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Northrop Grumman Systems Corp – ‘10-K’ for 12/31/95 – EX-10

As of:  Thursday, 2/22/96   ·   For:  12/31/95   ·   Accession #:  72945-96-4   ·   File #:  1-03229

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 2/22/96  Northrop Grumman Systems Corp     10-K       12/31/95   14:579K

Annual Report   —   Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

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 1: 10-K        Annual Report                                         53±   241K 
 2: EX-10       Material Contract                                     24±    70K 
 3: EX-10       Material Contract                                     82±   282K 
 4: EX-10       Material Contract                                     16±    55K 
 5: EX-10       Material Contract                                     40±   129K 
 6: EX-10       Material Contract                                      1      5K 
 7: EX-10       Material Contract                                     37±   128K 
 8: EX-10       Material Contract                                     19±    73K 
 9: EX-10       Material Contract                                     16±    39K 
10: EX-10       Material Contract                                      6±    24K 
11: EX-10       Material Contract                                      6±    22K 
12: EX-21       Subsidiaries of the Registrant                         1      6K 
13: EX-24       Power of Attorney                                      2±    12K 
14: EX-27       Financial Data Schedule (Pre-XBRL)                     1      7K 

EX-10   —   Material Contract
Exhibit Table of Contents

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11st Page   -   Filing Submission
"What We Do Not Cover

Exhibit 10(n) The Buckeye Union Insurance Company Continental Home Office: 1111 East Broad Street Insurance Columbus, Ohio 43205 Administrative Office: 180 Maiden Lane GROUP EXCESS LIABILITY POLICY New York, New York 10038 DECLARATIONS (212) 440-3400 Policy Number GPE002253 Policy Buckeye Union Insurance Company Issued by 180 Maiden Lane New York, New York 10038 Producer's Johnson & Higgins of California Name 2029 Century Park East and Address Los Angeles, CA 90067 Senior Vice Presidents, Division Benefit Managers and Corporate Named Officers, All Other Vice Presidents and Designated Retirees of Insured Northrop Grumman Corporation and as per Endorsement No. 1a & No. 1b. Sponsoring Northrop Grumman Corporation Organizatio 1840 Century Park East n and Los Angeles, CA 90067 Address Policy From November 1, 1995 to November 1, 1996 Period Month Day Year Month Day Year 12:01 a.m. Standard Time at the Address of the Sponsoring Organization as stated herein Limit of $ See End. 1a & 1b Each Occurrence Liability Retained $ 500.00 Each Occurrence Limits The Named Insured agrees to maintain during the term of the policy at least the following underlying coverages and minimum required underlying limits for: Automobile Liability (Cars or Recreational Vehicles) and Comprehensive Personal Liability. If exposure exists, the Named Insured further agrees to maintain at least the following underlying coverages and minimum Required Underlying Limits for Watercraft and Employers Liability. Exposures Coverages Minimum Required U / L Limit Automobile) Bodily Injury $250,000 Per Person, $500,000 Per Occurrence (Cars and Property Damage $50,000 Per Occurrence Recreational - or- $300,000 Per Occurrence Vehicles Combined Single ($325,000 in Texas) except Limit snowmobiles Homeowners Combined Single Limit (Required $100,000 Per Occurrence Personal for all property Liability owned or rented) Schedule of Watercraft Bodily Required Injury/Property $100,000 Per Occurrence Underlying Liability Damage or Limits Combined Single Limit Employers Combined Single $100,000 Per Occurrence Liability Liability Snowmobile Bodily Injury $100,000 Per Person or $300,000 Per Occurrence Property Damage $25,000 Per Occurrence or Liability Combined Single $300,000 Per Occurrence Limit UM/UIM (only Bodily Injury $250,000 Per Person, $500,000 when) Per Occurrence coverage is Property Damage $50,000 Per Occurrence provided under this -or- $300,000 Per Occurrence policy Combined Single ($325,000 in Texas) Limit Premium $ See End. No. Rate per 2 Participant $ 108,975.00 Advance Premium Payable at inception Endorsement Forming a part of this policy at inception Endorsement s No. 1 - 5 Dated at New York, New York THE BUCKEYE UNION INSURANCE COMPANY this 7th day of December, 1995 Countersigned by_________________________ Authorized Representative CES 12448 (6/92) Original GROUP EXCESS LIABILITY INTRODUCTION Various provisions in this policy restrict coverage. Read the entire policy carefully to determine rights, duties and what is and is not covered. Throughout this policy the words "you" and "your" refer to the "Named Insured" shown in the declarations. "Named Insured" means the person shown as the Named insured in the Policy Declarations and that person's spouse, if he or she lives in the same household. Wherever used in this policy, "We," "us" and "our" refer to the company providing this insurance. INSURING AGREEMENT If the Sponsoring Organization pays the premium, and you and the Sponsoring Organization comply with policy terms, we agree with you as follows We will pay all sums, more fully defined by the term net loss, that the Insured becomes legally obligated to pay for Personal Injury or Property Damage in excess of the Required Underlying Limit or in excess of the Retained Limited, if applicable This insurance applies to Personal Injury and Property Damage only if: a. The Personal Injury or Property Damage is caused by an occurrence that takes place in the policy territory; and b. The Personal Injury or Property Damage occurs during the policy period. WHAT WE DO NOT COVER We do not provide coverage for: 1. Personal Injury or Property Damage caused intentionally by any person. This does not apply to: (a) any act by an Insured while trying to prevent or eliminate danger In the use of Cars or watercraft; or (b) while trying to protect persons or property; 2.Personal Injury or Property Damage arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of any aircraft or hovercraft Aircraft does not include model airplanes of the hobby type which Co not carry people or cargo. 3.Personal Injury or Property Damage arising out of any watercraft your own, rent or use, or is in your care custody or control If It is: (a) powered by an inboard or inboard/outboard motor of more than 50 horsepower; (b) a sailing vessel'. (with or without auxiliary power) 26 feet or more in overall length; (c) powered by any outboard motor(s), singly or in combination, of more than 25 total horsepower. Page 1 of 9 CES 12469 (04/93) This restriction does not apply to such watercraft if they are covered by required underlying liability insurance. We will not pay for or defend any claims that are, or should be, covered under any kind of maritime statutes. 4.Personal Injury or Property Damage arising out of the use of any car or watercraft in any prearranged or organized race, speed contest, other competition or practice. However, this exclusion does not apply to sailboats. 5.Personal Injury or Property Damage resulting from any act or failure to act by any Insured as a director or officer of any organization. This does not apply to such positions in a non-profit organization from which the Insured does not receive pay. 6.Personal Injury or Property Damage for providing or failing to provide professional services by: (a) the Insured or; (b) any Person for whom the Insured is legally responsible. 7.Personal Injury or Property Damage resulting from business activity or business property This exclusion does not apply to: (a)housing property you rent out or are holding for rental for use as a place to live. But such property must be covered by required underlying limits. By "housing property", we mean 1,2,3, or 4 family houses, and any smaller detached structures on the property such as a garage or storage shed, the grounds, and private roads on the property. Housing property also includes that part of any other dwelling that you are occupying as your residence. Those parts of any housing property that you're renting out or holding for rental as a place to live are not considered business property unless more than two roomers or boarders per family are living there. Parts of housing property that you rent out or hold for rental for use as private garages are not considered business property. (b)activities which are described in an endorsement attached to this policy; (c)the use of any Private Passenger Car provided it is not used to carry persons or property for a fee. This exclusion does not apply to a share-the-expense ride. 8.Personal Injury or Property Damage covered by a nuclear energy liability policy or that would have been covered by any such policy if its limit had not been exceeded. 