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Halliburton Co – ‘8-B12B’ on 12/12/96 – EX-21

As of:  Thursday, 12/12/96   ·   Accession #:  898430-96-5722   ·   File #:  1-03492

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    For·On·As Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

12/12/96  Halliburton Co                    8-B12B                10:406K                                   Donnelley R R & S… 05/FA

Registration of Securities of a Successor Issuer   —   Form 8-B
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 8-B12B      Form 8-B                                               9     45K 
 2: EX-1.1      Agreement and Plan of Reorganization                  15     61K 
 3: EX-3.1      Certificate of Incorporation                          20     56K 
 4: EX-3.2      By-Laws                                               19     48K 
 5: EX-4.1      First Supplement Indenture to Senior Indenture         4     20K 
 6: EX-4.2      1st and 2nd Supplemental Indenture to 2nd Snr Indn    24     99K 
 7: EX-4.3      First Supplemental Indenture to Subordinated Indnt     4     18K 
 8: EX-4.4      Rights Agreement                                      49    211K 
 9: EX-8.1      Vinson & Elkins Opinion                               16     70K 
10: EX-21       Subsidiaries                                           7     32K 

EX-21   —   Subsidiaries

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EXHIBIT 21.1 HALLIBURTON COMPANY LIST OF SUBSIDIARIES [Download Table] COUNTRY OF COMPANY NAME INCORPORATION 2W Underwater Contractors Ltd U.K. Aberdeen Cargo Handling Services Limited U.K. Al-Rushaid Taylor Diving Ltd Saudi Arabia Amsito Oilwell Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia Asia Energy Services Sdn. Bhd Malaysia Asian Marine Contractors Limited Mauritius Associated Underwriters, Inc U.S. Atomic Weapons Establishment PLC Automation Technology International, Inc U.S Avalon Financial Services, Ltd Cayman Is. Azteca Transportation Services, Inc U.S. B&R - G5 Industrial Services (Proprietary) Limited South Africa B&R Washington, Inc U.S. Breswater Marine Contracting BV Netherlands Brown & Root (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd Singapore Brown & Root (Gulf) EC Bahrain Brown & Root (Labaun) Sendirian Berhad Malaysia Brown & Root (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia Brown & Root (Overseas) Limited U.K. Brown & Root (Services) Limited U.K. Brown & Root (Thailand) Limited Thailand Brown & Root A/S Norway Brown & Root and Associates Ireland Limited Ireland Brown & Root AOC, Limited U.K. Brown & Root, Booz-Allen Limited U.K. Brown & Root Braun Canada Inc Canada Brown & Root Braun Ingenieros de Venezuela SA Venezuela Brown & Root Building Company U.S. Brown & Root Cayman Holdings, Inc. Cayman Is. Brown & Root Condor SPA Algeria Brown & Root Construction (Overseas) Limited U.K. Brown & Root Constructores Petroleros de Ven. CA Venezuela Brown & Root Corporate Services, Inc U.S. Brown & Root de Mexico SA de CV Mexico Brown & Root do Brasil Servico Maritimos Ltda Brazil Brown & Root Ealing Technical Services Limited England Brown & Root Energy Services (India) Private Limited India Brown & Root Energy Services A/S Norway Brown & Root Engenharia e Construcoes Ltda Brazil Brown & Root Engineering Sdn Bhd Malaysia Brown & Root Espanola, SA Spain Brown & Root Far East Engineers Pte Ltd U.S. Brown & Root Genesis Engineering Company U.S. Brown & Root Highlands Fabricators Limited U.K. Brown & Root Holdings, Inc U.S. Brown & Root, Inc U.S.
