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TYCO INTERNATIONAL plc 10-Kfor12/31/96 EX-21.1

As of: Friday, 3/28/97 For: 12/31/96 Accession #: 950103-97-187 File #: 1-13836

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    ForOnAs Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

 3/28/97  Tyco International Ltd            10-K       12/31/96   12:1.3M                                   Davis Polk & … LLP 01/FA

Annual Report Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-K        Annual Report                                        140    582K 
 2: EX-10.17    Material Contract                                    179   641K 
 3: EX-10.18    Material Contract                                     41   157K 
 4: EX-10.19    Material Contract                                     16    57K 
 5: EX-10.20    Material Contract                                     69   234K 
 6: EX-10.21    Material Contract                                     57   204K 
 7: EX-10.22    Material Contract                                      7    25K 
 8: EX-10.23    Material Contract                                      7    25K 
 9: EX-11.1     Statement re: Computation of Earnings Per Share        2    10K 
10: EX-21.1     Subsidiaries of the Registrant                         7    30K 
11: EX-23.1     Consent of Experts or Counsel                          1      7K 
12: EX-27       Financial Data Schedule (Pre-XBRL)                     1     10K 

EX-21.1 Subsidiaries of the Registrant

ADT LIMITED EXHIBIT 21.1 LIST OF SUBSIDIARIES OF THE COMPANY United States Group (All Delaware unless stated) ADT Holdings, Inc. ADT Operations, Inc. ADT Investments, Inc. ADT Property Holdings, Inc. ADT Title Holding Company I ADT Title Holding Company II ADT General Holdings, Inc. ADT Aviations, Inc. ADT Travel Services, Inc. ADT Maintenance Services, Inc. FCI Liquidations, Inc. ADT Services, Inc. ADT Automotive Holdings, Inc. AA Property Holdings, Inc. ADT Automotive Services, Inc. ADT Automotive Services of Guam, Inc. (Guam) Flying Lion, Inc. Auction Transport, Inc. (Missouri) British Car Auctions, Inc. WGV Liquidations, Inc. ADT Automotive, Inc. Tri-City Auto Auction, Inc. (Washington) AAAA Dealer Services, Inc. ADT Specialty Auctions, Inc. (Michigan) Dealers Auto Auction of Puerto Rico, Inc. (Puerto Rico) ADT Security Services, Inc. ADT Security Systems, West, Inc. ADT Security Systems, Manufacturing, Inc. Electro Signal Lab, Inc. CCTC International, Inc. ADT Business Holdings, Inc. ALS Investments, Inc. Mid-Atlantic Security, Inc. ADT, Inc. (Florida) Adaptive Design Technologies, Inc. (Florida) Automated Security Corp. Sonitrol Management Corp. Sonitrol Corp. Automated Security Holdings, Inc. API Security, Inc. Limited Apache, Inc. (Massachusetts) United Kingdom Group (All UK unless stated) ADT ADT (UK) Holdings PLC ADT Group PLC Britannia Security Group Limited Britannia Security Systems Limited Britannia Access Systems Limited Britannia Monitoring Services Limited Capitol Alarms Limited Electric Protection Services Limited Ariel Burglary and Fire Protection Company Limited Audio Education Limited AEL Video (Ireland) Limited (Ireland) D.C.S. Alarms Limited D J Security Alarms Limited D J Security Alarms (Wales) Limited Britannia Photovision Limited Photovision Rentals Limited Britannia Security Systems (Midlands) Limited Advanced Alarm Systems Limited Britannia Security Systems (Southern) Limited Eyelevel Electronics Limited Chiltern Security Limited Hertfordshire Security Systems Limited James Deacon Security Limited Mather and Platt Alarms Limited PPR Alarms Limited Priory Security Services Limited Region Protection (Notts) Limited Security Systems (Rental) Limited K S Lift Services Limited Steeplock Limited Phoenix Security