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HCA Holdings, Inc. – ‘10-K’ for 12/31/03 – EX-21

On:  Friday, 3/12/04, at 2:16pm ET   ·   For:  12/31/03   ·   Accession #:  950144-4-2392   ·   File #:  1-11239

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 3/12/04  HCA Holdings, Inc.                10-K       12/31/03    9:1.2M                                   Bowne of Atlanta Inc/FA

Annual Report   —   Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-K        Hca Inc.                                            HTML   1.08M 
 2: EX-10.21.B  EX-10.21.B 1st Amendment to Supp. Retirement Plan      5     26K 
 3: EX-10.24    EX-10.24 Compensation/Fees Policy                      2±     8K 
 4: EX-12       EX-12 Statement Re Computation                         1      7K 
 5: EX-21       EX-21 List of Subsidiaries                            37    150K 
 6: EX-23       EX-23 Consent of Ernst & Young LLP                     1      9K 
 7: EX-31.1     EX-31.1 Section 302 Certification                      2±    10K 
 8: EX-31.2     EX-31.2 Section 302 Certification                      2±    10K 
 9: EX-32       EX-32 Section 906 Certification                        1      8K 

EX-21   —   EX-21 List of Subsidiaries

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EXHIBIT 21 ALABAMA Alabama-Tennessee Health Network, Inc. CareOne Home Health Services, Inc. Four Rivers Medical Center PHO, Inc. Selma Medical Center Hospital, Inc. ALASKA Chugach PT, Inc. Columbia Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. Columbia North Alaska Healthcare, Inc. ARKANSAS Central Arkansas Provider Network, Inc. Columbia Health System of Arkansas, Inc. BERMUDA Parthenon Insurance Company, Limited CALIFORNIA Birthing Facility of Beverly Hills, Inc. C.H.L.H., Inc. CFC Investments, Inc. CH Systems Chino Community Hospital Corporation, Inc. Columbia ASC Management, L.P. Columbia Fallbrook, Inc. Columbia Riverside, Inc. Columbia/HCA San Clemente, Inc. Community Hospital of Gardena Corporation, Inc. Encino Hospital Corporation, Inc. Far West Division, Inc. Galen-Soch, Inc. HCA Allied Health Services of San Diego, Inc. HCA Health Services of California, Inc. HCA Hospital Services of San Diego, Inc. Healdsburg General Hospital, Inc. L E Corporation Las Encinas Hospital Los Gatos Surgical Center, a California Limited Partnership Los Gatos Surgical Center Los Robles Regional Medical Center Los Robles Regional Medical Center Los Robles Surgicenter JV MCA Investment Company Mission Bay Memorial Hospital, Inc. 1
EX-212nd Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 2nd
Neuro Affiliates Company Psychiatric Company of California, Inc. Riverside Healthcare System, L.P. Riverside Community Hospital Riverside Holdings, Inc. Riverside Surgicenter, L.P. Riverside Community Surgi-Center San Joaquin Surgical Center, Inc. San Jose Healthcare System, Inc. Southwest Surgical Clinic, Inc. Surgicare of Beverly Hills, Inc. Surgicare of Los Gatos, Inc. Surgicare of Montebello, Inc. Surgicare of Riverside, LLC Surgicare of West Hills, Inc. Ukiah Hospital Corporation Visalia Community Hospital, Inc. VMC Management, Inc. VMC-GP, Inc. West Hills Hospital West Hills Hospital & Medical Center West Hills Surgical Center, Ltd. West Hills Surgical Center West Los Angeles Physicians' Hospital, Inc. Westminster Community Hospital Westside Hospital Limited Partnership Windsor Health Group Medical Building Partnership Windsor Health Group Medical Building, LLC COLORADO Bethesda Psychealth Ventures, Inc. Breckenridge Medical Center, LLC Centrum Surgery Center, Ltd. Centrum Surgical Center Colorado Health Systems, Inc. Colorado Healthcare Management, LLC Columbine Psychiatric Center, Inc. Conifer MOB, LLC Continental Division I, Inc. Denver Mid-Town Surgery Center, Ltd. Midtown Surgical Center Diagnostic Mammography Services, G.P. Galen of Aurora, Inc. HCA-HealthONE, LLC Advanced Center for Spinal Microsurgery Air Life Arapahoe Medical Plaza Aurora Trauma Service Belmar Multispecialty Bethesda Employee Assistance Program Bethesda Employee Assistance Services Beyond Your Expectations CallONE Cardiology Imaging Group 2
EX-213rd Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 3rd
Centennial Athletic Club Centennial Medical Center Centennial Medical Plaza Centennial Medical Plaza TravelCare Centennial Medical Plaza TravelCare Immunization Clinic Center for Eating Management Colorado Care Manor Common Sensitivities Denver Wound Healing Center Esophogeal and Pelvic Floor Center HealthONE Emergency Services HealthONE for Children HealthONE Progressive Care Center HealthONE Senior Health Care Center HealthONE Sports Injury Screening HeartONE for Children Institute High Street Primary Care Center KidZ Care Lifelong Choices Lung Cancer Clinic of the Rockies Medical Business Access Mountain View Nurse Midwives North Suburban Medical Center One Call Does it All P/SL Blood Donor Center P/SL Bone Marrow Transplant Program P/SL Cardiac Emergency Network P/SL Community Health Network P/SL Community Health Services P/SL Heart-Lung Transplant Program P/SL Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine P/SL Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program P/SL Magnetic Resonance Imaging P/SL Medical Center for Children P/SL Mile High Medical Arts Building P/SL Women's and Children's Hospital Patient Care 2000 Peak Performance in the Workplace Positive Lifestyles Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center Presbyterian/St. Luke's Mother and Child Hospital PresExpress PREStaurant RapidCare Rocky Mountain Blood and Marrow Transplant Program Rocky Mountain Children's Cancer Center Rocky Mountain Colon & Rectal Surgery Rocky Mountain Gastrointestinal Motility Clinic Rocky Mountain Healthcare Support Services Rocky Mountain KidsCare Rocky Mountain Neurology Center Rocky Mountain Pediatric Care Rose Family Medicine Center Rose Institute for Joint Replacement Rose Institute for Sports Medicine Rose Medical Center 3
EX-214th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 4th
Rose Medical Center Cherry Creek Eye Center Rose Midwifery Clinic Rose Sleep Disorders Center Rose Sports Medicine Senior Health Access Sky Ridge Cancer Center Sky Ridge Medical Center Sky Ridge Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center Spine Care Clinic Support Line Swedish Hospital Swedish Medical Center The Center for Breast Health The Center for Ear, Nose and Throat - Head and Neck Surgery The Denver Spine Institute The Lactation Program The Medical Center of Aurora The Medical Center of Aurora Sleep Disorders Center The Medical Center of Centennial The Parent Line The Rose Center for Study of Gastroesophageal Diseases The Senior Care Center at the Medical Center of Aurora United SeniorCare United Services Medical Clinic Health Care Indemnity, Inc. HealthONE Clear Creek, Inc. HealthONE Clinic Services, LLC Broncos Sports Medicine Denver Broncos Sports Medicine HealthONE Clinic Services HealthONE Occupational Health Center HealthONE of Denver, Inc. HealthONE Trauma Services, LLC Hospital-Based CRNA Services, Inc. Lakewood Outpatient Surgical Center, Ltd. Lakewood Surgicare, Inc. Medical Imaging of Colorado, LLC MOVCO, Inc. New Rose Holding Company, Inc. North Suburban Surgery Center, L.P. Outpatient Surgery Center of Lakewood, L.P. Lakewood Surgical Center Rose Ambulatory Surgery Center, L.P. Rose Surgical Center Rose Health Partners, LLC Rose POB, Inc. Sky Ridge Surgery Center, L.P. Sky Ridge Surgical Center Southwest MedPro, Ltd. Surgicare of Denver Mid-Town, Inc. Surgicare of North Suburban, Inc. Surgicare of Rose, Inc. Surgicare of Sky Ridge, Inc. Surgicare of Southeast Denver, Inc. Surgicare of Swedish, Inc. Swedish Medpro, Inc. 4
EX-215th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 5th