9.Personal Injury arising out of the transmission of, or threat of transmission of, a communicable sickness or disease by an Insured. 10. Bodily Injury to any person eligible to receive any benefits under any workers compensation, non-occupational disability, unemployment compensation, or similar law 11. Property Damage to: (a) property owned by an Insured. (b) any other property which is rented to, used by, occupied by, or in the care, custody, or control of an insured. However, this only applies to the extent that the Insured has agreed in writing to provide insurance for this property. 12. The owner or lessee of a Car or watercraft loaned to or hired by you. 13. Sums which an Insured is entitled to recover from the owner or operator of an "uninsured motor vehicle." Page 2 of 9 CES 12469 {04/93) DEFENSE OF SUITS NOT COVERED BY OTHER INSURANCE DEFENSE We will defend any suit for damages which is not covered by the types of policies described in the Schedule of Underlying Limits of the Declarations or anyother available insurance. This applies only if the basis of the suit is covered bythis policy. We will settle or defend any claim or suit as we fee I appropriate. Our duty to settle or defend ends when our limit of liability has been exhausted. The Insured must reimburse us for any amount within the Retained Limit If the law does not permit us to comply with this agreement. we will pay any expense that is incurred with our consent. SUPPLEMENTARY PAYMENTS In addition to our limit of liability, we will pay on behalf of an Insured: 1.The cost of bail bonds required because of an occurrence. This includes related traffic law violations, resulting in Bodily Injury or Property Damage covered under this policy. 2. All costs taxed against an Insured. 3.Premiums on appeal bonds and bonds to release attachments in any suit we defend. 4.Interest accruing after a judgment is entered in any suit we defend. Our duty to pay interest ends when we offer to pay that part of the judgment which does not exceed our limit of liability for this coverage. 5.Other reasonable expenses incurred at our request. This does include loss of earnings up to $100 per day or a maximum of $5,000. The amounts we pay for defense, and the other supplementary payments described above, will not reduce the limits of insurance. LIMITS OF LIABILITY The limit of liability shown in the Declarations is the amount you have selected and is the maximum amount that we will pay for all damages for Personal Injury and Property Damage from any one occurrence. This amount. is the most we will pay and will not be added to in any way, multiplied by any factor, or otherwise increased for any reason, regardless of the number of: Insureds Claims Made premiums charged or premiums shown, either separately or collectively, in the Declarations, or in any other document attached to or made part of your policy cars or watercraft owned or involved in the occurrence. We will be liable only for the Net Loss resulting from any one occurrence: 1. in excess of your Required Underlying Limit or 2. if applicable, in excess of your Retained Limit or excess of valid and collectible insurance, or a $35,000 Retained Limit, whichever is greater, if the occurrence arises from the use of a car or motorcycle which is hired by you or loaned to you for a period of thirty (30) days or less. Any car or motorcycle hired by you or loaned to you for a period of more than thirty (30) days shall be subject to the required underlying limit for Automobile Liability on the Policy Declarations. Page 3 of 9 CES 12469 (04/93) excess of valid and collectible insurance or a $35,000 Retained Limit, whichever is greater, if the occurrence arises from the use of a watercraft which is hired by you or loaned to you for a period of thirty (30) days or less. Any watercraft hired by you or loaned to you for a period of more than thirty (30) days shall be subject to the Required Underlying Limit for watercraft liability on the Policy Declarations. GENERAL CONDITIONS DUTIES AFTER AN OCCURRENCE As soon after an injury or occurrence takes place that is likely to involve coverage under this policy, we must be notified promptly. You or the Sponsoring Organization should tell us how, when and where the occurrence happened. You or the Sponsoring Organization should also include the names and address of any injured persons and of any witnesses. A person seeking any coverage must: 1. Cooperate with the underlying insurers, as required by their policies and with us in the investigation, settlement or defense of any claim or suit. 2. Promptly tell us if a claim is made or a suit is brought. That person must also send to us or the underlying insurer copies of any notices of legal papers received concerning the occurrence. 