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Gradison McDonald Municipal Custodian Trust – ‘497’ on 9/11/96

As of:  Wednesday, 9/11/96   ·   Accession #:  42895-96-7   ·   File #:  33-48613

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 9/11/96  Gradison McDonald Muni Custod..Tr 497                    1:6K                                     Gradison McDonald Ca..Tr

Definitive Material   —   Rule 497
Filing Table of Contents

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 1: 497         Definitive Material                                    3±    12K 

THE FOLLOWING SUPPLEMENTS THE STATEMENT OF ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OF THE GRADISON-MCDONALD OHIO TAX-FREE FUND DATED NOVEMBER 1, 1995. THE DATE OF THIS SUPPLEMENT IS SEPTEMBER 11, 1996. GRADISON MCDONALD OHIO TAX FREE INCOME FUND March 31, 1996 The Ohio Tax Free Income Fund's goal is to provide monthly income, consistent with preservation of capital, which is exempt from both federal and State of Ohio income taxes. It is designed for higher tax bracket Ohio investors who can take advantage of the double tax-free income generated from the Fund. The Fund offers the added benefit of the reinvestment of dividends, thus providing the compounding of income on a tax free basis. The Fund invests in Ohio municipal bonds issued to finance general operating expenses of public institutions and public work s. It also invests in "private activity" municipal bonds that are issued to obtain funding for privately operated facilities. In order to gain favorable yield spreads, the Fund may invest up to 20% of its assets in securities that are subject to the alternative minimum tax ("AMT") for certain investors. Symbol: GMOTX Chart: Value of $1,000 Since Inception Graph: The value of a $1,000 investment made in the fund at inception with all dividend and capital gain distributions reinvested. 9/18/92 12/31/92 12/31/93 12/31/94 12/31/95 3/1/96 Inception Date (Approximate Plot Points) $1,000 $1,010 $1,150 $1,100 $1,250 $1,246 The performance quoted above does not include the effect of the maximum 2% sales charge which would reduce the performance shown. The performance quoted above and below represents past performance. The performance below includes the effect of the maximum 2% sales charge. The investment return and principal value of an investment in the Fund will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original cost. Total return includes changes in share value and reinvestment of all distributions. Past performance does not ensure future results. NET ASSETS AND QUALITY RATING The information below is as of March 31, 1996, and is subject to change in the future. Pie Chart: $ 72 Million Money Markets 6% Not Rated 9% BB 7% A 15% AA 10% AAA 53% Net Assets as of 3/31/96 AVERAGE ANNUAL TOTAL RETURN Periods Ended 3/31/96 For Shares Purchased at Net Asset Value + 10.16% + 5.15% + 8.51% For Shares Purchased at Full 2% Sales Charge + 7.99% + 4.44% + 8.25% 1 Year 3 Years Since Inception (9/18/92) WEIGHTED AVERAGE MATURITY Chart: 18.8 Years Weighted Average Maturity 5 10 15 20 25 30 Years The maturity of the Fund's portfolio is as of March 31, 1996, and is subject to change. The net asset value of the Fund will fluctuate more than the value of a fixed income fund with a shorter term maturity. PORTFOLIO MANAGER PROFILES [Photo]: Stephen C. Dilbone, CFA First Vice President Gradison McDonald Asset Management With more than thirteen years investment experience, Steve Dilbone not only carries responsibility for managing the Ohio Tax Free Income Fund portfolio, but is also portfolio manager of the Gradison McDonald Intermediate Municipal Income Fund. Steve's additional responsibilities include overseeing all fixed income investments in the mutual fund group and in individually managed Gradison McDonald Asset Management accounts. Prior to joining Gradison McDonald in 1990, Steve spent seven years with Merrill Lynch, most recently as Vice President of Municipal Markets in Chicago. A Certified Financial Analyst, Steve holds a B.S. degree in Finance from Miami University and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Chicago. PROFILE OF GRADISON MCDONALD FAMILY OF FUNDS Less Potential Risk More Potential Risk Less Potential Reward [Double sided Arrow] More Potential Reward Money Govern Intermed Ohio Establi Growth Opportunity Inter Market ment iate Tax shed and Value natio Funds Income Municipal Free Vale Income Fund nal Fund Income Fund Fund Fund Fund GRADISON MCDONALD ASSET MANAGEMENT COMBINES THE EXTENSIVE INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE OF GRADISON & COMPANY, FOUNDED IN 1925, WITH MCDONALD & COMPANY WHICH WAS FOUNDED IN 1924. THE TWO FIRMS MERGED IN 1991. AS REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISERS SINCE 1974 AND MUTUAL FUND ADVISERS SINCE 1976, GRADISON MCDONALD CURRENTLY MANAGES IN EXCESS OF $3 BILLION IN MUTUAL FUND AND INDIVIDUALLY MANAGED ASSETS. A prospectus for the Ohio Tax Free Income Fund or any other Gradison McDonald Fund may be obtained by calling (513) 579-5700 or (800) 869-5999. The prospectus contains more complete information. Read it carefully before you invest. Capital gains, if any, will be taxable. McDonald & Company Securities, Inc. - Distributor

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