Swedish MOB II, Inc. Swedish MOB II, LLC Swedish MOB III Swedish MOB III, Inc. Swedish MOB IV Swedish MOB IV, Inc. Swedish MOB, LLC DELAWARE AC Med, LLC Aligned Business Consortium Group, L.P. Alternaco, LLC American Medicorp Development Co. Ami-Point GA, LLC AOGN, LLC Arkansas Medical Park, LLC Atlanta Healthcare Management, L.P. Atlanta Market GP, Inc. Atlanta Orthopaedic Surgical Center, Inc. Bayshore Partner, LLC Belton Family Practice Clinic, LLC Blue Ridge Clinic, LLC BNA Associates, Inc. Brunswick Hospital, LLC C/HCA Capital, Inc. C/HCA, Inc. Capital Medical Center Partner, LLC Central Health Holding Company, Inc. Central Health Services Hospice, Inc. Chattanooga ASC, LLC CHC Finance Co. CHC Payroll Agent, Inc. CHCA Bayshore, L.P. Bayshore Medical Center CHCA Clear Lake L.P. Clear Lake Heart Institute Clear Lake Regional Medical Center Clear Lake Regional Medical Center - Alvin Diagnostic and Urgent Care Center CHCA Conroe, L.P. Conroe Regional Medical Center CHCA East Houston, L.P. East Houston Regional Medical Center CHCA Hospital LP, Inc. CHCA Mainland, L.P. Mainland Medical Center CHCA Palmyra Partner, Inc. CHCA West Houston, L.P. Sugar Land Cancer Center Sugar Land Medical Center West Houston Medical Center CHCA Woman's Hospital, L.P. Woman's Hospital of Texas Cheray and Samuels, LLC 5
EX-216th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 6th
Clear Lake Merger, LLC Clear Lake Regional Partner, LLC Clearwater GP, LLC ClinicServ, LLC CMS GP, LLC Coastal Bend Hospital, Inc. Coastal Healthcare Services, Inc. Coliseum Health Group, LLC Coliseum Medical Center, LLC Coliseum Medical Centers Coliseum Psychiatric Center, LLC Coliseum Psychiatric Center Coliseum Surgery Center, L.L.C. Columbia Behavioral Health, LLC Columbia Homecare Group, Inc. Columbia Hospital (Palm Beaches) Limited Partnership Columbia Hospital Poinciana at Palm Beach Columbia Hospital Corporation of Fort Worth Columbia Hospital Corporation of Houston Columbia Hospital Corporation - Delaware Columbia Management Companies, Inc. Columbia Mesquite Health System, L.P. Columbia Olympia Management, Inc. Columbia Palm Beach GP, LLC Columbia Palms West Hospital Limited Partnership Palms West Hospital Palms West Outpatient Rehabilitation & Aquatic Center Columbia Rio Grande Healthcare, L.P. Rio Grande Regional Hospital Columbia Valley Healthcare System, L.P. Valley Regional Medical Center Columbia Westbank Healthcare, L.P. Columbia/HCA Middle East Management Company Columbia/JFK Medical Center Limited Partnership JFK Medical Center Columbia-SDH Holdings, Inc. Conroe Partner, LLC CoralStone Management, Inc. COSCORP, LLC CPS TN Processor 1, Inc. CRMC-M, LLC Dallas/Ft. Worth Physicians, LLC Danforth Hospital, Inc. Delta Division, Inc. DeSoto Family Practice, LLC Doctors Hospital of Augusta, LLC Doctors Hospital Drake Development Company Drake Development Company II Drake Development Company III Drake Development Company IV Drake Development Company V Drake Development Company VI Drake Management Company EarthStone HomeHealth Company 6
EX-217th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 7th
East Houston Partner, LLC Edmond Regional Medical Center, LLC Edmond Medical Center Electa Health Network, LLC EMMC, LLC EP Health, LLC EP Holdco, LLC EPIC Development, Inc. EPIC Diagnostic Centers, Inc. EPIC Healthcare Management Company EPIC Surgery Centers, Inc. Extendicare Properties, Inc. Fairview Park GP, LLC Fairview Partner, LLC Family Care of E. Jackson County, LLC FHAL, LLC Forest Park Surgery Pavilion, Inc. Forest Park Surgery Pavilion, L.P. Fort Bend Hospital, Inc. Galen (Kansas) Merger, LLC Galen BH, Inc. Galen Finance, Inc. Galen GOK, LLC Galen Holdco, LLC Galen Hospital Alaska, Inc. Alaska Regional Hospital Galen International Capital, Inc. Galen International Holdings, Inc. Galen KY, LLC Galen LA, LLC Galen MCS, LLC Galen Medical Corporation Galen MRMC, LLC Galen NMC, LLC Galen NSH, LLC Galen SOM, LLC Galen SSH, LLC Galendeco, Inc. GalTex, LLC Garden Park Community Hospital Limited Partnership Coastal Imaging Center of Gulfport Gary Berger, DO, LLC General Healthserv, LLC Georgia Health Holdings, Inc. Georgia, L.P. GHC - Galen Health Care, LLC GKI Lawrence, LLC Glendale Surgical, LLC Good Samaritan Hospital, L.P. Good Samaritan Hospital Good Samaritan Hospital, LLC Goppert Family Care, LLC GPCH-GP, Inc. Garden Park Medical Center 7
EX-218th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 8th
Grand Strand Regional Medical Center, LLC Grand Strand Regional Medical Center South Strand Senior Health Center Grandview Health Care Clinic, LLC H.H.U.K., Inc. HCA Health Services of Midwest, Inc. HCA Holdco, LLC HCA Imaging Services of North Florida, Inc. HCA Management Services, L.P. HCA Property GP, LLC HCA Psychiatric Company HCA Squared, LLC HCA Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital, Inc. Health Services (Delaware), Inc. Health Services Merger, Inc. Healthcare Technology Assessment Corporation Healthco, LLC Healthnet of Kentucky, LLC Healthserv Acquisition, LLC Healthtrust MOB Tennessee, LLC Healthtrust MOB, LLC Healthtrust Purchasing Group, L.P. Healthtrust, Inc. - The Hospital Company Hearthstone Home Health, Inc. Heloma Operations, LLC Hendersonville ODC, LLC HHNC, LLC HM EHS, LLC HM NKCH, LLC HM OMCOS, LLC Holden Family Health Care, LLC Hospital Corp., LLC Hospital Development Properties, Inc. Edmond Regional Medical Building Hospital of South Valley, LLC Hospital Partners Merger, LLC Houston Healthcare Holdings, Inc. Houston Woman's Hospital Partner, LLC HSS Holdco, LLC HSS Systems VA, LLC HSS Systems, LLC Continental Supply Chain Services Delta Division Supply Chain Services East Florida Supply Chain Services Far West Las Vegas Consolidated Distribution Center Far West Supply Chain Services Gulf Coast Supply Chain Services HealthONE Denver Patient Account Services HealthOne Supply Chain Services Midwest Supply Chain Services North Florida Supply Chain Services North Texas Supply Chain Operations Patient Acount Services - Atlanta Patient Acount Services - Dallas Patient Acount Services - Denver Patient Acount Services - Houston 8
EX-219th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 9th
Patient Acount Services - Las Vegas Patient Acount Services - Orange Park Patient Acount Services - San Antonio Patient Acount Services - Tampa Bay Southeast Supply Chain Services West Florida Supply Chain Services HTI Hospital Holdings, Inc. Indian Path, LLC Indianapolis Hospital Partner, LLC Integrated Regional Laboratories Internal Medicine Associates of Lee's Summit, LLC Jackson County Medical Group, LLC JCSH, LLC JCSHLP, LLC JV Investor, LLC Kansas Healthserv, LLC Katy Medical Center, Inc. Kendall Regional Medical Center, LLC Lake City Health Centers, Inc. Lakeland Medical Center, LLC Lakeside Radiology, LLC Lakeview Medical Center, LLC Lakeview Regional Medical Center Laredo Medco, LLC Lawrence Amdeco, LLC Lawrence Medical, LLC Lee's Summit Family Care, LLC Lewis-Gale Medical Center, LLC Lewis-Gale Advantage EAP Lewis-Gale Medical Center Lewis-Gale Psychiatric Center Louisiana Hospital Holdings, Inc. Low Country Health Services, Inc. of the Southeast Macon Healthcare, LLC Macon Northside Health Group, LLC Coliseum Senior Health Center Middle Georgia Family Health Urgent Care Center West Macon Northside Hospital, LLC Macon Northside Hospital Mainland Partner, LLC Management Services Holdings, Inc. Management Services LP, LLC McKinley & Associates, LLC Medical Arts Hospital of Texarkana, Inc. Medical Care America, LLC Medical Care Financial Services Corp. Medical Care Real Estate Finance, Inc. Medical Center of Plano Partner, LLC Medical Centers of Oklahoma, LLC Medical City Dallas Partner, LLC Medical Corporation of America Medical Specialties, Inc. Medistone Healthcare Ventures, Inc. MediVision of Mecklenburg County, Inc. MediVision of Tampa, Inc. MediVision, Inc. 9
EX-2110th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 10th
