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Capital Cities Abc Inc/NY – ‘10-K’ for 12/31/94 – EX-21

As of:  Wednesday, 3/29/95   ·   For:  12/31/94   ·   Accession #:  950130-95-586   ·   File #:  1-04278

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 3/29/95  Capital Cities Abc Inc/NY         10-K       12/31/94    6:259K                                   Donnelley R R & S..02/FA

Annual Report   —   Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-K        Annual Report                                         20    117K 
 2: EX-13       Annual Report                                         48    239K 
 3: EX-21       Subsidiaries of Company                                5     21K 
 4: EX-27       Art. 5 Financial Data Schedule for 1994 10-K           2      9K 
 5: EX-99.A     Form 11-K for the Company                             23     69K 
 6: EX-99.B     Undertakings                                           2±     8K 

EX-21   —   Subsidiaries of Company

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EXHIBIT 21 ---------- As of December 31, 1994 Subsidiaries of Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. ---------------------------------------- Jurisdiction of Incorporation ------------- Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (parent) New York ABC Holding Company Inc. Delaware ABC Cable and International Broadcast, Inc. Delaware (formerly Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises, Inc.) ABC Asia Productions, Inc. Delaware ABC Cable and International Broadcast Delaware Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (formerly Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises Worldwide Holdings, Inc.) Cable LT Holdings, Inc. Delaware Capital Cities/ABC Video, Inc. Delaware Capital Cities/ABC Video Musical Delaware Investments, Inc. Capital Cities/ABC Video Productions, Inc. Delaware COBRA Productions, Inc. California DIC Post, Inc. California HAC MFP Productions, Inc. California MFP Productions, Inc. California (Stock in these 4 companies is held by DIC Productions, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, in which Capital Cities/ABC Video Productions, Inc. is the general partner) HEMPRO, Inc. Delaware TPT, Inc. California Capital Cities/ABC Video Systems, Inc. Delaware Discriminating Distribution Delaware Enterprises, Inc. DSC Video, Inc. Delaware (50% interest is held 33% by ABC Cable and International Broadcast, Inc. and 17% by Cable LT Holdings, Inc.) French Productions, Inc. Delaware 910353 Ontario Inc. Canada Spanish Productions, Inc. Delaware Top Drawer Productions, Inc. Delaware (formerly Mexican Investments, Inc.) ABC Consumer Magazines Holding Company, Inc. Delaware ABC Daytime Circle, Inc. Delaware ABC Network Holding Company, Inc. Delaware ABC Equipment Leasing, Inc. New York ABC Motion Pictures, Inc. Delaware ABC Records, Inc. New York ABC Circle Music, Inc. New York American Broadcasting Music, Inc. New York
EX-212nd Page of 5TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 2nd
-2- Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (parent)(continued) ABC Holding Company Inc. (continued) ABC Network Holding Company, Inc. (continued) ABC Theatre Holdings, Inc. Delaware ABC Interstate Theatres, Inc. Delaware ABC Southeastern Theatres, Inc. Delaware Ambro Land Holdings, Inc. Delaware Ambroco Development Corp. New York Broadway Development Corp. New York Columbus West Development Corp. New York 67th Street Development Corp. New York 66th Street Development Corp. New York Circle Location Services, Inc. Delaware Stage Five Productions, Inc. California TNC Company, Inc. Delaware ABC News Holding Company, Inc. Delaware ABC News, Inc. Delaware ABC News