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Petroleum Refining
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SIC Industry 2911   —   NAICS² Industry  324110

SIC [1987]  →  Manufacturing  →  Petroleum & Coal Products  →  Petroleum Refining  →  Petroleum refining §

170  Registrants
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As Of     Filer / IssuerLatest Filings     SIC
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Active (in the Past Year, since 10/6/21) in Industry 2911:
Aloha Petroleum LLC  EFFECT  UPLOAD  2911
Aloha Petroleum, Ltd.  EFFECT  UPLOAD  2911
BP Capital Markets America Inc.  CERT  25-NSE  2911
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BP Capital Markets plc  F-3ASR OLD  25-NSE  2911
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BP plc  6-K New Filing in the Past Week!  SC 13G  2911
BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust  10-Q  UPLOAD OLD  2911
Flag of United Arab Emirates emoji
Brooge Energy Ltd. [ formerly Brooge Holdings Ltd. ]  6-K  SC 13D/A  2911
Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.  8-K  4  2911
Chevron Corp.  10-Q  3
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Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. LP  D/A  —  2911
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China Petroleum & Chemical Corp.  6-K New Filing in the Past Week!  SC 13G/A  2911
ConocoPhillips  8-K  4 New Filing in the Past Week!  2911
Conocophillips Co.  EFFECT  UPLOAD  2911
CVR Energy Inc.  S-3ASR  4  2911
CVR Refining, LLC  S-3ASR  UPLOAD OLD  2911
CVR Refining, LP  S-3ASR  4 OLD  2911
Delek US Energy, Inc. [ formerly Delek US Holdings, Inc. ]  4  SC 13G/A  2911
Delek US Holdings, Inc.  8-K  4  2911
Edwards S Eugene  4  —  2911
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Equinor Asa [ formerly Statoil Asa ]  6-K New Filing in the Past Week!  UPLOAD OLD  2911
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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 2911
  • Acid oil, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Alkylates, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Aromatic chemicals, made in petroleum refineries
  • Asphalt and asphaltic materials: liquid and solid-produced in petroleum refineries
  • Benzene, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Butadiene, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Butylene, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Coke, petroleum: produced in petroleum refineries
  • Ethylene, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Fractionation products of crude petroleum, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Gas, refinery or still oil: produced in petroleum refineries
  • Gases, liquefied petroleum: produced in petroleum refineries
  • Gasoline blending plants
  • Gasoline, except natural gasoline
  • Greases, lubricating: produced in petroleum refineries
  • Hydrocarbon fluid, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Jet fuels
  • Kerosene
  • Mineral jelly, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Mineral oils, natural: produced in petroleum refineries
  • Mineral waxes, natural: produced in petroleum refineries
  • Naphtha, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Naphthenic acids, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Oils, partly refined: sold for rerunning-produced in petroleum refineries
  • Oils: fuel, lubricating, and illuminating-produced in petroleum refineries
  • Paraffin wax, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Petrolatums, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Petroleum refining
  • Propylene, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Road materials, bituminous: produced in petroleum refineries
  • Road oils, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Solvents, produced in petroleum refineries
  • Tar or residuum, produced in petroleum refineries

Description of SIC Industry 2911 — Petroleum Refining §
Establishments primarily engaged in producing gasoline, kerosene, distillate fuel oils, residual fuel oils, and lubricants, through fractionation or straight distillation of crude oil, redistillation of unfinished petroleum derivatives, cracking or other processes.  Establishments of this industry also produce aliphatic and aromatic chemicals as byproducts.  Establishments primarily engaged in producing natural gasoline from natural gas are classified in mining industries.  Those manufacturing lubricating oils and greases by blending and compounding purchased materials are included in Industry 2992.  Establishments primarily re-refining used lubricating oils are classified in Industry 2992.  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cyclic and acyclic organic chemicals are classified in Major Group 28.

§  SEC Filings-Review Office (FRO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility
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OE&T – Office of Energy & Transportation

²  North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 2911     ⇒     NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code  North American Industry    SIC Codes
In ascending order
324110Petroleum Refineries  ⇒  2911

Global Industry Classification Standard    S&P DJI  /  MSCI 

SIC [SEC] Industry 2911            GICS [2018] Sector  →  Sub-Industry  
Assigned by the SEC
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Assigned by S&P Dow Jones Indices / MSCI

  Sector   #    →    Sub-Industry   #        
Energy   12  Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing   4
Integrated Oil & Gas   3
Oil & Gas Exploration & Production   1
Materials   1  
 # of Major-Index Companies in both this SIC Industry and the GICS Sector / Sub-Industry.


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