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Danaher Corp/DE – ‘10-K’ for 12/31/05 – EX-21.1

On:  Wednesday, 3/15/06, at 5:09pm ET   ·   For:  12/31/05   ·   Accession #:  1193125-6-55148   ·   File #:  1-08089

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    For·On·As Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

 3/15/06  Danaher Corp/DE                   10-K       12/31/05    9:1.4M                                   RR Donnelley/FA

Annual Report   —   Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-K        Annual Report                                       HTML   1.08M 
 3: EX-10.18    Danaher Corporation Compensation Arrangements for   HTML      7K 
                          Non-Management Directors                               
 2: EX-10.7     Description of Compensation Arrangements for        HTML     15K 
                          Certain Executive Officers                             
 4: EX-21.1     Subsidiaries of Registrant                          HTML    176K 
 5: EX-23.1     Consent of Independent Registered Public            HTML     12K 
                          Accounting Firm                                        
 6: EX-31.1     Section 302 CEO Certification                       HTML     12K 
 7: EX-31.2     Section 302 CFO Certification                       HTML     12K 
 8: EX-32.1     Section 906 CEO Certification                       HTML      9K 
 9: EX-32.2     Section 906 CFO Certification                       HTML      9K 

EX-21.1   —   Subsidiaries of Registrant

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  Subsidiaries of Registrant  

Exhibit 21.1



Company Name




AB Qualitrol AKM






AC Intermediate Co.



ACC Motion GmbH



ACCU-Sort Asia Pacific PTE.LTD






ACCU-SORT Systems Australia PTY.LTD



ACCU-SORT Systems, Inc.



ACME-Cleveland Corporation



Advanced Motion Controls AB



Aeronautique Systems BIP SAS



Alltec Angewandte Laserlicht Technologie GmbH



Alltec Italia S.r.l.



Alltec UK Ltd.



American Precision Industries, Inc.



Anderson Instrument Co., Inc.


New York

Anderson Instrument Company LP



API Development Corporation


New York

API Harowe (St. Kitts) LTD.


St. Christopher/Nevis

API Portescap Deutschland GmbH



API Wisconsin Inc.



ApS KBUS 38 nr. 2018



ApS KBUS38 nr. 2017



Aquafine Corporation



Armstrong Tools, Inc.












ARTUS Vietnam Co., Ltd.



Assembly Technologies LLC



Avesta Technologies, LLC



Aviation Mobility, LLC



Ball Screws and Actuators Co., Inc.



Beijing Chang GI Service Station Equipment Co., LTD



Beijing Dianyan Electronic Instruments Co. Ltd.



Beijing Fluke Shilu Instruments Maintenance & Service Co. Ltd.



Beijing Raytek Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd.



Bobinas del Sur



Calzoni S.r.l.



Cambridge Instruments LTD



CH. BEHA GmbH       Germany
China Safu Machinery Hardware Co. Ltd       China
Cleveland Precision Systems GmbH       Germany
Codificadora y Etquetadora Willett LTDA.       Chili
Communications Technology Mexico, C.V.       Mexico
Cryla S.A.S.       France
Danaher Canada Partners Inc.       Ontario
Danaher Canadian Finance LP       Ontario
Danaher Canadian Holdings LP       Ontario
Danaher Corporation       Delaware
Danaher Dental Technology Investments, Inc.       Delaware
Danaher Evolution GmbH       Germany
Danaher Finance APS       Denmark
Danaher Finance Company       Delaware
Danaher Finance Company AB       Sweden
Danaher Finance Company LTD       Cayman Islands
Danaher Finance Company, LLC       Delaware
Danaher Foundation       Illinois
Danaher GbR       Germany
Danaher Holding B.V.       Netherlands
Danaher Holding Company ApS       Denmark
Danaher Holding GmbH       Germany
Danaher Hong Kong Finance Ltd       Hong Kong
Danaher Hong Kong Ltd.       Hong Kong
Danaher Iceland Finance Company EHF       Iceland
Danaher ICG Japan Co. LTD.       Japan
Danaher Industrial Controls GmbH       Germany
Danaher Insurance Company       Vermont
Danaher Linear GmbH       Germany
Danaher Luxembourg Sarl       Luxembourg
Danaher Motion GmbH & Co. KG       Germany
Danaher Motion i Flen AB       Sweden
Danaher Motion Inc.       Korea
Danaher Motion India       India
Danaher Motion Israel Ltd. (Servotech)       Israel
Danaher Motion Japan Co. Ltd.       Japan
Danaher Motion LLC       Delaware
Danaher Motion S.A.       Switzerland
Danaher Motion S.r.l.       Italy
Danaher Motion s.r.o       Czech Republic
Danaher Motion SARL       France
Danaher Motion Saro AB       Sweden
Danaher Motion Stockholm AB       Sweden
Danaher Motion Technology, LLC       Delaware
Danaher Power Solutions, LLC       Delaware
Danaher Setra-ICG (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.       China
Danaher Tax Administration ApS       Denmark
Danaher Tool (Shanghai) Ltd.       China