3. Attend hearings and trials 4. Help in securing and giving evidence 5. Help in having witness attend. 6. At our request enforce any right of contribution or indemnity against any person or organization who may be liable to the Insured, because of a loss covered under this policy APPEALS If the Insured or any underlying insurer elects not to appeal a judgment which exceeds the underlying or Retained Limit, we may elect to do so. We shall be responsible for all costs, taxes, expenses and interests on judgments incidental to the appeal. WHEN LOSS PAYABLE The Insured may make claim for payment after the Net Loss has been determined in excess of: 1. the Required Underlying Limit or 2. the Retained Limit, i-' applicable. This will be determined after a trial or by written agreement of the Insured, the claimant and us. LEGAL ACTION AGAINST US No legal action may be brought against us: 1. until there has been full compliance with all the terms of this policy; 2. until: (a) we agree in writing that the Insured has an obligation to pay,and (b) the amount of that obligation has been determined by judgment after trail or written agreement as required in the previous condition. No person or organization has any right under this policy to bring us into any action to determine the liability of an Insured No Insured can bring us into an action against another party. Page of 4 of 9 CES 1 (04/93) (04/93) OTHER INSURANCE Our coverage is excess over any other insurance. This applies whether the other insurance is primary, contributing, excess or contingent If the other insurance provides coverage only in excess of a stated amount of liability for each occurrence, we shall pay that part of the Net Loss covered by this policy. In such cases we will pay only our share. Our share is the proportion that our limit of liability bears to the total of all limits of all other excess indemnity policies applicable to the loss. OUR RIGHT TO RECOVER PAYMENT 1.If we make a payment under this policy, we will share recovery rights with the Insured and any underlying insurer. If the person to or for whom payment was made has a right to recover damages from another we shall be subrogated to that right. That person shall: (a) do whatever is necessary to enable us to exercise our rights and (b) shall do nothing after loss to prejudice them. 2.if we make a payment under this policy and the person to or for whom payment is made recovers damages from another, that person shall hold in trust for us the proceeds of the recovery. That person shall reimburse us to the extent of our payment. 3. Recoveries shall be applied (a) first to reimburse any party (inc!uding the Insured) that may have been paid any amount in excess of our limit of liability; (b) then to reimburse us up to the amount paid; (c) last, to reimburse any interests (including the Insured) that may have paid any amount either under underlying policies or otherwise. A different sharing may be made by a written agreement signed by all interested parties Any expenses incurred in makings recoveries shall be shared by interested parties in the ratio of their respective losses. CHANGES This policy contains all the agreements between you and us. Its terms may not be changed or waived except by endorsement issued by us. If a change requires a premium adjustment. we will adjust the premium as of the effective date of change. TRANSFER OF YOUR INTEREST IN THIS POLICY Your rights and duties under this policy except as provided for the Sponsoring Organization in this policy may no. be assigned without our written consent. However, if a Named Insured shown in the Policy Declarations dies, coverage will be provided until the end of the policy period for: 1. the surviving spouse if resident in she same household at the time of death; or 2. the legal representative of the deceased Insured as if a Named insured shown in the Policy Declarations. IF YOU GO BANKRUPT Bankruptcy or insolvency of any Insured does not relieve us of any of our obligations