Services Limited Security Watch Limited Shield Protection Limited Sovereign Security Systems Limited Ultra Security Alarms Limited Willow (Wales) Limited Britannia Security CI Limited (Channel Islands) Thameside Lock and Safe Company Limited Access Control Systems Limited Total Lift Services Limited Tustin Machine Tools Limited White Group Electronics Limited ADT (UK) Limited Redhill Security Services Limited Taskman Security Services Limited ADT Finance plc Show Contracts Limited ADT Linen Services Limited ADT Pension Fund Limited ADT Security Systems Limited ADT Trustees Limited American District Telegraph Services International Limited The City Laundry (Norwich) Limited Cleaners Limited Cleaners (South West) Limited Finesnatch Limited General Cleaning Contractors Limited HMC Factors Limited Home Improvement Holdings Limited Industrial Cleaners (UK) Limited Libas International Limited The Mirror Laundries Limited The Motor Auctions Group Limited The Motor Auctions (Derby) Limited The Motor Auctions (London) Limited The Motor Auctions (Scotland) Limited The Commercial Motor Auctions Limited Tyne Car Auction Limited Pritchard Insurance Services Limited Pritchard Laundries Limited Prospect Cleaning Supplies Limited U.C.P. Universal Consumer Products Limited Prospect House Investments Limited Prospect House No. 5 Limited Prospect House No. 7 Limited Sky Signs Limited Splendour Cleaning Services Limited S&W Bedrooms Limited Hawley International Finance Limited Lesters Health Care Services Limited Prospect Cleaning Supplies Limited ADT Properties Limited ADT Securities Limited Auto Auctions (Scotland) Limited B.C.A. (Auctions) Limited Markden No. 1 Limited Markden No. 2 Limited Markden No. 3 Limited Markden No. 4 Limited Markden No. 5 Limited Markden No. 6 Limited B.C.A. (Mobile Homes) Limited M1 Motor Auctions Limited M3 Car Auctions Limited B.C.A. Sports Management Limited British Car Auctions (Aviation) Limited B.C.A. Vehicle Preparation Limited British Car Auctions (Flying) Limited ADT Aviation Limited Coin Machine Sales Limited Auto Auctions Limited Bedford Car Auctions Limited Wealdpoint Limited The Expedier Development Company Limited W & S Freeman Limited Frome Motor Auction Sales Limited Huddersfield Motor Auctions Limited M1 Car Auctions Limited M25 Motor Auctions Limited Vic Engineering Limited Measham Motor Auctions Limited Midland Counties Motor Auctions Limited Snap Printing Limited Shepton Holdings Limited Pritchard Services Group Investments Limited Pritchard Services Group B.V. (Netherlands) Stapp Limited Wholematch Limited Farnham Limited Applied Maintenance Systems Limited Kean & Scott Limited Dicerule Limited ODL Limited OKD Limited OMK Limited Progressive Securities Investment Trust Limited Prospect House No. 11 Limited Live-In-Style Furniture Limited Provincial Limited Basingkirk Estates Limited Tunite Limited Kaldistone Limited Screentone Limited Streets Machine Operating Company Limited Community Action Trust Crimestoppers Limited ADT Travel Group Countrywide Leisure Holdings Limited Gailey Caravan and Leisure Limited ADT Travel Limited ADT Travel Holdings Limited Johnson and Sons Limited ADT UK Investments Limited Automated Security (Holdings) PLC Automated Security Limited Sonitrol Limited Stretford Security Services, Ltd. ASH Capital Finance (Jersey) Ltd. Automated Loss Prevention Systems Ltd. Loss Prevention Ltd. AS (Overseas) Ltd. Automated Loss Prevention Systems International Ltd. Automated Loss Prevention Systems BV (Netherlands) Security Centres (Scotland) Ltd. Communication & Tracking Services Ltd. Automated Security (Properties) Ltd. Ford Electronic Services Ltd. Modern Integrated Systems Ltd. Donald Campbell Associates Ltd. Modern Alarms Ltd Group Sonitrol Security Systems Ltd