InterActive, Inc. Delaware ABC News Intercontinental, Inc. Delaware Worldwide Television News Corporation Delaware Transcontinental Television, Inc. Delaware Worldwide Television News France France S.A.R.L. Worldwide Television News GmbH Germany Worldwide Television News United Kingdom (U.K.) Limited Starbird Satellite Services United Kingdom Limited ABC News Overseas Sales, Inc. Delaware ABC Radio Network, Inc. Delaware ABC Radio International, Inc. Delaware ABC Radio (UK) Limited United Kingdom ABC/Watermark, Inc. Delaware ABC Sports Holding Company, Inc. Delaware ABC Sports, Inc. New York ABC Sports Intercontinental S.A.R.L. France ABC Sports Marketing, Inc. Delaware ABC Sports Video, Inc. Delaware Baseball Ventures, Inc. Delaware American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Delaware Capital Cities/ABC Multimedia, Inc. Delaware Capital Cities/ABC Interactive Delaware Software, Inc. Capital Cities/ABC National Television Delaware Sales, Inc. Capital Cities/ABC Video Publishing, Inc. Delaware Chilton Holding Company, Inc. Delaware Chilton Company Delaware Automotive Information Illinois Properties, Inc. Capital Cities/ABC Diversified Germany Advertising GmbH The Center for Curriculum Delaware Development, Inc. Chilton Professional Automotive, Inc. Delaware
EX-213rd Page of 5TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 3rd
-3- Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (parent)(continued) ABC Holding Company Inc. (continued) ESPN Holding Company, Inc. Delaware ESPN, Inc. Delaware Creative Post and Transfer, Inc. Delaware Creaive Sports, Inc. Delaware English Sports, Inc. Delaware ESPN 88 United Kingdom Transatlantic Productions, Inc. Delaware ESPN Asia, Ltd. Delaware ESPN Asia (S) Private, Ltd. Singapore ESPN Enterprises, Inc. Delaware ESPN India, Inc. Delaware European Investment Company, Inc. Delaware European Media Development Delaware Company, Inc. European Sports Program Network, Inc. Delaware Event Specialists, Inc. Delaware Goal Ventures, Inc. Delaware O.C.C. Sports, Inc. Delaware O.P.I. Sports, Inc. Delaware SportsTicker, Inc. Delaware Farm Progress Holding Company, Inc. Delaware Farm Progress Companies, Inc. Illinois Farm Progress Insurance Services, Inc. Illinois Indiana Prairie Farmer Insurance Indiana Services, Inc. New York Farm Show, Inc. New York The Miller Publishing Company, Inc. Minnesota Hitchcock Holding Company, Inc. Delaware Hitchcock Publishing Company Delaware Professional Exposition Management Delaware Company, Inc. KABC-AM Radio, Inc. Delaware KGO Television, Inc. Delaware KGO-AM Radio, Inc. Delaware KLOS-FM Radio, Inc. Delaware KLOS Syndications, Inc. Delaware L.I.C. Warehouse Realty Company, Inc. Delaware Los Angeles Magazine Holding Company, Inc. Delaware Los Angeles Magazine, Inc. Delaware NILS Holding Company, Inc. Delaware NILS Publishing Company Delaware CCB/NILS, Inc. Delaware NILS Enterprises, Inc. Delaware Premiere Cassettes Marketing, Inc. Delaware 36/38/40 West 66 Realty Company, Inc. Delaware WABC-AM Radio, Inc. Delaware WLS Television, Inc. Delaware WLS-AM Holding Company, Inc. Delaware WLS, Inc. Delaware WLS-FM Radio, Inc Delaware WMAL Holding Company, Inc. Delaware WMAL, Inc. Delaware WPLJ-FM Radio, Inc. Delaware ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc. Delaware Capital Cities/ABC Cable Holdings, Inc. Delaware Capital Cities Capital, Inc. Delaware
EX-214th Page of 5TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 4th