under this policy. KEEPING REQUIRED UNDERLYING INSURANCE IN FORCE If you fail to keep Required Underlying policies in force for the full amount of the Required Underlying Limits, we will not provide coverage unless and until the amount of all claims resulting from 2 single occurrence exceed the Required Page 5 of 9 CES 12469 (04/93) Underlying Limits. If any underlying policy has an aggregate limit which is not reinstated after a loss, you must try, within reason, to have coverage reinstated promptly. FALSE INFORMATION If you or someone on your behalf has given us false information: 1. in he application, or 2. in any other notice regarding underlying insurance, we may refuse to make payments under this policy. PREMIUM The Sponsoring Organization is responsible for the payment of all premiums to us. ALL return Premiums, if any, will be sent to the Sponsoring Organization. NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OR COVERAGE TERMINATION Cancellation: (a) The Sponsoring Organization may cancel the coverage afforded by this policy at any time. To do so, the Sponsoring Organization must notify us in advance of the date cancellation is to take place and return this policy to us. (b) We may cancel this policy at any time by giving the Sponsoring Organization at the address shown on the Policy Declarations written notice: 1. at least 10 days in advance of the date cancellation is to take effect, if cancellation is for non-payment of premium, or 2 at least 45 days in advance of the date cancellation is to take effect for any reason other than non-payment of premium. (c) We may deliver any notice of cancellation instead of mailing it. Proof of mailing any notice shall be sufficient proof of notice. (d) If the policy is cancelled a return premium may be due. This refund will be promptly forwarded to the Sponsoring Organization. No refunds will be made by us to individual Named Insureds. Should the policy be cancelled at the request of the Sponsoring Organization, the amount to be refunded will be computed at 90% of pro-rata. If we cancel the policy, the return premium will be computed pro-rata However, making or offering to make the refund is not a condition of cancellation. TERMINATION: Should an individual for ANY reason no longer qualify as a Named Insured as defined in the Policy Declarations or other, provisions of this policy, coverage will cease thirty (30) days from the date of such termination or the policy expiration or cancellation date whichever comes first. Again, no refunds will be made by us to individual Named Insureds. DEFINITIONS Bodily Injury means bodily injury, sickness or disease sustained by a person, including death resulting from any of these at any time. Business Activity means any full or part time gainful employment, trade, profession, or occupation, other than farming as defined in the policy. Business activity does not mean part time jobs of Insureds who are students under the age of 23 or activities which are ordinarily incident to non-business pursuits Page 6 of 9 CES 12469 {04/93) Business property means property on which a business is conducted and property, or any part of it, rented to others or held for rental. Car means a land motor vehicle designed for travel on public roads or subject to motor vehicle registration, including trailers, or semi-trailers, farm tractors, trailers and implements. Private Passenger Car means a private passenger, station wagon or jeep type auto or motorcycle. Your Car means any car or motorcycle owned or hired by you, or loaned to you. Farming means agricultural operations or the raising of animals which produced $2,500 or less in gross annual revenues. Insured means: 1. You or any relative; 2. a Any person: (1) using your car or watercraft, or (2) having custody of any of your animals. b. Such person must (1) have your permission for such use or custody, and (2) limit the use or custody as you may require. 