Lander Urban Renewal Ltd Automated Security Information Systems Technology Limited Securis Products Ltd Modern Automated Security Ltd. Modern Homepack Ltd. Brocks Alarms Ltd. Modern Alarms (Scotland) Ltd ASH Group Services Ltd. Modern Security Systems (Products) Ltd. Modern Security Systems Ltd. Modern Automatic Alarms (NI) Ltd. Combat Alarms Ltd. Automated Security (Equipment) Ltd. ATG Manufacturing Ltd. Security Alarms Ltd. Modern Automatic Alarms Ltd. Abbey Security International Ltd. Abbey Security Management Ltd. Cheshire Alarm Services Ltd. Constable's Alarm Co. Ltd. Modern Telecom Ltd. Cellularm Ltd. Modern Carecall Ltd. Vital Communications International Ltd. Modern Telecom Security Ltd. The British Security Consortium Ltd. ASH Rentals Ltd. Telecom Security Ltd. Automated Security Investments Ltd. Automated Security (International) Ltd (IOM) Divison 7 (Spain) Automated Security International BV (Netherlands) Modern Security Systems (IOM) Ltd Security Centres Holdings International Ltd (IOM) Modern Alarms Ltd (IOM) Somerset Holdings Ltd (BVI) IAMASCO Plc (Ireland) Modern Security Systems Ltd (Ireland) Abel Alarms Ireland Ltd (Ireland) ABA Electronics Ltd (Ireland) Knightwatch Alarms, Ltd (Ireland) Knightline Ltd (Ireland) Knightlock Ltd. (Ireland) Knightvision Ltd. (Ireland) Renalarms Ltd. (Ireland) Security Control Risk & Monitoring Ltd. (Ireland) Huet Security Ltd (Ireland) Securitag Ltd (Ireland) Security Centres Holdings Ltd Security Centres (UK) Holdings Ltd. Security Centres (UK) Ltd Security Centres Investments Ltd. Non US and Non UK Group Melksham Limited (Jersey) Langport Limited (Turks and Caicos) Newington Limited (Bahamas) Ruskin Limited (Jersey) Brent Limited (Bahamas) Itoba Limited (Jersey) Waveney Investments Limited (Turks & Caicos) ADT Management Services Limited (Jersey) Exbury Limited (Jersey) Rokol Limited (Bermuda) Camron (Bermuda) Insurance Limited (Bermuda) Camron Finance (Bermuda) Limited (Bermuda) Serleni World Holdings, Inc. (Panama) Finser International Holidays, Inc. (Panama) Linksview Limited (Jersey) Sandalwood (Ireland) Tinwald Limited (Jersey) Cawich Limited (Bermuda) ADT Finance NV (Netherlands Antilles) Electro-Protective Limited (Bermuda) ADT Group NV (Netherlands Antilles) Hawley Group Canada Limited (Canada) ADT Canada Holdings Limited (Canada) ADT Finance, Inc. (Canada) ADT Finance S.A. (Luxembourg) ADT Luxembourg S.A. (Luxembourg) Exeter Holdings, Inc. (Barbados) ADT Security Systems Holdings B.V. (Netherlands) ADT Security Systems S.A. (France) ADT Greece S.A. (Greece) ADT Security Systems S.A. (Belgium) ADT Security Systems B.V. (Netherlands) ADT Limited (Ireland) Allied Alarms & Safes Limited (Ireland) ACE Alarm Systems Limited (Ireland) Allied Security Products Limited (Ireland) Allied Metal Products Limited (Ireland) Allied Alarms Limited (Ireland) ADT Prosegur de Securidad (Spain) ADT Canada Holdings B.V. (Netherlands) ADT Security Services Canada, Inc. (Canada) ADT Holdings B.V. (Netherlands) ADT Finance B.V. (Netherlands) ADT Services AG (Switzerland) ADT Monitoring Services AG (Switzerland) ADT Franchising AG (Switzerland) 919551 Ontario, Inc. (Canada) 921150 Ontario, Inc. (Canada) Flying Lion Limited (Bermuda) Holyhead Holdings Limited (New Zealand) Key Contact Limited (New Zealand) Command Investments Pty Limited (Australia) ADT Security Systems Limited (Australaia) ADT Holdings Co. No. 1 Limited (New Zealand) ADT Holding Co. No. 2 Limited (New Zealand) Command Nominees Limited (New Zealand) Securacopy Services (1992) Limited (New Zealand) Seekers Communications Limited (New Zealand) ADT Holding Co. No. 3 Limited (Wackenhut Corrections Corporation Limited) (New Zealand) Enlist Consulting Limited (New Zealand)
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