Danaher Tool Group       Canada
Danaher Tool Shandong Co. Ltd.       China
Danaher UK Finance Inc.       Delaware
Danaher UK Industries Ltd.       England
Danaher UK Partners       Scotland
Danaher Verwaltungs GmbH       Germany
Data Recorders Incorporated       Delaware
DCI Consolidated Industries, Inc.       Delaware
Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc.       Arkansas
Dental Equipment LLC       Delaware
Dexis LLC       Delaware
DH Denmark Holding ApS       Denmark
DH Holdings Corp.       Delaware
Diesel Engine Retarders, Inc.       Delaware
DMG Partners       Delaware
DMG Plastics, Inc.       Delaware
Dolan-Jenner Industries, Inc.       Massachusetts
DOMS A/S       Denmark
Dr. Bruno Lange AG       Switzerland
Dr. Bruno Lange Gesellschaft m.b.H       Austria
Dr. Lange Nederland B.V.       Netherlands
Dynapar Corporation       Illinois
Easco Hand Tools Inc.       Delaware
Edelweiss Holdings ApS       Denmark
ELE International GmbH       Germany
ELE International LLC       Delaware
ELE International LTD       England
Environmental Instrumentation Group Ltd.       England
EXE International Inc.       Delaware
Fisher Pierce Company       California
FJ 900, Inc.       Delaware
Flow Measurement Corporation       Delaware
Fluke Australia PTY LTD       New South Wales
Fluke Belgium N.V./S.A.       Belgium
Fluke Biomedical Europe AS       Norway
Fluke Biomedical France SARL       France
Fluke Biomedical GmbH       Germany
Fluke Biomedical Holding Company       Delaware
Fluke Biomedical LLC       Delaware
Fluke China Limited       Hong Kong
Fluke Corporation       Washington
Fluke Denmark A/S       Denmark
Fluke Deutschland GmbH       Germany
Fluke Do Brazil LTDA.       Brazil
Fluke Electronics Canada LP       Ontario
Fluke Electronics Corporation       Delaware
Fluke Electronics Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)       Malaysia
Fluke Europe B.V.       Netherlands
Fluke Finance Company LTD       Cayman Islands

Fluke Finland OY     Finland
Fluke France S.A.S.     France
Fluke Holding B.V.     Netherlands
Fluke Holding Company AB     Sweden
Fluke Holding Company LTD     Cayman Islands
Fluke Iberica S.L.     Spain
Fluke Industrial B.V.     Netherlands
Fluke International Corporation     Washington
Fluke International Holdings B.V.     Netherlands
Fluke Italia S.r.l.     Italy
Fluke Japan K.K.     Japan
Fluke Nederland B.V.     Netherlands
Fluke Nederland C.V.     Netherlands
Fluke Norge A/S     Norway
Fluke Precision Measurements LTD     England
Fluke Shanghai Corporation     China
Fluke South East Asia Pte. Ltd.     Singapore
Fluke Sverige AB     Sweden
Fluke Switzerland GmbH     Switzerland
Fluke U.K. LTD.     England
Fluke Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.     Austria
G&L Motion Control Inc.     Delaware
Gems Sensors GmbH     Germany
Gems Sensors Inc.     Delaware
Gems Sensors Ltd.     England
Gems Sensors Pension Trustees Limited     England
Gendex Corp.     Delaware
Gendex Dental Systems GmbH     Germany
Gendex Dental Systems KK     Japan
Gendex Dental Systems LP     Ontario
Gendex Dental Systems PTY LTD     Australia
Gendex Dental Systems S.a.r.l.     France
Gendex Dental Systems s.r.l.     Italy
GID Acquisition Company     Delaware
Gilbarco (NZ) LTD     New Zealand
Gilbarco Australia Ltd.     Australia
Gilbarco Canada Corporation /LaCorporation Gilbarco Canadienne     Nova Scotia
Gilbarco GmbH & Co. KG     Germany
Gilbarco Holdings LTD     England
Gilbarco Hong Kong Ltd.     Hong Kong
Gilbarco Inc.     Delaware
Gilbarco International, Inc.     Delaware
Gilbarco Latin America Andina     Chili
Gilbarco Latin America S.A.     Argentina
Gilbarco LTD (UK)     England
Gilbarco SpA     Italy
Gilbarco Verwaltungs GmbH     Germany
Gilbert & Barker (NZ) PTY LTD     New Zealand
Gwendoline Holdings Ltd.     England
Hach Company     Delaware
Hach Lange A/S     Denmark
Hach Lange AB     Sweden