-4- Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (parent)(continued) Capital Cities Entertainment Systems, Inc. Delaware Capital Cities Media, Inc. New York Capital Cities/ABC Publishing/Far East, Inc. Japan Fairchild Media Services, Inc. Delaware Fairchild Publications S.A.R.L. France Foothills Trader, Inc. Connecticut Guilford Publishing Company, Inc. Delaware Imprint, Inc. Delaware Mariner Newspapers, Inc. New York Newside Publications, Inc. Delaware Pennysaver of Cape Cod, Inc. Massachusetts Practical Homeowner Holding Company, Inc. New York Precision Marketing Services, Inc. Delaware Quad County Publishing, Inc. Illinois Capital Cities Vision, Inc. New York CC/ABC Acquisition I Corp. Delaware CC/ABC Acquisition II Corp. Delaware CC/ABC Acquisition III Corp. Delaware CC/ABC Acquisition IV Corp. Delaware CC/ABC Acquisition V Corp. Delaware CC/ABC Acquisition VI Corp. Delaware CC Finance Holding Corporation Delaware Capital Cities/ABC Finance Company, Inc. Delaware CC Texas Holding Co., Inc. Delaware KTRK Television, Inc. Michigan Southfield Realty Company, Inc. Michigan Weehawken Corporation Delaware CCC Properties, Inc. New York Great Lakes Media, Inc. Michigan (formerly The Oakland Press Company) Institutional Investor, Inc. Delaware Institutional Investor (Europe) Limited United Kingdom JBS Productions Holding Company, Inc. Delaware a.k.a. Productions, Inc. Delaware The Andrew Adelson Company California AMBROCO Media Group, Inc. Delaware Canaka Productions, Inc. Delaware Class of '96 Productions, Inc. Delaware Empty Chair Productions, Inc. Delaware Fifth Floor Production Music Library, Inc. (formerly Fifth Floor Music, Inc.) Delaware Greengrass Productions, Inc. Delaware Interglobal Productions, Inc. Delaware Fogash Films Limited Channel Islands Victor Television Productions, Inc. Delaware Victor Television Productions Too, Inc. Delaware The Kansas City Star Company (also owns the Missouri preferred stock of Capital Cities Media, Inc.) KQRS Holding Corporation Delaware KQRS, Inc. Delaware KRXY Holding Corporation Delaware KRXY Radio, Inc. Delaware Legal Com of Delaware, Inc. Delaware Legal Communications Corporation Missouri Mexican Business Publishing, Inc. Delaware
EX-21Last Page of 5TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 5th
-5- Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (parent)(continued) Mexican Publishing Company, Inc. Delaware Promotora Vina Sala, S.A. de C.V. Mexico (Stock is held 99.998% by Mexican Business Publishing, Inc. and .002% by Mexican Publishing Company, Inc.) Sibonei, S.A. de C.V. Mexico (Stock is held 99.998% by Mexican Publishing Company, Inc. and .002% by Mexican Business Publishing, Inc.) Expansion, S.A. Mexico (Stock is held 51% by Promotora Vina Sala, S.A. de C.V. and 49% by Sibonei, S.A. de C.V.) Nordic Investments, Inc. Delaware Pennypower of Kansas, Inc. Delaware Pennypower Shopping News, Inc. Kansas Southern Utah Media, Inc. Delaware ST Partner, Inc. Delaware Star-Telegram Newspaper, Inc. Delaware Media Transport, Inc. Texas (Stock is held by Star-Telegram Operating, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership, in which ST Partner, Inc. is the limited partner and Star-Telegram Newspaper, Inc. is the managing general partner) Sutton Industries, Inc. Delaware J V Z Enterprises California PSP & D, Inc. Delaware TV Connection, Inc. Delaware WBAP-KSCS Partner, Inc. Delaware WBAP-KSCS Radio, Inc. Delaware Wilson Publishing Company Rhode Island WJRT Acquisition Corp. Delaware (Stock is held by CC/ABC Acquisition I Corp. and WJRT Associates, a Delaware limited partnership, in which CC/ABC Acquisition II Corp. and CC/ABC Acquisition III Corp. are the General Partners) WTVG Acquisition Corp. Delaware (Stock is held by CC/ABC Acquisition IV Corp. and WTVG Associates, a Delaware limited partnership, in which CC/ABC Acquisition V Corp. and CC/ABC Acquisition VI Corp. are the General Partners)

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