Menorah Family Physicians, LLC Metropolitan Multispecialty Physicians Group, LLC Mid-Continent Health Services, Inc. Middle Georgia Hospital, LLC Midtown ID Clinic, LLC Midwest Division - ACH, LLC Midwest Division - BLMC, LLC Baptist Lutheran Medical Center Midwest Division - CMC, LLC Midwest Division - IRHC, LLC Independence Regional Health Center Midwest Division - LRHC, LLC Lafayette Regional Health Center Midwest Division - LSH, LLC Lee's Summit Hospital Midwest Division - MCI, LLC Medical Center of Independence Midwest Division - MII, LLC Midwest Division - MMC, LLC Menorah Medical Center Midwest Division - OPRMC, LLC Overland Park Regional Medical Center Midwest Division - PFC, LLC Midwest Division - RMC, LLC Research Belton Hospital Research Medical Center Midwest Division - RPC, LLC Research Psychiatric Center Midwest Division - TLM, LLC Midwest Holdings, Inc. Midwest Medicine Associates, LLC Midwest Physician Services Lab, LLC Mobile Corps., Inc. MRT&C, Inc. Nashville Shared Services General Partnership MidAmerica Supply Chain Operations Patient Account Services - Nashville North Miami Beach Surgery Center Limited Partnership North Miami Beach Surgical Center North Miami Beach Surgical Center, LLC North Texas Medical Center, Inc. Northwest Fla. Home Health Agency, Inc. Notami Hospitals, LLC Notami Louisiana Holdings, Inc. Notami, LLC Notco, LLC NTGP, Inc. NTMC Ambulatory Surgery Center, L.P. Westpark Surgery Center NTMC Management Company NTMC Venture, Inc. OneSource Med Acquisition Company Orlando Outpatient Surgical Center, Inc. Outpatient GP, LLC Outpatient LP, LLC Outpatient Services Holdings, Inc. 10
EX-2111th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 11th
Palmyra Park GP, Inc. Paragon SDS, Inc. Paragon WSC, Inc. Parkway Hospital, Inc. Pinellas Medical, LLC Pioneer Medical, LLC Plantation General Hospital Limited Partnership Plantation General Hospital PMM, Inc. POH Holdings, LLC Portsmouth Regional Ambulatory Surgical Center, LLC Portsmouth Regional Ambulatory Surgery Center Preferred Works WC, LLC Primary Care Acquisition, Inc. Primary Medical Management, Inc. RCH, LLC Reston Hospital Center, LLC Reston Hospital Center RHA MSO, LLC Riverside Hospital, Inc. Northwest Regional Hospital RMC HBP, LLC Rockhill General Surgery, LLC Round Rock Hospital, Inc. Samaritan, LLC San Jose Healthcare System, L.P. Regional Home Health of San Jose Regional Medical Center of San Jose Regional Medical Center of San Jose Inpatient Pharmacy Regional Medical Management of Santa Clara County Regional Medical Satellite Radiology Regional Medical Senior Health Center SurgiCare - Jackson Avenue Campus San Jose Hospital, L.P. San Jose Medical Center San Jose Medical Center, LLC San Jose, LLC San Pablo ASC, LLC SJMC, LLC SMCH, LLC South Dade GP, LLC South Valley Hospital, L.P. Southtown Women's Clinic, LLC Southwestern Medical Center, LLC Southwestern Medical Center Spalding Rehabilitation, L.L.C. Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital Spring Branch GP, LLC Spring Branch LP, LLC Springview KY, LLC SR Medical Center, LLC State Line Medical Group, LLC State Line Urgent Care, LLC Stones River Hospital, LLC Suburban Medical Center at Hoffman Estates, Inc. Summit General Partner, Inc. 11
EX-2112th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 12th
Summit Medical Assoc., LLC Sun Bay Medical Office Building, Inc. Suncoast Physician Practice, LLC Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, LLC Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center Sun-Med, LLC Surgicare of Denton, Inc. Surgicare of Plano, Inc. Surgico, LLC SVH, LLC Swedish MOB Acquisition, Inc. Terre Haute Hospital GP, Inc. Terre Haute Hospital Holdings, Inc. Terre Haute Regional Hospital, L.P. Terre Haute Regional Hospital The Medical Group of Kansas City, LLC Town Plaza Family Practice, LLC Trident Medical Center, LLC HealthFinders Trident Health Improvement Center Trident Health System Trident Medical Center Trident Senior Health Center Trinity Family Practice, LLC Tuckahoe Surgery Center, LP Tuckahoe Surgery Center Utah Medco, LLC Value Health Management, Inc. VHSC Plantation, LLC VHSC Pompano Beach, LLC Vicksburg Diagnostic Services, L.P. Washington Holdco, LLC Wesley Medical Center, LLC Wesley Medical Center West Houston, LLC Westbury Hospital, Inc. WHG Medical, LLC WJHC, LLC Woman's Hospital Merger, LLC Women's Hospital Indianapolis GP, Inc. Women's Hospital Indianapolis, L.P. WPC Holdco, LLC WPPC, LLC Yates Center Family Health, LLC FLORIDA All About Staffing, Inc. Ambulatory Laser Associates, GP Ambulatory Surgery Center Group, Ltd. Ambulatory Surgery Center Bay Hospital, Inc. Gulf Coast Medical Center Bayonet Point Surgery Center, Ltd. 12
EX-2113th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 13th
Belleair Surgery Center, Ltd. Belleair Surgery Center Big Cypress Medical Center, Inc. Blake Imaging, LLC Bonita Bay Surgery Center, Inc. Bonita Bay Surgery Center, Ltd. Surgery Center Bonita Bay Brandon Imaging, LLC Brandon Surgi-Center Joint Venture Brandon Surgery Center Broward Healthcare System, Inc. Broward Neurosurgeons, LLC Broward Physician Practices, Ltd. Cape Coral Surgery Center, Inc. Cape Coral Surgery Center, Ltd. CCH-GP, Inc. Cedarcare, Inc. Cedars BTW Program, Inc. Cedars Healthcare Group, Ltd. Cedars Medical Center Central Florida Cardiology Interpretations, LLC Central Florida Division Practice, Inc. Central Florida Regional Hospital, Inc. Central Florida Regional Hospital Clearwater Community Hospital Limited Partnership Coastal Cardiac Diagnostics, Ltd. Collier County Home Health Agency, Inc. Columbia Behavioral Health, Ltd. Columbia Behavioral Healthcare of South Florida, Inc. Columbia Cancer Research Network of Florida, Inc. Columbia Central Florida Division, Inc. Columbia Development of Florida, Inc. Columbia Eye and Specialty Surgery Center, Ltd. Tampa Eye & Specialty Surgery Center Columbia Florida Group, Inc. Columbia Homecare - Central Florida, Inc. Columbia Homecare - North Florida Division, Inc. Columbia Hospital Corporation of Central Miami Columbia Hospital Corporation of Kendall Columbia Hospital Corporation of Miami Columbia Hospital Corporation of Miami Beach Columbia Hospital Corporation of North Miami Beach Columbia Hospital Corporation of South Broward Westside Regional Medical Center Columbia Hospital Corporation of South Dade Columbia Hospital Corporation of South Florida Columbia Hospital Corporation of South Miami Columbia Hospital Corporation of Tamarac Columbia Hospital Corporation - SMM Columbia Jacksonville Healthcare System, Inc. Columbia Lake Worth Surgical Center Limited Partnership Columbia Midtown Joint Venture Columbia North Central Florida Health System Limited Partnership Columbia North Florida Regional Medical Center Limited Partnership Columbia Ocala Regional Medical Center Physician Group, Inc. CORMC Physician Group 13
EX-2114th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 14th
Columbia Palm Beach Healthcare System Limited Partnership Columbia Park Healthcare System, Inc. Columbia Park Medical Center, Inc. Columbia Physician Services - Florida Group, Inc. HCA Physician Services Columbia Resource Network, Inc. Columbia South Florida Division, Inc. Columbia Tampa Bay Division, Inc. Columbia-Osceola Imaging Center, Inc. Community Orthopedics and Hand Surgery, LLC Coral Springs Surgi-Center, Ltd. Surgery Center at Coral Springs Countryside Surgery Center, Ltd. Countryside Surgery Center Dade Physician Practices, Ltd. Daytona Medical Center, Inc. Diagnostic Breast Center, Inc. Diagnostic Breast Center Doctors Imaging, LLC Doctors Osteopathic Medical Center, Inc. Gulf Coast Hospital Doctors Same Day Surgery Center, Inc. Doctors Same Day Surgery Center, Ltd. Doctors Same Day Surgery Center Doctors' Special Surgery Center of Jacksonville, Ltd. East Florida Division, Inc. East Pointe Hospital, Inc. Edward White Hospital, Inc. Edward White Hospital Englewood Community Hospital, Inc. Englewood Community Hospital Fawcett Memorial Hospital, Inc. Fawcett Memorial Hospital Fawcett Memorial Hospital Sports & Rehab Services Spine & Arthritis Center at Fawcett Memorial Hospital The Memory Center Florida Home Health Services - Private Care, Inc. Florida Outpatient Surgery Center, Ltd. Florida Surgery Center Florida Primary Physicians, Inc. Florida Primary Physicians Fort Pierce Immediate Care Center, Inc. Fort Pierce Walk-In Medical Clinic Fort Pierce Surgery Center, Ltd. Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, Inc. Fort Walton Beach Medical Center Galen Diagnostic Multicenter, Ltd. Galen Hospital - Pembroke Pines, Inc. Galen of Florida, Inc. St. Petersburg General Hospital Galencare, Inc. Brandon Regional Hospital Brandon Regional Hospital Convenient Care Community Cancer Center of Brandon Regional Hospital Diagnostic & Rehab Center of Brandon Regional Hospital Northside Hospital 14
