  0100
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Description of SIC Major Group 01 — Agricultural Production-Crops §
This major group includes establishments (e.g., farms, orchards, greenhouses, nurseries) primarily engaged in the production of crops, plants, vines, and trees (excluding forestry operations).  This major group also includes establishments primarily engaged in the operation of sod farms, and cranberry bogs; in the production of mushrooms, bulbs, flower seeds, and vegetable seeds; and in the growing of hydroponic crops.  Seeds of field crops are classified in the same industry as crops grown for other purposes.

An establishment primarily engaged in crop production (Major Group 01) is classified in the industry (four-digit) and industry group (three-digit) which accounts for 50 percent or more of the total value of sales for its agricultural production.  If the total value of sales for agricultural products of an establishment is less than 50 percent from a single four-digit industry, but 50 percent or more of the value of sales for its agricultural products derives from the products of two or more four-digit industries within the same three-digit industry group, the establishment is classified in the miscellaneous industry of that industry group; otherwise, it is classified as a general crop farm in Industry 0191.  Establishments that derive 50 percent or more of the value of sales from horticultural specialties of Industry Group 018 are classified in Industry 0181 or 0182 according to their primary activity.

§  SEC Filings Review Office (RO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility
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OLS – Office of Life Sciences

Global Industry Classification Standard    S&P DJI  /  MSCI 

SIC [SEC] Industry 0100   ⇒     GICS [2018] Sector  →  Sub-Industry  
  Assigned by the SEC
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  Assigned by S&P Dow Jones Indices / MSCI 

  Sector   #    →    Sub-Industry   #        
Consumer Staples   6  Packaged Foods & Meats   1
Materials   1  Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals   1
 # of Major-Index Companies in both this SIC Industry and the GICS Sector / Sub-Industry.


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