3. Any other person or organization. Coverage is only for the legal responsibility for acts or omissions of those persons for whom coverage is afforded above. Named Insured(s) means individuals who are members of the group as defined in the Policy Declarations. Net Loss means the sum actually paid or payable due to a claim for which the Insured is liable either by a settlement we agreed to or a final judgment. Such sums will include proper adjustment for recoveries and salvage. Occurrence means: 1. an accident or 2. the continuous or repeated exposure to substantially the same conditions neither expected nor intended by the insured except to protect persons or property. Occupying means in, upon, getting in, on, out or off. Personal Injury means: 1. bodily injury, shock, mental anguish, mental injury, sickness or disease, including death resulting therefrom; 2. injury because of false arrest, detention or imprisonment, malicious prosecution, wrongful entry or eviction, humiliation, liable, slander, defamation of character or invasion of privacy. Policy Period means the time the policy is in effect Policy Territory means anywhere in the world. Property Damage means physical injury to or destruction of tangible property. This includes loss of use of such property. Recreational Vehicle means a motorized land vehicle that: 1. is designed for recreational use of public roads; and 2. is not subject to motor vehicle registration. This includes all terrain vehicles, antique vehicles, classes or special interest vehicles, dune buggies, motor homes, replica vehicles, snowmobiles, motorscooters, trail bikes, mopeds, motorized bikes, mini-bikes and pedacycles. A golf cart is a recreational Page 7 of 9 CES 12469 (04/93) vehicle; except that for the purposes of underlying insurance, the required underlying limit for golf carts is equivalent to the required underlying limit for Homeowners Personal Liability in the Policy Declarations. Relative means a person related to you by blood, marriage or adoption who is a resident of your household. This includes a ward or foster child. or other person under the age of 21 who is in your care. Required Underlying Limit means the minimum limits you are required to maintain in force for the types of insurance and exposures described in the Schedule of Required Underlying Limits in the Policy Declarations. Retained Limit means the amount stated in the Policy Declarations, if underlying insurance does not cover the occurrence, or an amount applying to specific circumstances outlined in Items 3 and 4 of the Limits of Liability section of the policy. Sponsoring Organization means the company, corporation, association, partnership or sole proprietorship which sponsors and defines the criteria for qualification as a Named Insured For the purpose of this policy, the Sponsoring Organization shall be the agent of the Named Insured. Uninsured motor vehicle means a car or motorcycle: 1) For which no liability bond or policy applies at the time of the occurrence; 2) That is an underinsured motor vehicle. An underinsured motor vehicle is a car or motorcycle for which a bodily injury liability bond or policy applies at the time of an occurrence but the amount paid under that bond or policy to an Insured is not enough to pay the full amount the Insured is legally entitled to recover as damages caused by the occurrence. 3) For which an insuring or bonding company denies coverage or is or becomes insolvent; or 4) That is a hit-and-run vehicle and neither the driver nor owner can be identified. The vehicle must: (a) hit you or any relative, your car or a vehicle you or any relative are occupying; or (b) cause an occurrence resulting in bodily injury -c you or any relative without hitting you, any relative, your car or a vehicle you or any relative are occupying. If there is no physical contact with the hit-and- run vehicle, the facts of the occurrence must be proved. We will accept only competent evidence other than the testimony of a person making claims under this or any similar coverage. However, uninsured motor vehicle does not include any vehicle: a. Owned or operated by a self-insurer under any applicable motor vehicle law except a self- insurer who is or becomes insolvent and cannot provide the amounts required by that motor vehicle law; b. Owned by a governmental unit or agency; c. Designed for use mainly off public roads while not on public roads; or d. Owned by or furnished or available for the regular use of you or any relative. Page 8 of 9 CES 12469 (04/93) In Witness Whereof, we have caused this policy to be executed and attested, and, if required by state law, this policy shall not be valid unless countersigned by our authorized representative Secretary Chairman Page 9 of 9 CES 12469 (04/93) Abelson, Rose Mary Garone, Joseph C. Amato, Carl Gifford, James R. Anderson, Terry J. Gilmartin, George F. Apodaca, Louis Gingery, David W. Arlotta, Frederick R. Glennan III, Thomas