EX-2115th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 15th
Tampa Bay Vascular Institute West Central Florida - Shared Services Greater Ft. Myers Physician Practices, Ltd. Gulf Coast Health Technologies, Inc. Gulf Coast Physicians, Inc. Hamilton Memorial Hospital, Inc. HCA Family Care Center, Inc. HCA Health Services of Florida, Inc. Blake Medical Center Oak Hill Hospital Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point St. Lucie Medical Center HD&S Corp. Successor, Inc. Homecare North, Inc. Hospital Corporation of Lake Worth Imaging and Surgery Centers of Florida, Inc. Imaging Corp. of the Palm Beaches, Inc. Jacksonville Physician Practices, Ltd. Jacksonville Surgery Center, Ltd. Jacksonville Surgery Center JFK Real Properties, Ltd. Kendall Healthcare Group, Ltd. Kendall Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility Kendall Regional Medical Center The Atrium at Kendall Regional Medical Center Kendall Therapy Center, Ltd. Kendall Therapy Center Kissimmee Surgicare, Ltd. Kissimmee Surgery Center Lakewood Park Walk-In Clinic, LLC Largo Medical Center, Inc. Largo Medical Center Lawnwood Medical Center, Inc. Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute Lehigh Physician Practice, Ltd. M & M of Ocala, Inc. Manatee Surgicare, Ltd. Gulf Coast Surgery Center Marion Community Hospital, Inc. Ocala Regional Medical Center Medical Center of Port St. Lucie, Inc. Medical Center of Santa Rosa, Inc. Medical Imaging Center of Ocala Memorial Diagnostic Services, Inc. Memorial Healthcare Group, Inc. Memorial Hospital Jacksonville Specialty Hospital Jacksonville Memorial Surgicare, Ltd. Plaza Surgery Center MHS Partnership Holdings JSC, Inc. MHS Partnership Holdings SDS, Inc. Miami Beach Healthcare Group, Ltd. Aventura Breast Diagnostic Center Aventura Cardiovascular Center Aventura Hospital and Medical Center Aventura Wound Healing Center 15
EX-2116th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 16th
Naples Physician Practices, Ltd. Network MS of Florida, Inc. New Port Richey Hospital, Inc. Community Hospital New Port Richey Surgery Center, Ltd. New Port Richey Surgery Center North Central Florida Health System, Inc. North Central Florida Physician Practices, Ltd. Pediatric Associates of Gainesville North Florida Division I, Inc. North Florida Division Practice, Inc. North Florida GI Center GP, Inc. North Florida GI Center, Ltd. North Florida Endoscopy Center North Florida Immediate Care Center, Inc. North Florida Infusion Corporation North Florida Outpatient Imaging Center, Ltd. North Florida Physician Services, Inc. North Florida Practice Management, Inc. North Florida Regional Imaging Center, Ltd. North Florida Regional Investments, Inc. North Florida Regional Medical Center, Inc. North Florida Regional Medical Center North Palm Beach County Surgery Center, Ltd. North County Surgicenter North Tampa Physician Practices, Ltd. Northside MRI, Inc. Northwest Florida Healthcare Systems, Inc. Northwest Medical Center, Inc. Northwest Medical Center Notami Hospitals of Florida, Inc. Lake City Medical Center Oak Hill Acquisition, Inc. Ocala Regional Outpatient Services, Inc. Okaloosa Hospital, Inc. Twin Cities Hospital Okeechobee Hospital, Inc. Raulerson Hospital OneSource Health Network of South Florida, Inc. Orange Park Medical Center, Inc. Orange Park Medical Center Orlando Physician Practices, Ltd. Orlando Surgicare, Ltd. Same Day Surgicenter of Orlando Osceola Regional Hospital, Inc. Osceola Regional Medical Center The Heart Institute of Osceola Regional Medical Center Outpatient Surgical Services, Ltd. Outpatient Surgical Services P&L Associates Palm Beach Healthcare System, Inc. Palm Beach Neurosurgery, LLC Palm Beach Physician Practices, Ltd. Palms West Pediatric Neurosurgery, Inc. Palms West Pediatric Neurosurgery Panhandle Physician Practices, Ltd. 16
EX-2117th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 17th
Park South Imaging Center, Ltd. PCMC Physician Group, Inc. Pensacola Primary Care, Inc. West Florida Primary Care Pinellas Surgery Center, Ltd. Center for Special Surgery Plantation Ortho, LLC Plantation Orthopedics Port St. Lucie Surgery Center, Ltd. St. Lucie Surgery Center Premier Medical Management, Ltd. Primary Care Medical Associates, Inc. Pulmonary Specialists of Lake City, LLC Putnam Hospital, Inc. San Pablo Surgery Center, Ltd. Sarasota Doctors Hospital, Inc. Doctors Hospital of Sarasota Sarasota Rehabilitation Center Sarasota Vascular Lab The Center for Breast Care South Bay Imaging, LLC South Bay Physician Clinics, Inc. South Broward Medical Practice Partners, Ltd. South Broward Practices, Inc. South Dade Healthcare Group, Ltd. South Florida Division Practice, Inc. South Tampa Physician Practices, Ltd. Southwest Florida Division Practice, Inc. Physician Services at Belmont Woods Southwest Florida Health System, Inc. Consult-A-Nurse Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center, Inc. Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center Space Coast Surgical Center, Ltd. Merritt Island Surgery Center Spinal Disorder and Pain Treatment Institute, LLC St. Pete Imaging, LLC Sun City Hospital, Inc. South Bay Hospital South Bay Rehab Center Surgical Park Center, Ltd. Surgical Park Center Surgicare America - Winter Park, Inc, Surgicare of Altamonte Springs, Inc. Surgicare of Bayonet Point, Inc. Surgicare of Brandon, Inc. Surgicare of Central Florida, Inc. Surgicare of Central Florida, Ltd. Central Florida Surgicenter Surgicare of Countryside, Inc. Surgicare of Florida, Inc. Surgicare of Ft. Pierce, Inc. Surgicare of Kissimmee, Inc. Surgicare of Manatee, Inc. Surgicare of Merritt Island, Inc. Surgicare of New Port Richey, Inc. 17
EX-2118th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 18th
Surgicare of Orange Park, Inc. Surgicare of Orange Park, Ltd. Orange Park Surgery Center Surgicare of Orlando, Inc. Surgicare of Pinellas, Inc. Surgicare of Plantation, Inc. Surgicare of Port St. Lucie, Inc. Surgicare of St. Andrews, Inc. Surgicare of St. Andrews, Ltd. Surgery Center at St. Andrews Surgicare of Stuart, Inc. Surgicare of Tallahassee, Inc. Surgicare of West Palm Beach, Ltd. Tallahassee Community Network, Inc. Tallahassee Medical Center, Inc. Capital Regional Medical Center Tallahassee Orthopaedic Surgery Partners, Ltd. Tallahassee Outpatient Surgery Center Tallahassee Physician Practices, Ltd. Tampa Bay Division Practice, Inc. Tampa Bay Health System, Inc. Tampa Surgi-Centre, Inc. TCH Physician Group, Inc. Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeons, LLC Travel Medicine and Infections, Inc. Treasure Coast Physician Practices, Ltd. University Hospital, Ltd. University Hospital & Medical Center Volusia Healthcare Network, Inc. West Broward Hand & Ortho, LLC West Florida Behavioral Health, Inc. West Florida Division, Inc. West Florida HealthWorks, LLC West Florida Imaging, LLC West Florida Regional Medical Center, Inc. West Florida Regional Medical Center Westside Surgery Center, Ltd. Parkside Surgery Center Winter Park Healthcare Group, Ltd. GEORGIA AOSC Sports Medicine, Inc. Atlanta Home Care, L.P. Atlanta Outpatient Surgery Center, Inc. Atlanta Surgery Center, Ltd. Atlanta Outpatient Peachtree Dunwoody Center Pediatric Outpatient Surgery Center of Atlanta Augusta Physician Practice Company Augusta Primary Care Buckhead Surgical Services, L.P. Buckhead Ambulatory Surgery Center Byron Family Practice, LLC Cartersville Medical Center, LLC Cartersville Medical Center 18
EX-2119th Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 19th
