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Liberty Stein Roe Advisor Trust, et al. – ‘497’ on 1/19/01

On:  Friday, 1/19/01, at 12:07pm ET   ·   Accession #:  21832-1-25   ·   File #s:  2-99356, 33-02633, 33-11351, 333-17255, 333-19181, 333-87177

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 1/19/01  Liberty Stein Roe Advisor Trust   497                    1:10K                                    Columbia Funds Trust I
          Liberty Stein Roe Funds Municipal Trust
          Liberty Stein Roe Funds Income Trust
          Liberty Stein Roe Funds Investment Trust
          Liberty Stein Roe Funds Trust
          Liberty Floating Rate Fund

Definitive Material   —   Rule 497
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 497         Multi Fund Supplement                                  3±    15K 

LIBERTY - STEIN ROE FUNDS INVESTMENT TRUST Stein Roe Balanced Fund Stein Roe Asia Pacific Fund Liberty Growth Investor Fund (including Stein Roe Growth Investor Fund, Class S) Stein Roe Growth Stock Fund Liberty Midcap Growth Fund (including Stein Roe Midcap Growth Fund, Class S Stein Roe Focus Fund (including Liberty Focus Fund, Class A) Stein Roe Capital Opportunities Fund (including Liberty Capital Opportunities Fund, Class A) Stein Roe Small Company Growth Fund (including Liberty Small Company Growth Fund, Class A) Stein Roe Young Investor Fund Stein Roe International Fund Liberty Value Opportunities Fund (including Stein Roe Growth & Income Fund, Class S) Stein Roe Disciplined Stock Fund LIBERTY - STEIN ROE FUNDS MUNICIPAL TRUST Stein Roe Intermediate Municipals Fund Stein Roe High-Yield Municipals Fund (including Liberty High Income Municipals Fund, Class A) Stein Roe Municipal Money Market Fund Stein Roe Managed Municipals Fund LIBERTY - STEIN ROE FUNDS TRUST Stein Roe Institutional Client High Yield Fund LIBERTY - STEIN ROE ADVISOR TRUST Liberty Young Investor Fund Liberty Growth Stock Fund Stein Roe Advisor High - Yield Municipals Fund Stein Roe Advisor Intermediate Bond Fund LIBERTY - STEIN ROE FUNDS INCOME TRUST Stein Roe Income Fund (including Liberty Income Bond Fund, Class A) Stein Roe Intermediate Bond Fund (including Liberty Intermediate Bond Fund, Class A) Stein Roe High Yield Fund (including Liberty High Yield Bond Fund, Class A) Stein Roe Cash Reserves Fund LIBERTY FLOATING RATE FUND The Funds listed above are referred to collectively as the "Funds" and the Trusts listed above are referred to collectively as the "Trusts." Supplement to Statements of Additional Information Special Meetings of Shareholders of the Funds (Meetings) were held on December 27, 2000. At the Meetings, each of Richard W. Lowry, Salvatore Macera, William E. Mayer, John J. Neuhauser and Anne-Lee Verville were elected as new trustees of the Trusts. As a result, each Fund's Statement of Additional Information is amended to include the following information on new trustees: [Enlarge/Download Table] Position held Name, Age; Address With the Trust Principal occupation(s) during past five years ------------------ -------------- ---------------------------------------------- Richard W. Lowry, 64 Trustee Private Investor since 1987 (formerly Chairman and 10701 Charleston Drive Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Plywood Corporation Vero Beach, FL 32963 (building products manufacturer)). Salvatore Macera, 69 Trustee Private Investor since 1981 (formerly Executive Vice 26 Little Neck Lane President and Director of Itek Corporation New Seabury, MA 02649 (electronics)). William E. Mayer(1), 60 Trustee Partner, Park Avenue Equity Partners (venture capital) 500 Park Avenue, 5th Floor since November, 1996; Dean, College of Business and New York, NY 10022 Management, University of Maryland prior thereto; Director, Johns Manville (building products manufacturer), Lee Enterprises (print and on-line media) and WR Hambrecht + Co (financial service provider). John J. Neuhauser, 57 Trustee Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties, Boston 84 College Road College since August, 1999; Dean, Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3838 School of Management prior thereto. Thomas E. Stitzel, 64 Trustee Business Consultant since 1999; Professor of Finance 2208 Tawny Woods Place and Dean prior thereto, College of Business, Boise Boise, ID 83706 State University prior thereto; Chartered Financial Analyst. Anne-Lee Verville, 54 Trustee Consultant since 1997; General Manager, Global 359 Stickney Hill Road Education Industry prior thereto (formerly President, Hopkinton, NH 03229 Applications Solutions Division, IBM Corporation (global education and global applications)). (1) Mr. Mayer is an "interested person," as defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940 (1940 Act) because he is a Director of WR Hambrecht + Co. (a registered broker-dealer). The Board of Trustees consists of the six new trustees as well as the current trustees, Ms. Kelly and Messrs. Hacker, Nelson and Theobald. Messrs. Bacon, Boyd and Cook did not stand for reelection and retired on December 27, 2000. The following table sets forth the compensation paid to Ms. Verville and Messrs. Lowry, Macera, Mayer, Neuhauser and Stitzel in their capacities as Trustees of the Liberty Funds complex(2): Total Compensation From the Fund Complex Paid to the Trustee Trustees for the Calendar Year Ended December 31, 1999 ------- ------------------------------------------------------ Mr. Lowry $ 97,000 Mr. Macera 95,000 Mr. Mayer 101,000 Mr. Neuhauser 101,252 Mr. Stitzel 95,000 Ms. Verville 96,000 (2) At December 31, 1999, the complex consisted of 51 open-end and 8 closed-end management investment company portfolios in the Liberty Funds Group - Boston and 12 open-end management investment portfolios in the Liberty Variable Investment Trust (together, the Fund Complex). DIR-35/523E-0101 January 16, 2001

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Filed on:1/19/01
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