K. Armen Jr., Harry Gobler, John F. Armijo, Deborah Goldberg, Robert M. Armstrong, Carter M. Goode, Richard D. Attridge, Kent T. Goodyear, William G. Auffrey, Lawrence A. Gordan, Barry Babb, Steven C. Granata, Arthur J. Babich, Nicholas G. Graves Jr., Harry M. Ball, John J. Gregor, Richard J. Battaglia, Richard S. Grieves, Richard W. Battaglia, Vincent J. Griothe, Robert N. Beach, Melody J. Guma Jr., Anthony C. Beard, David C. Gunter, Richard R. Belfils, Kurt E. Haas, Dr. Gerald N. Belmont, John Halloran, Edward G. Bernard, Thomas W. Harmon, Gordon V. Bercier, Russell J. Harris, Herbert F. Bernardo, Dom M. Head, Barry Blancett, David A. Hernandez, Christopher M. Blyseth, Martin C. Higgins, Robert F. Boudreaux III, Numa Hines, Michael L. Bowman, Larry L. Hoppe, David R. Broto, Robert M. Horn, Leroy F. Brown, Howard Lowell Horner, Lawrence E. Buck, Lawrence A. Howell, Eric B. Bughman, Edward G. Hunt, Brian L. Burton, Dale E. Janiesch, Henry Busch, Carl J. Jordan, Gregory W. Byrne, James E. Katz, Michael P. Cagnazzi, Joseph M. Kazan, Elliot C. Christensen, Mark J. Keller Jr., Robert D. Ciminera, Michael V. Kent Jr., J. Gaston Cockroft, Daniel S. Kozak, Michael J. Consdorf, Jeffrey Kwong, Stanley W. Cool, Christopher B. Landers, Thomas E. Costello, Joseph O. Lange, Richard A. Craven Jr., Robert J. Langietti, Ronald J. Dasal, Ramon P. Lapins, Maris Davis, Robert C. Lawrence, Gerard M. Davis, Thomas C. Leahy, Michael V. Di Marzo, Pasquale Lennon, Michael Dogaer, Frank J. Lepoint, William R. Dutka, Gerald L. Lindsay, Donald Dyson, Norman L. Lippon, Frank C. Eakin, Donald R. Liu, Dr. Yu Ping Eckroth Jr., Joseph F. Llinares, Richard M. Ensor, John R. Lloyd, Patrick F. Faeth, George F. Lowe, William H. Farrell, Timothy M. Mac Kenzie, Alan S. Feldman, Mark Major, Michael G. Fera, Peter Marquis, Roland P. Frankenberger Jr., Charles E. Mars, Kenneth L. Freeze, C. Douglas Marxen, Frank W. Freibert, George J. Matter, Terrence K. Mattern, Richard W. Stappaerts, Dr. Eddy A. Mc Cabe, John J. Stark, John C. Mc Cabe, John M. Stewart, Howard L. Mc Connell, William Stopper, Joseph P. Mc Coy, Ira J. Sutton, Robert D. Mc Kinley Jr., Dr. Howard L. Swenson Jr., Stanley R. Meehan, Robert Swift, Malcolm S. Mennona, Pasquale V. Tartas, Theophilios F. Mercier, Jean E. Taylor, Charles E. Michaelsen, John D. Taylor, Dana H. Michelon, Lawrence J. Thomas Jr., Robert W. Mihelich, Robert B. Thompson Jr., John B. Milburn, Richard A. Timmerman, Steven D. Moghe, Sanjay S. Tisone, Patricia A. Montana, Roy Tomita, Charles Y. Moynes, John F. Tomlinson, George F. Mullan, John H. Tomlinson, Thomas W. Muller, Owen B. Tucker, Mark A. Myers, Steven R. Underhill, Richard A. Newman, Burton A. Urbanski, John Newquist, Lance G. Uzemeck, Alec M. Nool, James C. Van Weele, Alan P. Ober II, William T. Vance, Richard M. Olinger, Eugene Weil Jr., David S. Olson Jr., Jarvis L. Weir, Thomas J. Olson, David H. Werkheiser, David W. Ostermann, Louis E. Wes, James A. Petty, Raymond West, G. Allen Phillips, Thomas E. Wickman, Douglas V. Pickett, George E. Williams, Charles T. Piscitelli, Nataline F. Williams, Roger B. Plancon, Paul A. Williams, Thomas L. Pozza, Scott J. Wilson, Patrick J. Prueter, Michael R. Wolff, Georgetta A. Quandt, Harry A. Wood, Douglas E. Renshaw, Ramon D. Wooler, Dr. Peter T. Rhoades, Mark A. Yates, Victor J. Roehrig, Gary P. Young, Raymond F. Romano, Dennis G. Zottoli, Robert Root, Steven J. Roth, Alan Sachs, Edward P. Salmon, Ernest P. Samford, Lester L. Sancer, Dr. Maurice I. Sanford, James L. Schutte, Robert J. Serio, Gary F. Shea, Richard D. Shelman, Thomas Siconolfi, Paul R. Sims, James M. Sloan, Steven A. Smith, George W. Soloway, Richard S. Sowa, Kurt A. Sperling, Harris Spira, Vicki E. Abbott, Richard I. Mc Millan, William J. Anderson, Herbert W. Mc Niff, Gerald J. Arthurs, Thomas Desmond Mendell, Robert W. Baker, Dr. W. Dean Miller, Mark F. Barry, Patrick E. Molleur, Richard R. Bavitz, Paul Montgomery, Monte D. Berchtold, Kenneth J. Movius, Stephen C. Beroiz, Denny J. Mroz, Mitchell D. Bonkowski, Steven Mulderig, Joseph P. Boyer, Brian E. Muller Jr., Charles F. Brackney, William O. Myers, Albert F. Braga, Gerald A. Myers, Robert G. Breitfeller, John F. Nelson, Robert E. Broomall, Vernon H. Odum, Richard F. Brown, Gary L. Packard, Jan R. Cantafio, Anthony W. Parker, Margo B. Carrier III, William D. Parsons, Lawrence D. Carrier Jr., Louis M. Peterson, Shirley V. Cincotta, Eugene A. Phillips, John C. Clark