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Industrial Process Furnaces and Ovens
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SIC Industry 3567   —   NAICS² Industry  333994

SIC [1987]  →  Manufacturing  →  Industrial Machinery & Equipment  →  General Industrial Machinery  →  Industrial furnaces & ovens §

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Active (in the Past Year, since 9/26/21) in Industry 3567:
Myson, Inc.  10-Q  4  3567
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Active, but no longer SEC-assigned to, nor self-declared in, Industry 3567:
Intricon Corp.  15-12B  SC 13D/A  3670
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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 3567
  • Calcining kilns (industrial furnaces)
  • Ceramic kilns and furnaces
  • Core baking and mold drying ovens
  • Dielectric heating equipment
  • Distillation ovens, charcoal and coke
  • Driers and redriers, industrial process
  • Enameling ovens
  • Furnaces, industrial process
  • Heat treating ovens
  • Heating equipment, induction
  • Heating units and devices, industrial: electric
  • Incinerators, metal: domestic and commercial
  • Induction heating equipment
  • Infrared ovens, industrial
  • Japanning ovens
  • Kilns: except cement, chemical, and wood
  • Lacquering ovens
  • Metal melting furnaces, industrial
  • Ovens, industrial process: except bakery
  • Paint baking and drying ovens
  • Radiant heating systems, industrial process: e.g., dryers, cookers’
  • Rubber curing ovens
  • Sherardizing ovens
  • Smelting ovens
  • Vacuum furnaces and ovens

Description of SIC Industry 3567 — Industrial Process Furnaces and Ovens §
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial process furnaces, ovens, induction and dielectric heating equipment, and related devices.  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing bakery ovens are classified in Industry 3556; those manufacturing cement, wood, and chemical kilns are classified in Industry 3559; those manufacturing cremating ovens are classified in Industry 3569; and those manufacturing laboratory furnaces and ovens are classified in Industry 3821.

§  SEC Filings-Review Office (FRO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility
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OT – Office of Technology

²  North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 3567     ⇒     NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code  North American Industry    SIC Codes
In ascending order
333994Industrial Process Furnace and Oven Manufacturing  ⇒  3567

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