Cartersville Occupational Medicine Center, LLC Cartersville Physician Practice Network, Inc. Central Health Services, Inc. Chatsworth Hospital Corp. CHHC of Chattanooga, Inc. Church Street Partners, G.P. Coliseum Health Group, Inc. Coliseum Park Hospital, Inc. Coliseum Primary Healthcare - Macon, LLC Coliseum Primary Healthcare - Riverside, LLC Coliseum Same Day Surgery Center, L.P. Coliseum Same Day Surgery Center Coliseum-Houston ASC, L.P. Coliseum-Houston GP, LLC Columbia Coliseum Same Day Surgery Center, Inc. Columbia Physicians Services, Inc. Columbia Polk General Hospital, Inc. Polk Medical Center Columbia Redmond Occupational Health, Inc. Columbia Surgicare of Augusta, Ltd. Columbia-Georgia PT, Inc. Columbus Cardiology, Inc. Columbus Doctors Hospital, Inc. Doctors Hospital Community Home Nursing Care, Inc. Dekalb Home Health Services, Inc. Diagnostic Services, G.P. Doctors Hospital Center for Occupational Medicine, LLC Doctors Hospital Surgery Center, L.P. Doctors Hospital Surgery Center Doctors-I, Inc. Doctors-II, Inc. Doctors-III, Inc. Doctors-IV, Inc. Doctors-IX, Inc. Doctors-V, Inc. Doctors-VI, Inc. Doctors-VII, Inc. Doctors-VIII, Inc. Doctors-X, Inc. Dublin Community Hospital, LLC Dunwoody Physician Practice Network, Inc. EHCA Dunwoody, LLC Emory Dunwoody Medical Center EHCA Eastside, LLC Emory Eastside Medical Center EHCA Eastside Occupational Medicine Center, LLC EHCA Metropolitan, LLC EHCA Parkway, LLC EHCA Peachtree, LLC EHCA West Paces, LLC EHCA, LLC Fairview Park, Limited Partnership Fairview Park Hospital Fairview Physician Practice Company Gainesville Cardiology, Inc. 19
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Georgia Psychiatric Company, Inc. Grace Family Practice, LLC Greater Gwinnett Physician Corporation Grovetown Family Practice, LLC Gwinnett Community Hospital, Inc. HCA Health Services of Georgia, Inc. Hughston Sports Medicine Hospital HCOL, Inc. Health Care Management Corporation LPOM, LLC LPPN, Inc. LPS, Inc. Marietta Outpatient Medical Building, Inc. Marietta Outpatient Surgery, Ltd. Marietta Surgical Center Marietta Surgical Center, Inc. Med Corp., Inc. MedFirst, Inc. Medical Center-West, Inc. MGIM, LLC MOSC Sports Medicine, Inc. Newnan Hospitals, L.L.C. North Cobb Physical Therapy, Inc. Northlake Medical Center, LLC Northlake Medical Center Northlake Physician Practice Network, Inc. Northlake Surgical Center, L.P. Northlake Surgical Center Northlake Surgicare, Inc. Orthopaedic Specialty Associates, L.P. Orthopaedic Sports Specialty Associates, Inc. Palmyra Park Hospital, Inc. Palmyra Medical Centers Palmyra Park, Limited Partnership Palmyra Professional Fees, LLC Parkway Physician Practice Company Parkway Surgery Center, L.P. Peachtree Corners Surgery Center, Ltd. Peachtree Occupational Medicine Center, LLC Peachtree Physician Practice Network, Inc. Polk Physician Practice Network, Inc. Redmond ER Services, Inc. Redmond P.D.N., Inc. Redmond Park Health Services, Inc. Redmond Park Hospital, Inc. Redmond Regional Medical Center Redmond Physician Practice Company Redmond Family Care Center at East Rome Redmond Family Care Center at Shannon Redmond Family Care Center at Trion Redmond Family Care Center at West Rome Redmond Physician Practice Company II Redmond Family Care Center at Armuchee Redmond Physician Practice Company III Redmond Physician Practice Company IV 20
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Redmond Physician Practice Company V Redmond Family Care Center at Lindale Redmond Physician Practice Company VI Redmond Physician Practice VII, LLC Redmond Physician Practice VIII, LLC Redmond Physician Practice IX, LLC Redmond Physician Practice X, LLC Redmond Physician Practice XI, LLC Rockbridge Primary Care, LLC South Gwinnett Family Medicine Rome Imaging Center Limited Partnership S.O.R., Inc. SCNG, LLC Southeast Division, Inc. Surgery Center of Rome, L.P. The Surgery Center of Rome Surgicare of Augusta, Inc. Augusta Surgical Center Surgicare of Buckhead, LLC Surgicare of Evans, Inc. Surgicare of Rome, Inc. Urology Center of North Georgia, LLC West Paces Ferry Hospital, Inc. West Paces Services, Inc. IDAHO Eastern Idaho Health Services, Inc. Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Physician Services, LLC West Valley Medical Center, Inc. West Valley Medical Center West Valley Professional Fee Billing, LLC ILLINOIS Chicago Grant Hospital, Inc. Columbia Chicago Division, Inc. Columbia Chicago Homecare, Inc. Columbia Chicago Northside Hospital, Inc. Columbia LaGrange Hospital, Inc. Columbia Surgicare - North Michigan Ave., L.P. Galen Hospital Illinois, Inc. Galen of Illinois, Inc. Illinois Psychiatric Hospital Company, Inc. Smith Laboratories, Inc. INDIANA All About Staffing, Inc. BAMI-COL, INC. Basic American Medical, Inc. Columbia PhysicianCare Outpatient Surgery Center, Ltd. 21
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Jeffersonville MediVision, Inc. Physician Practices of Terre Haute, Inc. Surgicare of Indianapolis, Inc. Terre Haute Regional Physician Hospital Organization, Inc. Women's Management Services, Inc. KANSAS Galichia Laboratories, Inc. HealthPlus Physical Therapy, LLC Johnson County Surgicenter, L.L.C. Surgicenter of Johnson County Kansas Trauma and Critical Care Specialists, LLC Midwest Division, Inc. OB-GYN Diagnostics, Inc. Olathe Medical Center Occupational Medicine Services, L.L.C. Surgicare of Wichita, Inc. Surgicare of Wichita, Ltd. Surgicare of Wichita Trauma Institute at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, LLC Wesley Physician Services, LLC KENTUCKY CHCK, Inc. Columbia Behavioral Health Network, Inc. Columbia Kentucky Division, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Frankfort, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Greenview, Inc. Frankfort Hospital, Inc. Bluegrass Regional Primary Care Centre Frankfort Regional Medical Center Galen of Kentucky, Inc. GALENCO, Inc. Greenview Hospital, Inc. Greenview Regional Hospital Physicians Medical Management, L.L.C. South Central Kentucky Corp. Spring View Health Alliance, Inc. Subco of Kentucky, Inc. Tri-County Community Hospital, Inc. LOUISIANA Acadiana Care Center, Inc. Acadiana Practice Management, Inc. Acadiana Regional Pharmacy, Inc. BRASS East Surgery Center Partnership in Commendam Columbia Healthcare System of Louisiana, Inc. Columbia Lakeview Surgery Center, L.P. Columbia West Bank Hospital, Inc. Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation of Central Louisiana, Inc. Columbia/HCA of Baton Rouge, Inc. 22
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Columbia/HCA of New Orleans, Inc. Columbia/Lakeview, Inc. Dauterive Hospital Corporation Dauterive Hospital Dauterive Professionals Management, L.L.C. Doctors Hospital of Opelousas Limited Partnership Hamilton Medical Center, Inc. Medical Center of Southwest Louisiana HCA Health Services of Louisiana, Inc. North Monroe Medical Center HCA Highland Hospital, Inc. Lafayette Surgery Center Limited Partnership Lafayette Surgicare, Inc. Lake Charles Surgery Center, Inc. Lakeview Radiation Oncology, L.L.C. Louisiana Psychiatric Company, Inc. Medical Center of Baton Rouge, Inc. Lakeside Hospital Medical Center of Southwest Louisiana Professionals Management, L.L.C. North Monroe Professionals Management, L.L.C. Notami (Opelousas), Inc. Notami Hospitals of Louisiana, Inc. Rapides Healthcare System, L.L.C. Avoyelles Hospital Oakdale Community Hospital Rapides Regional Medical Center Rapides Women's and Children's Hospital Savoy Medical Center Winn Parish Medical Center Surgicare Merger Company of Louisiana Surgicare of Lakeview, Inc. Surgicare Outpatient Center of Baton Rouge, Inc. Surgicenter of East Jefferson, Inc. Tulane Professionals Management, L.L.C. University Healthcare System, L.C. DePaul-Tulane Behavioral Health Center of Tulane University Tulane University Hospital and Clinic WGH, Inc. Women's and Children's Hospital, Inc. Women's and Children's Hospital Women's and Children's Professionals Management, L.L.C. MASSACHUSETTS Columbia Hospital Corporation of Massachusetts, Inc. Orlando Outpatient Surgical Center, Ltd. MISSISSIPPI Brookwood Medical Center of Gulfport, Inc. Coastal Imaging Center of Gulfport, Inc. Coastal Imaging Center, L.P. Galen of Mississippi, Inc. Garden Park Investments, L.P. 23