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[Enlarge/Download Table] COUNTRY OF COMPANY NAME INCORPORATION Brown & Root Industrial Services, Inc U.S. Brown & Root Industrial Services Philippines Inc. Phillippines Brown & Root Ingenieros Petroleros de Venezuela CA Venezuela Brown & Root International (Eastern), Inc Panama Brown & Root International, Inc (Delaware) U.S. Brown & Root International, Inc (Panama) Panama Brown & Root Limited U.K. Brown & Root Maintenance, Inc Panama Brown & Root Malta Limited Malta Brown & Root Management Ltd Canada Brown & Root McDermott Fabricators Limited (Class A) U.K. Brown & Root Mid East LLC Oman Brown & Root NA Limited Br. Virgin Islands Brown & Root Nigeria Limited Nigeria Brown & Root Offshore NV Netherlands Antilles Brown & Root Projects Limited U.K. Brown & Root Property, Inc. Delaware Brown & Root Pty Limited (Australia) Australia Brown & Root Saudi Limited Co. Saudi Arabia Brown & Root Services Corporation U.S. Brown & Root Servicios Industriales, Inc Panama Brown & Root Skoda Czechoslovakia Brown & Root Technical Services, Inc U.S. Brown & Root Technology (No.2) Limited U.K. Brown & Root Technology Limited U.K. Brown & Root Toll Road Investment Partners, Inc U.S. CAEX Services, Inc. U.S. Centend Limited U.K. CF Braun & Co of Canada Ltd Canada CF Braun Engineering Corporation U.S CF Braun Inc U.S. Chemtronics, Inc U.S. China Brown & Root Marine Engineering and Construction Company Ltd China CNOOC - Otis Well Completion Services Ltd. China COESK - Taylor Diving Company China Compania Geosource De Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Mexico Constructora Indolatina, SA de CV Mexico Constructores de Venezuela Brown & Root, Inc CA Venezuela Corporacion Mexicana de Mantenimiento Integral SA de CV Mexico Cyril Lea & Associates Limited U.K. Dawson AOC Pty Ltd Australia Dawson Engineering Pty Ltd Australia Dawson Group Pty Ltd Australia Dawson Industries Ltd Australia Devonport Management Limited (Class B Shares) U.K. Devonport Royal Dockyard Pension Trustees Limited U.K. Devonport Royal Dockyard PLC U.K. Dorhold Limited U.K. Drilling Information Satellite Company U.S. 2
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[Download Table] COUNTRY OF COMPANY NAME INCORPORATION EMC Nederland BV Netherlands Enertech Computing Corporation U.S. Enertech Engineering and Research Co. U.S. ETI Acquisition Corp U.S. European Marine Contractors Limited U.K. Far East Oilwell Services Sdn Bhd Malaysia Fargo Engineering Company U.S. G&H Management Company U.S. Gearhart (United Kingdom) Limited U.K. Gearhart Geodata Holdings Ltd U.K. Gearhart Well Evaluation Limited U.K. Gearhart Wireline Holdings Limited U.K. Geographix, Inc. (Colorado) U.S. Geophysical Service Europe Co Ltd Hungary Geophysical Service Intercontinental Limited Canada Geosource EPIG Services Company Limited Sudan Geosource International (Nederland) BV Netherlands Geosource Service Corporation U.S. Geosource UK Limited U.K. Global Arabian Company for Engineering and Construction Projects Ltd (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia Global Drilling Services, Inc Panama GO Turkey SA Is. of Nevis Green Sea AS Norway Green Sea Operations AS Norway Greystone Communities, Inc U.S. Halliburton (Proprietary) Limited South Africa Halliburton Affiliates Corporation Delaware Halliburton Argentina SA Argentina Halliburton Arkhangelsk, Ltd Russia Halliburton Australia Pty Ltd Australia Halliburton BV Netherlands Halliburton Canada Inc Canada Halliburton Cementacao Ltda Brazil Halliburton CICS Inc Cayman Islands Halliburton Company Austria GmbH Austria Halliburton Company Germany GmbH Germany Halliburton Consulting Services Nigeria Limited Nigeria Halliburton de Mexico, SA de CV Mexico Halliburton del Amazonas S.A. Peru Halliburton del Peru SA Peru Halliburton Delaware, Inc. Delaware Halliburton Energy Services Asia, Inc U. S. Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. Delaware Halliburton Energy Services Limited U.K. Halliburton Energy Services Nigeria Limited Nigeria Halliburton Equipment Company SAE Egypt Halliburton Espanola SA Spain Halliburton Geodata (Overseas) Limited U.K. 3