Hach Lange ApS       Denmark
Hach Lange Controle e Analise de Aguas Ltda.       Portugal
Hach Lange EOOD (Bulgaria)       Bulgaria
Hach Lange GmbH       Germany
Hach Lange Kereskedelmi Kft. (Hungary)       Hungary
Hach Lange LDA       Portugal
Hach Lange LTD       England
Hach Lange N.V.       Belgium
Hach Lange S.L.       Spain
Hach Lange S.r.l. (Italy)       Italy
Hach Lange s.r.l. (Romania)       Romania
Hach Lange s.r.o. (Czech Republic)       Czech Republic
Hach Lange s.r.o. (Slovakia)       Slovakia
Hach Lange Sp. z.o.o.       Poland
Hach Lange, Su Analiz Sistemleri Ltd. Sti (Turkey)       Turkey
Hach S.A.S.       France
Hach Sales & Service Canada LTD       Canada
Hach Ultra Analytics GmbH       Germany
Hach Ultra Analytics GVE S.A.       Switzerland
Hach Ultra Analytics Inc.       California
Hach Ultra Analytics Japan LLC       Delaware
Hach Ultra Analytics KK       Japan
Hach Ultra Analytics Neuchatel SA       Switzerland
Hand Tool Design Corporation       Delaware
Hart Scientific, LLC       Delaware
Heat Transfer Guarantee Co., LLC       Delaware
Hecon Properties, Inc.       New Jersey
Helen Acquisition Corp.       Delaware
Helen Nova Scotia Unlimited Liability Company       Nova Scotia
Hengstler Controle Numerique S.A.S.       France
Hengstler GmbH       Germany
Hengstler s.r.o. Kezmarok       Slovakia
Hennessy Canada LLC       Delaware
Hennessy Industries Canada       Ontario
Hennessy Industries, Inc.       Delaware
Holo-Krome Company       Delaware
Hunfin Investment Company LTD       Cayman Islands
Hunfin Kft. / Hunfin Asset Management Limited Liability Company       Hungary
Hunfin Limited       Ireland
ICG Holdings Srl       Italy
Industrial Fasteners, Inc.       Delaware
Industrial Sensors, Inc.       Delaware
Infrared Solutions, Inc.       Minnesota
Interdent Holding S.A.       Switzerland
Intervest S.A.       Argentina
Inverse Network Technology Inc.       California

