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Industrial Organic Chemicals
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SIC Industry Group 286

SIC [1987]  →  Manufacturing  →  Chemicals & Allied Products  →  Industrial Organic Chemicals §
SIC CodeU.S. Industry  [ NAICS² Codes ]Registrants
In ascending order   
2860Industrial Organic Chemicals, et al.  § OIA&S 275 ¹
2861Gum and Wood Chemicals  [ 325191,  325194 ]– 
2865Cyclic Organic Crudes and Intermediates, and Organic Dyes and Pigments  [ 325110,  325130,  325132,  325192,  325194 ]– 
2869Industrial Organic Chemicals, Not Elsewhere Classified  [ 325110,  325120,  325180,  325188,  325192,  325193,  325194,  325199,  325998 ]– 
        Registrants in SIC Industry Group 286:   275 
 §  In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987] for assigning Filings-review to the SEC Filings-Review Offices:
          OIA&S – Office of Industrial Applications & Services

¹  275  Registrants Operate Across Multiple Industries Within Industry Group 286:
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As Of     Filer / IssuerLatest Filings     SIC
In ascending orderAs: Filer    Re: Issuer    
Active (in the Past Year, since 10/5/21) in Group 286’s Industries:
Advanced BioEnergy, LLC  15-12G  SC 13D/A OLD  2860
Aemetis, Inc.  10-Q  4  2860
Alto Ingredients, Inc. [ formerly Pacific Ethanol, Inc. ]  10-Q  SC 13G/A  2860
AlumiFuel Power Corp.  NT 10-K  SC 13G OLD  2860
AMCI Acquisition Corp. II  425 New Filing in the Past Week!  425 New Filing in the Past Week!  2860
Amyris, Inc.  D New Filing in the Past Week!  4/A  2860
Blue Biofuels, Inc. [ formerly Alliance Bioenergy Plus, Inc. ]  D/A New Filing in the Past Week!  3 New Filing in the Past Week!  2860
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Braskem SA  6-K  UPLOAD OLD  2860
Cardinal Ethanol LLC  8-K  4 New Filing in the Past Week!  2860
CENAQ Energy Corp.  PRER14A New Filing in the Past Week!  SC 13G  2860
Flag of China emoji
CN Energy Group. Inc.  6-K New Filing in the Past Week!  UPLOAD  2860
Codexis, Inc.  8-K New Filing in the Past Week!  4 New Filing in the Past Week!  2860
Comstock Inc. [ formerly Comstock Mining Inc. ]  S-8 POS New Filing in the Past Week!  UPLOAD  2860
Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc. [ formerly CTD Holdings Inc. ]  10-Q  4  2860
FutureFuel Corp.  8-K New Filing in the Past Week!  4  2860
Gevo, Inc.  10-Q  4  2860
Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc.  S-8 New Filing in the Past Week!  4  2860
Golden Grain Energy  15-15D  UPLOAD  2860
Gores Holdings VIII Inc.  425  425  2860
Granite Falls Energy, LLC  DEFA14A New Filing in the Past Week!  SC 13E3/A  2860
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Description of SIC Industry Group 286 — Industrial Organic Chemicals §
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial organic chemicals.  Important products of this group include:  (1) noncyclic organic chemicals, such as acetic, chloroacetic, adipic, formic, oxalic and tartaric acids, and their metallic salts; chloral, formaldehyde, and methylamine; (2) solvents such as amyl, butyl, and ethyl alcohols; methanol; amyl, butyl and ethyl acetates; ethyl ether, ethylene glycol ether, and diethylene glycol ether; acetone, carbon disulfide, and chlorinated solvents, such as carbon tetrachloride, perchloroethylene, and trichloroethylene; (3) polyhydric alcohols, such as ethylene glycol, sorbitol, pentaerythritol, synthetic glycerin; (4) synthetic perfume and flavoring materials, such as coumarin, methyl salicylate, saccharin, citral, citronellal, synthetic geraniol, ionone, terpineol, and synthetic vanillin; (5) rubber processing chemicals, such as accelerators and antioxidants, both cyclic and acyclic; (6) plasticizers, both cyclic and acyclic, such as esters of phosphoric acid, phthalic anhydride, adipic acid, lauric acid, oleic acid, sebacic acid, and stearic acid; (7) synthetic tanning agents, such as naphthalene sulfonic acid condensates; (8) chemical warfare gases; (9) esters, amines, etc., of polyhydric alcohols and fatty and other acids; (10) cyclic crudes and intermediates; (11) cyclic dyes and organic pigments; and (12) natural gum and wood chemicals.

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing plastics materials and nonvulcanizable elastomers are classified in Industry 2821; those manufacturing synthetic rubber are classified in Industry 2822; those manufacturing essential oils are classified in Industry 2899; those manufacturing rayon and other manmade fibers are classified in Industries 2823 and 2824; those manufacturing specialty cleaning, polishing, and sanitation preparations are classified in Industry 2842; those manufacturing paints are classified in Industry 2851; and those manufacturing inorganic pigments are classified in Industry 2816.  Distillers engaged in the manufacture of grain alcohol for beverage purposes are classified in Industry 2085.

§  SEC Filings-Review Office (FRO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility
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OIA&S – Office of Industrial Applications & Services

²  North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry Group 286     ⇒     NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code  North American Industry    SIC Codes
In ascending order
325110Petrochemical Manufacturing  ⇒  28652869
325120Industrial Gas Manufacturing  ⇒  28132869
325130Synthetic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing  ⇒  281628192865
325132Synthetic Organic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing  [2007]  ⇒  2865
325180Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing  ⇒  28122816281928692895
325188All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing  [2007]  ⇒  28192869
325191Gum and Wood Chemical Manufacturing  [2007]  ⇒  2861
325192Cyclic Crude and Intermediate Manufacturing  [2007]  ⇒  28652869
325193Ethyl Alcohol Manufacturing  ⇒  2869
325194Cyclic Crude, Intermediate, and Gum and Wood Chemical Manufacturing  ⇒  286128652869
325199All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing  ⇒  28692899
325998All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing  ⇒  28192869289939523999,

Global Industry Classification Standard    S&P DJI  /  MSCI 

SIC [SEC] Industry 2860            GICS [2018] Sector  →  Sub-Industry  
Assigned by the SEC
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Assigned by S&P Dow Jones Indices / MSCI

  Sector   #    →    Sub-Industry   #        
Materials   9  Specialty Chemicals   5
Energy   6  Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing   2
Health Care   1  
 # of Major-Index Companies in both this SIC Industry and the GICS Sector / Sub-Industry.


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