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Garden Park Physician Services Corporation Garden Park Professionals Management,LLC GOSC, L.P. Gulfport Outpatient Surgical Center GOSC-GP, Inc. Gulf Coast Medical Ventures, Inc. HTI Health Services, Inc. VIP, Inc. MISSOURI Belton HBP, LLC Clinishare, Inc. Columbia/HCA Kansas City Medical Management, Inc. Employer Health Services, Inc. Eye Surgicare of Independence, L.L.C. Family Health Specialists of Lee's Summit, LLC Galen Sale Corporation Health Midwest Comprehensive Care, Inc. Health Midwest Medical Group, Inc. Health Midwest Office Facilities Corporation Health Midwest Ventures Group, Inc. HEI Missouri, Inc. HM Acquisition, LLC Independence Neurosurgery Services, LLC Independence Surgicare, Inc. Kansas City Perfusion Services, Inc. Lee's Summit Medical Imaging, Inc. Medical Center Imaging, Inc. Metropolitan Multispeciality Physicians Group, Inc. Metropolitan OB-GYN Associates, LLC Metropolitan Providers Alliance, Inc. Mid-States Financial Services, Inc. Missouri Healthcare System, L.P. Notami Hospitals of Missouri, Inc. Nuclear Diagnosis, Inc. Ozarks Medical Services, Inc. Panorama Park Occupational Medicine, LLC Precise Imaging, Inc. Research Psychiatric - 1500, LLC RMC Transplant Physicians, LLC Surgery Center of Independence, L.P. Surgicare of Antioch Hills, Inc. Surgicenter of Kansas City, L.L.C. NEVADA CHC Holdings, Inc. CHC Venture Co. CIS Holdings, Inc. Columbia Hospital Corporation of West Houston Columbia Southwest Division, Inc. Consolidated Las Vegas Medical Centers, a Nevada Limited Partnership Desert Physical Therapy, Inc. 24
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Green Valley Surgery Center, L.P. Health Service Partners, Inc. Las Vegas Physical Therapy, Inc. Las Vegas Surgicare, Inc. Las Vegas Surgicare, Ltd., a Nevada Limited Partnership Las Vegas Surgery Center Nevada Psychiatric Company, Inc. Sahara Outpatient Surgery Center, Ltd., a Nevada Limited Partnership Sahara Surgery Center Southern Hills Medical Center, LLC Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center Sunrise Clinical Research Institute, Inc. Sunrise Flamingo Surgery Center, Limited Partnership Flamingo Surgery Center Sunrise Mountainview Hospital, Inc. MountainView Hospital Sunrise Outpatient Services, Inc. Sunrise Physician Services, LLC Surgicare of Henderson, Inc. Surgicare of Las Vegas, Inc. Value Health Holdings, Inc. VH Holdco, Inc. VH Holdings, Inc. Western Plains Capital, Inc. NEW HAMPSHIRE Appledore Medical Group, Inc. Appledore Medical Group II, Inc. Coastline Cancer Center, LLC Derry ASC, Inc. Derry Surgery Center, Limited Partnership Fieldstone Health Network, Inc. HCA Health Services of New Hampshire, Inc. Londonderry Physical Therapy Center Parkland Medical Center Portsmouth Regional Hospital Med-Point of New Hampshire, Inc. Parkland Oncology, LLC Parkland Physician Services, Inc. Salem Surgery Center Seacoast Oncology, LLC NEW MEXICO New Mexico Psychiatric Company, Inc. NORTH CAROLINA Brunswick Anesthesia, LLC Brunswick Surgical Associates I, LLC CareOne Home Health Services, Inc. Columbia Cape Fear Healthcare System, Limited Partnership 25
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Columbia North Carolina Division, Inc. Columbia-CFMH, Inc. Cumberland Medical Center, Inc. HCA - Raleigh Community Hospital, Inc. Heritage Hospital, Inc. Hospital Corporation of North Carolina Brunswick Community Hospital HTI Health Services of North Carolina, Inc. Mecklenburg Surgical Land Development, Ltd. North Carolina Physician Network, Inc. Raleigh Community Medical Office Building Ltd. Southeastern Eye Center, Inc. Summerlin Family Practice, LLC Wake Psychiatric Hospital, Inc. OHIO AHN Holdings, Inc. Columbia Beachwood Surgery Center, Ltd. Columbia Dayton Surgery Center, Ltd. Columbia Ohio Division, Inc. Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation of Northern Ohio Columbia-CSA/HS Greater Canton Area Healthcare System, L.P. Columbia-CSA/HS Greater Cleveland Area Healthcare System, L.P. E.N.T. Services, Inc. Lorain County Surgery Center, Ltd. Surgicare of Lorain County, Inc. Surgicare of North Cincinnati, Inc. Surgicare of Westlake, Inc. Westlake Surgicare, L.P. OKLAHOMA Bethany PHO, Inc. Columbia Doctors Hospital of Tulsa, Inc. Columbia Oklahoma Division, Inc. Columbia/Edge Mobile Medical, L.L.C. Edmond Physician Hospital Organization, Inc. Green Country Anesthesiology Group, Inc. HCA Health Services of Oklahoma, Inc. OU Medical Center University Health Partners University of Oklahoma Medical Center Health Partners of Oklahoma, Inc. Healthcare Oklahoma, Inc. Integrated Management Services of Oklahoma, Inc. Lake Region Health Alliance Corporation Medi Flight of Oklahoma, LLC Medical Imaging, Inc. Millennium Healthcare of Oklahoma, Inc. Oklahoma Outpatient Surgery Limited Partnership Oklahoma Surgicare Oklahoma Surgicare, Inc. Plains Healthcare System, Inc. 26
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Presbyterian Office Building, Ltd. Southwestern Emergency Department Physician Services, LLC Southwestern Physician Services, LLC Surgicare of Northwest Oklahoma, Limited Partnership Surgicare of Oklahoma City-Midtown, L.P. Surgicare Midtown Surgicare of Tulsa, Inc. SWMC, Inc. Wagoner Medical Group, Inc. PENNSYLVANIA Basic American Medical Equipment Company, Inc. Surgicare of Philadelphia, Inc. SOUTH CAROLINA C/HCA Development, Inc. Carolina Regional Surgery Center, Inc. Carolina Regional Surgery Center, Ltd. Grande Dunes Surgery Center Coastal Carolina Home Care, Inc. Colleton Ambulatory Care, LLC Colleton Diagnostic Center, LLC Colleton Medical Anesthesia, LLC Colleton Medical Hospitalists, LLC Columbia Carolinas Division, Inc. Columbia-CSA/HS Greater Columbia Area Healthcare System, L.P. Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation of South Carolina Community Medical Centers, LLC DMH Spartanburg, Inc. Doctor's Memorial Hospital of Spartanburg, L.P. Edisto Multispecialty Associates, Inc. Grand Strand Senior Health Center, LLC Trident Behavioral Health Services, LLC Trident Eye Surgery Center, L.P. Trident Medical Services, Inc. Lakeshore Family Medicine Trident Neonatology Services, LLC Walterboro Community Hospital, Inc. Colleton Medical Center Colleton Regional Non-Emergent Clinic SWITZERLAND CDRC Centre de Diagnostic Radiologique de Carouge SA Clinique de Carouge CMCC SA Clinique de Carouge Glemm SA La Tour Healthcare Holding SARL La Tour S.A. Hopital de la Tour Permanence de la Clinique de Carouge SA 27
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Permanence La Tour S.A. Physiotherapie S. Pidancet Sport Multitherapies La Tour SA TENNESSEE America's Group, Inc. Appalachian OB/GYN Associates, Inc. Arthritis Specialists of Nashville, Inc. Athens Community Hospital, Inc. Atrium Memorial Surgery Center Joint Venture Atrium Memorial Surgery Center Atrium Memorial Surgical Center, Ltd. Centennial Surgery Center, L.P. Centennial Surgery Center Central Tennessee Hospital Corporation Horizon Medical Center Chattanooga Healthcare Network Partner, Inc. Chattanooga Healthcare Network, L.P. Columbia Eastern Group, Inc. Columbia Health Management, Inc. Columbia Healthcare Network of Tri-Cities, Inc. Columbia Healthcare Network of West Tennessee, Inc. Columbia Integrated Health Systems, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Athens, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Centennial, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Daystar, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Eastridge, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Franklin Medical Clinic, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Hendersonville, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Nashville Memorial, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Parkridge, Inc. Signal Mountain Medical Center Columbia Medical Group - River Park, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - South Pittsburg, Inc. Grandview Psychiatry Columbia Medical Group - Southern Hills, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Southern Medical Group, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - The Frist Clinic, Inc. The Frist Clinic Columbia Mid-Atlantic Division, Inc. Columbia Nashville Division, Inc. Columbia Northeast Division, Inc. Columbia Volunteer Division, Inc. Cool Springs Surgery Center, LLC Cumberland Division, Inc. Eastern Idaho Regional, LLC Eastern Tennessee Medical Services, Inc. Florida Primary Physicians, L.P. HCA - Information Technology & Services, Inc. HCA Development Company, Inc. HCA Health Services of Tennessee, Inc. Centennial Medical Center Centennial Medical Center at Ashland City Centennial Medical Center/Parthenon Pavilion Sarah Cannon Cancer Center 28
