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Omnicare Inc, et al. FWPon12/13/05 re:Omnicare Inc

On: Tuesday, 12/13/05, at 6:16am ET Accession #: 1193125-5-241169 File #: 333-130211

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    ForOnAs Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

12/13/05  Omnicare Inc                      FWP                    1:34K  Omnicare Inc                      RR Donnelley/FA
          Accu Med Services Inc
          Accu-Med Services of Washington LLC
          Accumed Inc
          Alacritis Biopharma, Inc.
          Ambler Acquisition Co LLC
          Amc New York Inc
          Amc Tennessee Inc
          Aps Acquisition LLC
          Arlington Acquisition I, Inc.
          Asco Healthcare Inc
          Asco Healthcare of New England Inc
          Asco Healthcare of New England Ltd Partnership
          Bachs Pharmacy Services LLC
          Badger Acquisition LLC
          Badger Acquisition of Brooksville LLC
          Badger Acquisition of Kentucky LLC
          Badger Acquisition of Minnesota LLC
          Badger Acquisition of Ohio LLC
          Badger Acquisition of Orlando LLC
          Badger Acquisition of Tampa LLC
          Badger Acquisition of Texas LLC
          Beachwood Healthcare Management Inc
          Bio Pharm International Inc
          Bpny Acquisition Corp
          BPTX Acquisition Corp
          Campo Medical Pharmacy Inc
          Capitol Home Infusion, Inc.
          Care Pharmaceutical Services Inc
          CARE4 LP
          Carecard Inc
          CHP Acquisition Corp
          Cip Acquisition Corp
          Clinimetrics Research Associates, Inc.
          Compass Health Services Inc
          Compscript Boca Inc
          Compscript Inc
          Compscript Mobile Inc
          Concord Pharmacy Services Inc
          CP Acquisition Corp
          Creekside Managed Care Pharmacy Inc
          CTLP Acquisition Corp
          D&R Pharmaceutical Services Inc
          Delco Apothecary Inc
          Dixon Pharmacy LLC
          Eastern Medical Supplies Inc
          Eastern Rehab Services, Inc.
          Electra Acquisition Corp
          Encare of Massachusetts Inc
          Enloe Drugs Inc
          Euro Bio Pharm Clinical Services Inc
          Evergreen Pharmaceutical Inc
          Evergreen Pharmaceutical of California Inc
          Excellerx, Inc.
          Geneva Sub Inc
          H.O. Subsidiary, Inc.
          Hardardt Group Inc
          Health Concepts & Services Inc
          Healthobjects Corp
          Heartland Repack Services LLC
          Highland Wholesale LLC
          Hmis Inc
          Home Care Pharmacy Inc/NY
          Home Pharmacy Services Inc
          Horizon Medical Equipment & Supply Inc
          Hytree Pharmacy Inc
          Institutional Health Care Services Inc
          Interlock Pharmacy Systems Inc
          JHC Acquisition Inc
          Langsam Health Services Inc
          LCPS Acquisition LLC
          Lo Med Prescription Services Inc
          Lobos Acquisition of Arizona, Inc.
          Lobos Acquisition of Pennsylvania, Inc.
          Lobos Acquisition, LLC
          Lpi Acquisition Corp
          Main Street Pharmacy LLC
          Managed Healthcare Inc
          Management & Network Services Inc
          Med World Acquisition Corp
          Medical Arts Health Care Inc
          Medical Services Consortium Inc
          Medical Services Group Inc
          Medicine Center, LLC
          MHHP Acquisition Co LLC
          Mosi Acquisition Corp
          National Care for Seniors LLC
          NCS Healthcare Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Arizona Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Arkansas Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Beachwood Inc
          NCS Healthcare of California Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Connecticut Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Florida Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Illinois Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Indiana Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Indiana LLC
          NCS Healthcare of Iowa Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Kansas Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Kentucky Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Maryland Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Massachusetts Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Michigan Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Minnesota Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Missouri Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Montana Inc
          NCS Healthcare of New Hampshire Inc
          NCS Healthcare of New Jersey Inc
          NCS Healthcare of New Mexico Inc
          NCS Healthcare of New York Inc
          NCS Healthcare of North Carolina Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Ohio
