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Institutional Furniture Manufacturing

NAICS Industry 337127

NAICS [2012]  →  Manufacturing  →  Furniture & Related Product Manufacturing  →  Household & Institutional Furniture & Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing  →  Household & Institutional Furniture Manufacturing  →  Institutional Furniture Manufacturing

NAICS [2012] Industry 337127     ⇒     SIC [1987] Industry Codes

SIC CodeU.S. Industry  Registrants
In ascending order    
2531Public Building and Related Furniture  §12
2541Wood Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers
2542Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers, Except Wood
2599Furniture and Fixtures, Not Elsewhere Classified
3841Surgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus  §632
3952Lead Pencils, Crayons, and Artists' Materials
3999Manufacturing Industries, Not Elsewhere Classified
 §  In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987].

Businesses & Products of NAICS Industry 337127
  • Benches, park-type (except concrete, stone), manufacturing
  • Benches, public building-type, manufacturing
  • Benches, work, manufacturing
  • Bleacher seating manufacturing
  • Bowling center furniture manufacturing
  • Cafeteria furniture manufacturing
  • Cafeteria tables and benches manufacturing
  • Chairs, barber and beauty (i.e., hydraulic), manufacturing
  • Chairs, barber, beauty shop (i.e., hydraulic), manufacturing
  • Chairs, portable folding, auditorium-type, manufacturing
  • Chairs, stacking, auditorium-type, manufacturing
  • Church furniture (except concrete, stone) manufacturing
  • Drafting tables and boards manufacturing
  • Drawing tables and boards, artist’s, manufacturing
  • Furniture, factory-type (e.g., cabinets, stools, tool stands, work benches), manufacturing
  • Furniture, institutional, manufacturing
  • Furniture, laboratory-type (e.g., benches, cabinets, stools, tables), manufacturing
  • Furniture, public building (e.g., church, library, school, theater), manufacturing
  • Furniture, restaurant-type, manufacturing
  • Institutional furniture manufacturing
  • Pews, church, manufacturing
  • Prison bed manufacturing
  • Religious furniture manufacturing
  • Restaurant furniture (e.g., carts, chairs, foodwagons, tables) manufacturing
  • School furniture manufacturing
  • Ship furniture manufacturing
  • Stadium seating manufacturing
  • Theater seating manufacturing
  • Tool stands, factory, manufacturing
  • Tray trucks, restaurant, manufacturing
  • Work benches manufacturing

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