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Southern Hills Medical Center StoneCrest Medical Center Summit Medical Center Women's Hospital at Centennial Medical Center HCA Home and Clinical Services, Inc. HCA Medical Services, Inc. HCA Physician Services, Inc. HCA Psychiatric Company HCA Realty, Inc. Healthtrust, Inc. - The Hospital Company Hendersonville Hospital Corporation Hendersonville Medical Center Hendersonville Hospitalist Services, Inc. Hendersonville OB-GYN, LLC Holly Hill/Charter Behavioral Health System, L.L.C. Hometrust Management Services, Inc. Hospital Corporation of Tennessee Hospital Realty Corporation HTI Memorial Hospital Corporation Skyline Medical Center HTI Tri-Cities Rehabilitation, Inc. Indian Path Hospital, Inc. Judy's Foods, Inc. Medical Group - Dickson, Inc. Medical Group - Stonecrest, Inc. Medical Group - Summit, Inc. Medical Plaza Ambulatory Surgery Center Associates, L.P. Plaza Day Surgery Medical Resource Group, Inc. MidAmerica Division, Inc. Middle Tennessee Medical Services Corporation Mid-State Physicians, LLC Nashville Psychiatric Company, Inc. Network Management Services, Inc. North Florida Regional Freestanding Surgery Center, L.P. North Florida Surgical Pavilion OneSourceMed, Inc. Parkridge Hospitalists, Inc. Parkridge Medical Center, Inc. Parkridge East Hospital Parkridge Medical Center Parkridge Valley Hospital Parkridge Professionals, Inc. Parkside Surgery Center, Inc. Plano Ambulatory Surgery Associates, L.P. Surgery Center of Plano Quantum Innovations, Inc. Rio Grande Surgery Center Associates, L.P. Rio Grande Surgery Center River Park Hospital, Inc. River Park Hospital Southern Hills Surgicare, Inc. SP Acquisition Corp. Grandview Medical Center 29
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St. Mark's Ambulatory Surgery Associates, L.P. St. Mark's Outpatient Surgery Center Sullins Surgical Center, Inc. Summit Surgery Center, L.P. Surgicare of Madison, Inc. Surgicare of Southern Hills, Inc. Surgicare Outpatient Center of Jackson, Inc. Sycamore Shoals Hospital, Inc. Tennessee Healthcare Management, Inc. The Charter Cypress Behavioral Health System, L.L.C. Trident Ambulatory Surgery Center, L.P. TriStar Cath Management, LLC TriStar Outpatient Cardiac Catheterization Center, LLC Troop and Jacobs, Inc. TEXAS All About Staffing of Texas, Inc. Ambulatory Endoscopy Clinic of Dallas, Ltd. Ambulatory Endoscopy Clinic of Dallas Arlington Diagnostic South, Inc. Austin Medical Center, Inc. Bailey Square Ambulatory Surgical Center, Ltd. Bailey Square Surgery Center Bailey Square Outpatient Surgical Center, Inc. Barrow Medical Center CT Services, Ltd. Bay Area Healthcare Group, Ltd. Corpus Christi Medical Center Bay Area Surgical Center Investors, Ltd. Bay Area Surgicare Center, Inc. Bayshore Surgery Center, Ltd. Bayshore Surgery Center Beaumont Healthcare System, Inc. Bedford-Northeast Community Hospital, Inc. Bellaire Imaging, Inc. Brownsville-Valley Regional Medical Center, Inc. Central San Antonio Surgery Center, Ltd. Surgicare of Central San Antonio Central San Antonio Surgical Center Investors, Ltd. CHC Management, Ltd. CHC Payroll Company CHC Realty Company CHC-El Paso Corp. CHC-Miami Corp. Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, Inc. Clear Lake Surgicare, Ltd. Bay Area Surgicare Center Coastal Bend Hospital CT Services, Ltd. COL-NAMC Holdings, Inc. Columbia Ambulatory Surgery Division, Inc. Columbia Bay Area Realty, Ltd. Columbia Call Center, Inc. Columbia Central Group, Inc. Columbia Central Verification Services, Inc. Columbia Champions Treatment Center, Inc. 30
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Columbia GP of Mesquite, Inc. Columbia Greater Houston Division Healthcare Network, Inc. Columbia Hospital at Medical City Dallas Subsidiary, L.P. Medical City Dallas Hospital Columbia Hospital Corporation at the Medical Center Columbia Hospital Corporation of Arlington Columbia Hospital Corporation of Bay Area Columbia Hospital Corporation of Corpus Christi Columbia Hospital Securities Corporation Columbia Hospital - Arlington (WC), Ltd. Columbia Hospital - El Paso, Ltd. Columbia Lone Star/Arkansas Division, Inc. Columbia Medical Arts Hospital Subsidiary, L.P. Columbia Medical Center at Lancaster Subsidiary, L.P. Columbia Medical Center Dallas Southwest Subsidiary, L.P. Columbia Medical Center of Arlington Subsidiary, L.P. Medical Center of Arlington Columbia Medical Center of Denton Subsidiary, L.P. Denton Regional Medical Center Columbia Medical Center of Las Colinas, Inc. Las Colinas Medical Center Columbia Medical Center of Lewisville Subsidiary, L.P. Medical Center of Lewisville Columbia Medical Center of McKinney Subsidiary, L.P. North Central Medical Center Columbia Medical Center of Plano Subsidiary, L.P. Medical Center of Plano Columbia North Hills Hospital Subsidiary, L.P. North Hills Hospital Columbia North Texas Healthcare System, L.P. Columbia North Texas Subsidiary GP, LLC Columbia North Texas Surgery Center Subsidiary, L.P. Columbia Northwest Medical Center Partners, Ltd. Columbia Northwest Medical Center, Inc. Columbia Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth Subsidiary, L.P. Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth Columbia Psychiatric Management Co. Columbia South Texas Division, Inc. Columbia Specialty Hospital of Dallas Subsidiary, L.P. Columbia Specialty Hospitals, Inc. Columbia Surgery Group, Inc. Columbia/Green Oaks Behavioral Healthcare System, L.P. Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation of Central Texas Columbia/HCA Heartcare of Corpus Christi, Inc. Columbia/HCA International Group, Inc. Columbia/HCA of Houston, Inc. Columbia/HCA of North Texas, Inc. Columbia/HCA Western Group, Inc. Columbia/Pasadena Healthcare System, L.P. 31
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Columbia/St. David's Healthcare System, L.P. Central Texas Imaging Center Round Rock Medical Center South Austin Hospital St. David's Healthcare Partnership St. David's Medical Center St. David's Pavilion St. David's Rehabilitation Center Columbia-Quantum, Inc. Conroe Hospital Corporation Corpus Christi Healthcare Group, Ltd. Corpus Christi Surgery, Ltd. Surgicare of Corpus Christi Corpus Surgicare, Inc. Denton Regional Ambulatory Surgery Center, L.P. Doctors Hospital (Conroe), Inc. E.P. Physical Therapy Centers, Inc. El Paso Healthcare System, Ltd. Del Sol Diagnostic Center Del Sol LifeCare Center Del Sol Medical Center Del Sol Rehabilitation Hospital Del Sol Sports Medicine Center Las Palmas Medical Center Las Palmas & Del Sol Regional Healthcare System Wound Management Center of Las Palmas El Paso Nurses Unlimited, Inc. El Paso Physical Therapy Centers, Ltd. Las Palmas Physical Therapy Center El Paso Surgery Centers, L.P. East El Paso Surgery Center Surgical Center of El Paso El Paso Surgicenter, Inc. Endoscopy Clinic of Dallas, Inc. EPIC Properties, Inc. EPSC, L.P. Flower Mound Surgery Center, Ltd. Fort Worth Investments, Inc. Frisco Warren Parkway 91, Inc. Galen Hospital of Baytown, Inc. Gramercy Surgery Center, Ltd. Gramercy Outpatient Surgery Center Greater Houston Preferred Provider Option, Inc. Green Oaks Hospital Subsidiary, L.P. Green Oaks Hospital Gulf Coast Division, Inc. Gulf Coast Physician Administrators, Inc. Gulf Coast Provider Network, Inc. HCA Health Services of Texas, Inc. HCA Plano Imaging, Inc. Heartcare of Texas, Ltd. HEI Sealy, Inc. Houston Northwest Surgical Partners, Inc. HPG Energy, L.P. HPG GP, LLC HTI Gulf Coast, Inc. 32