          NCS Healthcare of Oklahoma Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Oregon Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Pennsylvania Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Rhode Island Inc
          NCS Healthcare of South Carolina Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Tennessee Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Texas Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Vermont Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Washington Inc
          NCS Healthcare of Wisconsin Inc
          NCS of Illinois Inc
          NCS Services Inc
          Neighborcare Holdings, Inc.
          Neighborcare Home Medical Equipment Inc
          Neighborcare Inc
          Neighborcare Medisco
          Neighborcare of California Inc
          Neighborcare of Indiana, Inc.
          Neighborcare of Maryland LLC
          Neighborcare of Northern California Inc
          Neighborcare of Ohio Inc
          Neighborcare of Oklahoma Inc
          Neighborcare of Texas Inc
          Neighborcare of Virginia Inc
          Neighborcare of Wisconsin
          Neighborcare Orca Inc
          Neighborcare Pharmacies Inc
          Neighborcare Pharmacy Services Inc
          Neighborcare Repackaging, Inc.
          Neighborcare Seniorcare Plan, Inc.
          Neighborcare Services Corp
          Neighborcare Tci Inc
          Neighborcare-Infusion Services, Inc.
          NGC Acquisition Co LLC
          Nihan & Martin Inc
          Niv Acquisition Corp
          North Shore Pharmacy Services Inc
          Ocr Ra Acquisition Corp
          Ofl Corp
          Omnibill Services LLC
          Omnicare Canadian Holdings, Inc.
          Omnicare Clinical Research Inc
          Omnicare Clinical Research LLC
          Omnicare CR Inc
          Omnicare Extended Pharma Services LLC
          Omnicare Headquarters LLC
          Omnicare Holding Co
          Omnicare Indiana Partnership Holding Co LLC
          Omnicare Management Co
          Omnicare of Nevada LLC
          Omnicare Pennsylvania Med Supply LLC
          Omnicare Pharmaceutics Inc
          Omnicare Pharmacies of Pa East LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacies of Pa West LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacies of the Great Plains Holding Co Inc
          Omnicare Pharmacy & Supply Services Inc
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Colorado LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Florida LP
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Indiana LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Maine Holding Co
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Maine LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Massachusetts LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Nebraska LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of North Carolina, LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Pueblo LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of South Dakota LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Tennessee LLC
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Texas 1 LP
          Omnicare Pharmacy of Texas 2 LP
          Omnicare Pharmacy of the Midwest LLC
          Omnicare Purchasing Co General Partner Inc
          Omnicare Purchasing Co LP
          Omnicare Purchasing Co Ltd Partner Inc
          Omnicare Respiratory Services LLC
          PBM Holding Co
          PBM Plus
          PBM Plus Mail Service Pharmacy, LLC
          Pharm Corp of Maine LLC
          Pharmacon Corp
          Pharmacy Associates of Glens Falls Inc
          Pharmacy Consultants Inc
          Pharmacy Holding 1 LLC
          Pharmacy Holding 2 LLC
          Pharmasource Healthcare Inc
          Pharmed Holdings Inc
          PP Acquisition Company, LLC
          PPS Acquisition Company, LLC
          PRN Pharmaceutical Services Inc
          Professional Pharmacy Services Inc
          Rescot Systems Group Inc
          Roeschens Healthcare Corp
          Royal Care of Michigan LLC
          SHC Acquisition Co LLC
          Shore Pharmaceutical Providers Inc
          Southside Apothecary Inc
          Specialized Home Infusion of Michigan LLC
          Specialized Patient Care Services Inc
          Specialized Pharmacy Services Inc
          Specialized Services of Michigan Inc
          Sterling Healthcare Services Inc
          Suburban Medical Services Inc
          Superior Care Pharmacy Inc
          Swish Inc
          Tcpi Acquisition Corp
          THG Acquisition Corp
          Three Forks Apothecary Inc
          Tidewater Healthcare Shared Services Group, Inc.
          Uc Acquisition Corp
          Uni Care Health Services of Maine Inc
          Value Health Care Services Inc
          Value Pharmacy Inc
          Vital Care Infusions Inc
          Weber Medical Systems Inc
          Westhaven Services Co
          Williamson Drug Co Inc
          Winslows Pharmacy

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