Jr., Martin F. Porter, Biggs C. Coco, Paul J. Rheinlander, Thomas W. Coles, Robert J. Rice, Dr. Dennis K. Crosby Jr., Ralph D. Roche, Dr. James G. Dandridge, Martin E. Ross, David A. De Iasi, Dr. Richard J. Rubenstein, Lawrence De Stefano, Vincent G. Rumbaugh, Michael G. Diaz, Jorge H. Ryder, John V. Edwards Jr., James J. Schaum, Craig O. Elkin, Marvin Schwarz, Robert E. Ficarra, Molly A. Seymour, Scott J. Foley, Edward D. Silverstein, Robert L. Frankenberg, Henry Simpson, John L. Gibbs Jr., Nelson F. Smith Jr., Wylie B. Grady, Arthur L. Snow Jr., Murray Haise Jr., Fred W. Soikkeli, Robert J. Hanlon III, Daniel E. Solberg, Wallace C. Hanson, Stanley C. St. Germain, Robert P. Harris, Clifford P. Steele, Stuart A. Harrison, John E. Stevens, Lynn H. Hateley, J. Michael Stout, Wesley R. Hatten, Donald E. Tackabury, Paul D. Helm, Robert W. Terry, William B. Holcombe, Pierson J. Thompson, Fred L. Hoover, Jim C. Vernor, Lawrence Hutter, Christopher P. Wachino, William James, William J. Waugh Jr., Richard B. Johnson, James C. Weiss, Dr. Max T. Johnson, Nils E. Whitehead, Robin S. Jones Jr., Charles L. Williams, Gordon L. Kaufold, Mark A. Wilson Jr., Joseph Kresa, Kent Wulf, Robert E. Kump, Donald H. Yslas, Stephen D. Lawler, William H. Zakrzeski, Alexander Lawson, Anthony E. Zehner, Thomas H. Mayhew, Bruce F. Mc Cann, James K. Mc Connell, James A. Mc Hugh Jr., Marion E. RATE AND PREMIUM SCHEDULE Rate per Participant Policy Limit No. of Participants TotaI Premium $275.00 $2,000,000.00 213 $ 58.575.00 $450.00 $5,000,000.00 112 $ 50,400.00 $108,975.00 The total premium for this policy is $108,975.00 May 1, 1996 Six Month Update At six months into the policy period, and at renewaI, the name and address Iisting of participants shouId be updated and furnished to CNA Excess & Select . The appropriate premium adjustment wiII be made annualIy. Al l other terms and conditions remain unchanged. SERVICE OF SUIT CLAUSE It is agreed that in the event of the failure of the Company to pay any amount claimed to be due hereunder, the company, at the request of the Named Insured, will submit to the jurisdiction of any court of competent jurisdiction within the United States of America, and will comply with all requirements necessary, to give such court the jurisdiction and all matters arising hereunder shall be determined in accordance with the law and practice of such court. It is further agreed that service of process in such suit may be made upon Martin Haber, Vice President and General Counsel c/o The Buckeye Union Insurance Company, 180 Maiden Lane, New York, New York 10038 and that in any suit instituted against the Company upon this policy the Company will abide by the final decision of such court or of any appellate court in the event of an appeal. The above Named is authorized and directed to accept service of process on behalf of the Company in any such suit and/or upon the request of the Named Insured to give a written undertaking to the Named Insured that it will enter a general appearance upon the Company's behalf in the event such a suit shall be instituted. Further, pursuant to any statute of any state, territory, or district of the United States of America, which makes provision therefor, the Company hereby designates the Superintendent, Commissioner or Director of Insurance or other Officer specified for that purpose in the statute or his successor or successors in office, as their true and lawful attorney upon whom may be served any lawful process in any action, suit or proceeding instituted by or on behalf of the Named Insured or any beneficiary hereunder arising out of this contract of insurance, and hereby designate the above named as the person to whom the said officer is authorized to mail such process or a true copy thereof. DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS LIABILITY EXCLUSION As respects "What We Do Not Cover", Exclusion 5, page 2 of 9, is amended to read as follows: We do not provide coverage for: 5. Personal Injury or Property Damage resulting from any act or failure to act by any Insured as a director or officer of any organization. FOLLOWING FORM ENDORSEMENT In considerarion of the premium charged, it is understood and agreed that the coverage under GPE 002253 will apply in so far as coverage is afforded by primary comprehensive liability insurance. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.

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