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[Download Table] COUNTRY OF COMPANY NAME INCORPORATION Halliburton Geodata Limited U.K. Halliburton Geophysical Services (Cayman) Ltd Cayman Islands Halliburton Geophysical Services (Int'l) Ltd Canada Halliburton Geophysical Services (M) Sdn Bhd Malaysia Halliburton Geophysical Services de Mexico, SA de CV Mexico Halliburton Global, Ltd Cayman Islands Halliburton Holdings, Inc U.S. Halliburton Holdings Limited U.K. Halliburton International GmbH Austria Halliburton International, Inc (Del) U.S. Halliburton Italiana SpA Italy Halliburton Kazakhstan Oilfield Services, Ltd Kazakhstan Halliburton Latin America SA Panama Halliburton Limited U.K. Halliburton Logging Services (France) SARL France Halliburton Logging Services (M) Sdn Bhd Malaysia Halliburton Logging Services (UK) Limited U.K. Halliburton Manufacturing (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Halliburton Manufacturing and Services Limited U.K. Halliburton Multinational, Inc U.S. Halliburton Nigeria Limited Nigeria Halliburton Norway, Inc. U.S. Halliburton NUS Corporation U.S. Halliburton NUS Environmental Limited U.K. Halliburton Offshore Services, Inc U.S. Halliburton Oil Field Services, Ltd Russia Halliburton Oilfield Services India Limited India Halliburton Overseas Limited Cayman Islands Halliburton Products & Services Limited Cayman Islands Halliburton Real Estate Services, Inc U.S. Halliburton SAS France Halliburton Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia Halliburton Servicios (Chile) Ltda Chile Halliburton Servicos Ltda Brazil Halliburton Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Halliburton Tesel Ltd U.K. Halliburton Trinidad, Limited Trinidad Halliburton West Africa Ltd U.S. Halliburton Worldwide Limited Cayman Islands Halliburton-Atyrau Oil & Gas Services Kazakhstan Halliburton-GERS Ltd. Russian Federation Halliburton-Imco (Cameroon) SARL Cameroon Halliburton-Imco (Gabon) SARL Gabon Hart Howard Humphreys Zimbabwe HBR Energy, Inc. Delaware HGS Enterprises Inc Panama HGS Limited U.K. HLS (Int'l) Holdings, Inc U.S. HLS (Middle East) Holdings, Inc U.S. 4
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[Download Table] COUNTRY OF COMPANY NAME INCORPORATION HLS (West Africa) Holdings, Inc U.S. HLS India Limited India HLS Nigeria Limited Nigeria HLS-Namtvedt A/S Norway HLS-Namtvedt Holdings A/S Norway Houston Executive Air Service, Inc U.S. Howard Humphreys (Kenya) Limited Kenya Howard Humphreys (Tanzania) Limited Tanzania Howard Humphreys (Uganda) Limited Uganda Howard Humphreys (Zimbabwe) Limited Wales Howard Humphreys & Partners Limited U.K. Howard Humphreys and Sons U.K. Howard Humphreys Group Limited U.K. Howard Humphreys Limited U.K. Howard Humphreys Project Management (Hong Kong) Limited Hong Kong Howard Humphreys Project Management Limited U.K. Hua Mei-Halliburton Petroleum Technical Service Company Ltd China Hunting - Brae Limited U.K. IMCO Services (UK) Limited England Integrated Documatics Limited U.K. International Administrative Services, Ltd. Cayman Islands IPEM Developments Limited U.K. Japan NUS Company, Ltd Japan Jet Research Center, Inc U.S. Kestrel Subseas Systems Limited U.K. Landmark America Latina, SA (Delaware) U.S. Landmark America Latina, SA (Panama) Panama Landmark/CAEX, Inc. (Delaware) U.S. Landmark de Mexico, SA de CV Mexico Landmark EAME, Ltd United Kingdom Landmark Finance Corporation U.S. Landmark Graphics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia Landmark Graphics (Nigeria) Ltd Nigeria Landmark Graphics Argentina SA Argentina Landmark Graphics Canada, Inc. (Alberta) Canada Landmark Graphics Colombia SA Colombia Landmark Graphics Corporation U.S. Landmark Graphics do Brasil Ltda. Brazil Landmark Graphics Europe/Africa, Inc. U.S. Landmark Graphics International, Inc. U.S. Landmark Graphics Venezuela CA Venezuela Landmark/ITA, Ltd (Alberta) Canada Landmark Sales Corporation Barbados Laurel Financial Services BV Netherlands Liaohe Halliburton Flow Measurement Company People's Rep. China LMK Land Company U.S. Logging Analysis, Inc U.S. M-I Drilling Fluids Company, LLC U.S. Management Logistics, Inc. Delaware 5
