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Coal and Other Mineral and Ore Merchant Wholesalers

NAICS Industry 42352

NAICS [2012]  →  Wholesale Trade  →  Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods  →  Metal & Mineral (except Petroleum) Merchant Wholesalers  →  Coal & Other Mineral & Ore Merchant Wholesalers

NAICS [2012] Industry 423520     ⇒     SIC [1987] Industry Codes

SIC CodeU.S. Industry  Registrants
In ascending order    
5052Coal and Other Minerals and Ores

Businesses & Products of NAICS Industry 423520
  • Coal merchant wholesalers
  • Coke merchant wholesalers
  • Concentrates, metallic, merchant wholesalers
  • Fuel, coal and coke, merchant wholesalers
  • Metal ores merchant wholesalers
  • Metallic concentrates merchant wholesalers
  • Minerals (except construction materials, petroleum) merchant wholesalers
  • Nonmetallic minerals (except precious and semiprecious stones and minerals used in construction, such as sand and gravel)
  • Ore concentrates merchant wholesalers
  • Ores (e.g., gold, iron, lead, silver, zinc) merchant wholesalers

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