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HTI/ADC Venture North Austin Medical Center Kingwood Surgery Center, Ltd. KPH-Consolidation, Inc. Kingwood Medical Center Las Colinas Surgery Center, Ltd. Las Colinas Surgery Center Longview Regional Physician Hospital Organization, Inc. Med Plus of El Paso, Inc. Med-Center Hosp./Houston, Inc. Medical Care Surgery Center, Inc. Medical City Dallas Hospital, Inc. MediPurchase, Inc. Methodist Healthcare System of San Antonio, Ltd. Metropolitan Hospital Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital Northeast Methodist Hospital Metroplex Surgicenters, Inc. MGH Medical, Inc. MHS SC Partner, L.L.C. MHS Surgery Centers, L.P. Mid-Cities Surgi-Center, Inc. National Patient Account Services, Inc. NPAS NPAS - Kentucky NPAS - Texas Navarro Memorial Hospital, Inc. North Austin Surgery Center, L.P. North Central Methodist ASC, L.P. Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center - North Central North Hills Surgicare, LP Texas Pediatric Surgery Center North Texas Division, Inc. North Texas General, L.P. North Texas Technologies, Ltd. Northeast Methodist Surgicare, Ltd. Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center - Northeast Northeast PHO, Inc. Oakwood Surgery Center, Ltd. Orthopedic Hospital, Ltd. Outpatient Services - River Oaks Imaging, L.P. Outpatient Women's and Children's Surgery Center, Ltd. Paragon of Texas Health Properties, Inc. Paragon Surgery Centers of Texas, Inc, Park Central Surgical Center, Ltd. Park Central Surgical Center Parkway Cardiac Center, Ltd. Parkway Surgery Services, Ltd. Pasadena Bayshore Hospital, Inc. Pediatric Surgicare, Inc. Qualitycare Network of Greater Houston, Inc. Quantum/Bellaire Imaging, Ltd. Rim Building Partners, L.P. Rio Grande NP, Inc. Rio Grande Regional Hospital, Inc. Rio Grande Regional Investments, Inc. 33
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Rosewood Medical Center, Inc. Rosewood Professional Office Building, Ltd. S.A. Medical Center, Inc. San Antonio Division, Inc. San Antonio Regional Hospital, Inc. South Austin Surgery Center, Ltd. Surgicare of South Austin South Texas Ambulatory Surgery Hospital, Ltd. Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Hospital - Northwest South Texas Surgicare, Inc. Southwest Houston Surgicare, Inc. Spring Branch Medical Center, Inc. Spring Branch Medical Center Sugar Land Surgery Center, Ltd. Sun Towers/Vista Hills Holding Co. Sunbelt Regional Medical Center, Inc. Surgical Center of Irving, Inc. Surgical Facility of West Houston, L.P. Surgicare of Central San Antonio, Inc. Surgicare of Flower Mound, Inc. Surgicare of Fort Worth Co-GP, LLC Surgicare of Fort Worth, Inc. Surgicare of Gramercy, Inc. Surgicare of Houston Women's, Inc. Surgicare of Kingwood, Inc. Surgicare of McKinney, Inc. Surgicare of North Austin, Inc. Surgicare of North San Antonio, Inc. Surgicare of Northeast San Antonio, Inc. Surgicare of Pasadena, Inc. Surgicare of Round Rock, Inc. Surgicare of South Austin, Inc. Surgicare of Sugar Land, Inc. Surgicare of Travis Center, Inc. Texas Medical Technologies, Inc. Texas Psychiatric Company, Inc. The Family Birth Center, Ltd. The West Texas Division of Columbia, Inc. Travis Surgery Center, L.P. Village Oaks Medical Center, Inc. W & C Hospital, Inc. West Houston ASC, Inc. West Houston Healthcare Group, Ltd. West Houston Outpatient Medical Facility, Inc. West Houston Surgicare, Inc. West Park Surgery Center, L.P. McKinney Surgery Center WHMC, Inc. Willow Creek Hospital, Ltd. Woman's Hospital of Texas, Incorporated UNITED KINGDOM Columbia U.K. Finance Limited HCA Finance, LP 34
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HCA International Holdings Limited HCA International Limited Princess Grace Hospital The Harley Street Clinic The Portland Hospital for Women and Children The Wellington Hospital HCA Staffing Limited HCA UK Capital Limited HCA UK Holdings Limited HCA UK Investments Limited HCA UK Services, Ltd. HCA United Kingdom Limited La Tour Finance Limited Partnership London Radiography & Radiotherapy Services Limited St. Martins Healthcare Limited Lister Hospital London Bridge Hospital St. Martins Ltd. The Harley Street Cancer Clinic Limited UTAH Brigham City Community Hospital Physician Services, LLC Brigham City Community Hospital, Inc. Brigham City Community Hospital Brigham City Health Plan, Inc. Columbia Mountain Division, Inc. Columbia Ogden Medical Center, Inc. MountainStar Blood Services MountainStar Healthcare Ogden Regional Medical Center Columbia Utah Division, Inc. General Hospitals of Galen, Inc. Healthtrust Utah Management Services, Inc. Hospital Corporation of Utah Lakeview Hospital HTI Physician Services of Utah, Inc. Lakeview Hospital Physician Services, LLC Mountain View Hospital, Inc. Mountain View Hospital Mountain View Medical Office Building, Ltd. Northern Utah Healthcare Corporation St. Mark's Hospital Ogden Regional Health Plan, Inc. Ogden Regional Medical Center Professional Billing, LLC Ogden Senior Center, LLC Salt Lake City Surgicare, Inc. St. Mark's Investments, Inc. St. Mark's Physicians, Inc. St. Mark's Professional Services, Inc. The Wasatch Endoscopy Center, Ltd. Timpanogos Regional Medical Services, Inc. Timpanogos Regional Hospital West Jordan Hospital Corporation 35
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VIRGINIA Alleghany General and Bariatric Services, LLC Alleghany Primary Care, Inc. Ambulatory Services Management Corp. of Chesterfield County, Inc. Behavioral Health of Virginia Corporation Buford Road Imaging, L.L.C. Central Atlantic Division I, Inc. Chippenham & Johnston-Willis Hospitals, Inc. CJW Medical Center Clinch Valley Pulmonology, LLC Clinch Valley Urology, LLC Columbia Arlington Healthcare System, L.L.C. Columbia Healthcare of Central Virginia, Inc. Columbia Medical Group - Southwest Virginia, Inc. Children's Choice of the New River Valley Heart Specialists of Southwest Virginia Salem ENT Clinic Columbia Pentagon City Hospital, L.L.C. Columbia Physicians Services, Inc. Columbia Primary Care Associates, Ltd. Columbia Richmond Division, Inc. Columbia/Alleghany Regional Hospital, Incorporated Alleghany Healthcare Services Alleghany Regional Hospital Columbia/HCA John Randolph, Inc. John Randolph Medical Center Columbia/HCA Retreat Hospital, Inc. The Retreat Hospital Fairfax Surgical Center, L.P. Fairfax Surgical Center Galen of Virginia, Inc. Galen Virginia Hospital Corporation Galen-Med, Inc. Clinch Valley Medical Center Generations Family Practice, Inc. GYN-Oncology of Southwest Virginia, LLC Hanover Outpatient Surgery Center, L.P. Hanover Outpatient Surgery Center HCA Health Services of Virginia, Inc. Henrico Doctors' Hospital Hopewell Nursing Home, LLC HSS Virginia, L.P. Central Atlantic Supply Chain Services Patient Account Services - Richmond Lewis-Gale Hospital, Incorporated Management Services of the Virginias, Inc. Montgomery Regional Hospital, Inc. Montgomery Regional Hospital MOS Temps, Inc. New River Healthcare Plan, Inc. NOCO, Inc. Northern Virginia Community Hospital, LLC Northern Virginia Community Hospital Northern Virginia Hospital Corporation 36
EX-21Last Page of 37TOC1stPreviousNextBottomJust 37th
Orthopedics Specialists, LLC Preferred Hospitals, Inc. Primary Health Group, Inc. Pulaski Community Hospital, Inc. Pulaski Community Hospital Reston Surgery Center, L.P. Richmond Pediatric Surgeon's, LLC Roanoke Neurosurgery, LLC Robious Wellness Associates, L.P. Southwest Virginia Fertility Center, LLC Surgicare of Fairfax, Inc. Surgicare of Hanover, Inc. Surgicare of Reston, Inc. Surgicare of Tuckahoe, Inc. The Retreat Doctors' Office Building Associates, L.P. Virginia Hematology & Oncology Associates, Inc. Virginia Hospitalists, Inc. Virginia Psychiatric Company, Inc. Dominion Hospital WASHINGTON ACH, Inc. Capital Network Services, Inc. Columbia Capital Medical Center Limited Partnership Capital Medical Center WEST VIRGINIA Charleston Hospital, Inc. Hospitalists of Saint Francis Mountain State Multi-Specialty Group Saint Francis Hospital Saint Francis Professional Building Columbia Parkersburg Healthcare System, Inc. Columbia/HCA WVMS Member, Inc. Columbia-S.J. Ventures Properties, Limited Partnership Columbia-St. Joseph's Healthcare System, Limited Partnership Inpatient Specialists of Saint Joseph's Hospital Loma Prieta Obstetrics and Gynecology St. Joseph's Hospital Galen of West Virginia, Inc. HCA Health Services of West Virginia, Inc. Hospital Corporation of America Parkersburg SJ Holdings, Inc. Raleigh General Hospital Raleigh General Hospital St. Francis Surgery Center, L.P. Surgicare of Charleston, Inc. Teays Valley Health Services, Inc. Putnam General Hospital Tri Cities Health Services Corp. West Virginia Management Services Organization, Inc. Zone, Incorporated 37
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