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[Download Table] COUNTRY OF COMPANY NAME INCORPORATION Manteniven, SA Venezuela Manufacturas Halliburton de Mexico, SA de CV Mexico Manufacturas Halliburton de Venezuela SA Venezuela Marend Limited Scotland Martec-Engenharia e Obras Ltda Brazil Mashhor Brown & Root Offshore Services Sdn Bhd Brunei Mashhor Well Services Sdn Bhd Brunei MGI Associates, Inc. U.S. Mid-Valley, Inc U.S. MIHC, Inc U.S. Monenco Offshore Limited Canada Moroccan Engineers & Constructors Morocco Munro Engineering Intl Pte Ltd Singapore Munro Garrett (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd Australia Munro Garrett International, Inc. U.S. Munro Garrett International Limited Scotland Newco Engineering Limited Uganda NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Germany Oilfield Marine, Inc U.S. Oilfield Telecommunications, Inc U.S. Otis Energy Services of Japan, Ltd U.S. Otis Engineering Italiana, Srl Italy Otis Mexicana, SA Mexico Otis of Nigeria Limited Nigeria Otis Pressure Control, Limited U.K. Overseas Administration Services, Ltd Cayman Islands Overseas Marine Leasing Company U.S. P.T. Brown & Root Indonesia Indonesia P.T. Gema Sembrown Indonesia P.T. Landmark Concurrent Solusi Indonesia Indonesia Plantation Land Company, Inc (South Carolina) U.S. Professional Group Consultants Limited Hong Kong Professional Resources Ltd Bermuda PT Halliburton Drilling Systems Indonesia Indonesia PT Halliburton Indonesia Indonesia PT Halliburton Logging Services Indonesia Indonesia PT M-I, Indonesia Indonesia PT Udemco Otis Indonesia Indonesia Quimicas Do Brasil Ltda Brazil Rezayat Brown & Root Saudi Company Limited Saudi Arabia Rockwater (North Sea) Limited U.K. Rockwater AS Norway Rockwater BV Netherlands Rockwater CV Netherlands Rockwater Holdings Limited U.K. Rockwater, Inc U.S. Rockwater J/V Netherlands Rockwater Limited U.K. Rockwater Offshore Contractors 2 BV Netherlands 6
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[Download Table] COUNTRY OF COMPANY NAME INCORPORATION Rockwater Offshore Contractors BV Netherlands Rockwater Offshore Contractors Pty Limited Australia Rockwater Underwater Services Limited Hong Kong Sabre Manning Services Limited Channel Islands SBR Offshore Limited Canada Seabase Limited Canada Seaforth Engineering Limited U.K. Seaforth Kinergetics Limited Scotland Seaforth Logistics Limited U.K. Seaforth Marine Services Limited U.K. Seaforth Maritime (Holdings) Limited U.K. Seaforth Maritime Limited U.K. Seaforth Workforce Limited U.K. Sembrown Equipment Pte Ltd Singapore Service Employees International, Inc Cayman Islands Servicios Geofisicos "GSI" Ltda Brazil Servicios Halliburton de Venezuela, SA U.S. Servicios Tecnicos Brown & Root, SA Panama Shapadu Rockwater Sdn Bhd Malaysia Siam Brown and Root Limited Thailand Sierra Geophysics (UK) Limited U.K. Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia e Construcoes Ltda Brazil Stratamodel (Barbados) Barbados Stratamodel Limited (England) United Kingdom Taylor Diving (South East Asia) Pte Ltd Singapore Taylor International Diving Company, Inc U.S. Tech Logic, Inc. (Washington) U.S. Tesel Holdings Limited U.K. Texas Fastrac, Inc U.S. The Arab Geophysical Exploration Services Company Libya Tri-Can Perforators Limited Trinidad Tristan Services Limited U.K. Ucamar Shipping & Transportation Company (Cayman) Limited Cayman Islands Universal Energy Services Aktrengesellschaft Liechtenstein Vann Systems UK Limited U.K. Walbridge Brown & Root International LLC Cayman Is. Walbridge Brown & Root International LLC - Delaware Delaware WCML Development Company Limited U.K. Wharton Williams Taylor Emirates United Arab Emirates 7

5 Subsequent Filings that Reference this Filing

  As Of               Filer                 Filing    For·On·As Docs:Size             Issuer                      Filing Agent

 2/06/24  Halliburton Co.                   10-K       12/31/23   94:11M
 2/07/23  Halliburton Co.                   S-3ASR      2/07/23    6:509K                                   Broadridge Fin’l So… Inc
 2/07/23  Halliburton Co.                   10-K       12/31/22   89:13M
 2/04/22  Halliburton Co.                   10-K       12/31/21   86:12M
 2/05/21  Halliburton Co.                   10-K       12/31/20   86:12M
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