Ireland Meter Electronics (Hong Kong) Ltd.       Germany
Ireland Meter Electronics Zhuhai Co. Ltd.       China
Jacobs Chuck Ltd. (Hong Kong)       Hong Kong
Jacobs Chuck Manufacturing Company       Delaware
Jacobs Chuck MFG. Co. Ltd. (Suzhou)       China
Jacobs Chuck Trading Co. Ltd. (Shanghai)       China
Jacobs Holding Company       England
Jacobs Mexico, C.V.       Mexico
Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Inc.       Delaware
Jennings Land Company       Delaware
Jennings Technology Company, LLC       Delaware
Jessie & J Company Limited       Hong Kong
Joslyn Canada       Ontario
Joslyn Clark Controls, LLC       Delaware
Joslyn Electronic Systems Company, LLC       Delaware
Joslyn Hi-Voltage Company, LLC       Delaware
Joslyn Holding Company       Delaware
Joslyn Manufacturing Company LLC       Delaware
Joslyn Nova Scotia Unlimited Liability Company       Nova Scotia
Joslyn Sunbank Company, LLC       California
JS Technology, Inc.       Delaware
Jung Feintechnik GmbH       Germany
Kaltenbach & Voight GmbH       Germany
KAVO Austria Dentalwarenhandelsgesellschaft mbH       Austria
KAVO Benelux N.V.       Belgium
KAVO CZ spol.s.r.o.       Czech Republic
KAVO Dental (India) PVT. LTD.       India
KAVO Dental Asia-Pacific PTE. LTD.       Singapore
KAVO Dental Corporation       Illinois
KAVO Dental GmbH       Germany
KAVO Dental Ltd.       England
KAVO Dental Manufacturing, Inc.       Delaware
KAVO Dental Russland o.o.o.       Russia
KAVO Dental S.A.       Switzerland
KAVO Dental S.A.S.       France
KAVO Dental S.L.       Spain
KAVO Dental Supply (Malaysia) SDN BHD       Malaysia
KAVO Dental Technologies, Inc.      

New Brunswick


KAVO do Brasil Industria e Comercio LTDA.       Brazil
KAVO Holding GmbH       Germany
KAVO Italia S.r.l.       Italy
KAVO Nederland B.V.       Netherlands
KAVO Osaka K.K.       Japan
KAVO Polska Sp.Z.o.o.       Poland

KAVO Promedi S.r.l.       Italy
KAVO Scandinavia A.B.       Sweden
KB Instrumate       Sweden
K-D Tools of Puerto Rico, Inc.       Delaware
Kingsley Tools, Inc.       Delaware
Kollmorgen Asia Investment Company       Delaware
Kollmorgen Corporation       New York
Kollmorgen Holding Company AB       Sweden
Kollmorgen India Investment Company       Mauritius
Kollmorgen International LLC       Delaware
Kollmorgen Overseas Development Corporation       Delaware
Kollmorgen S.A.S.       France
Kollmorgen Securities Corporation       Massachusetts
Kollmorgen Servotronix Ltd.       Israel
Launchchange Holding Company       England
Launchchange Inc.       Delaware
Launchchange Instrumentation Ltd.       England
Launchchange Limited       England
Lea Way Hand Tool Corporation       Taiwan
Leica Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd       Singapore
Leica Instruments Ltd Shanghai       China
Leica Microsistemas Instrumentos de Precisao Sociedade unipessoal, Limitada       Portugal
Leica Microsistemas SA       Spain
Leica Microsystems (SEA) Pte Ltd       Singapore
Leica Microsystems A/S       Denmark
Leica Microsystems AB       Sweden
Leica Microsystems AG (Schweiz)       Switzerland
Leica Microsystems BV       Netherlands
Leica Microsystems Cambridge 2 LTD       England
Leica Microsystems Cambridge Limited       England
Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH       Germany
Leica Microsystems GmbH       Germany
Leica Microsystems Holdings GmbH       Germany
Leica Microsystems Holdings Inc.       Delaware
Leica Microsystems Imaging Solutions Ltd       England
Leica Microsystems Inc.       Delaware
Leica Microsystems Inc. (Canada)       Nova Scotia
Leica Microsystems IR GmbH       Germany
Leica Microsystems KK       Japan
Leica Microsystems Limited (UK)       England
Leica Microsystems Ltd (Hong Kong)       Hong Kong
Leica Microsystems Ltd Shanghai       China
Leica Microsystems Nussloch GmbH       Germany
Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd       Australia
Leica Microsystems S.A.S.       France
Leica Microsystems S.p.A.       Italy
Leica Microsystems Trading Ltd Shanghai       China

Leica Mikrosysteme GmbH       Austria
Leica Mikrosysteme Handelgesellschaft mbH       Austria
Leica Mikrosysteme Vertrieb GmbH       Germany
Leica Technology B.V.       Netherlands
Leitz Vermogensverwaltungs und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH       Germany
LEM BE SA       Brussels
LEM HEME Ltd.       England
LEM Instruments       Wisconsin
LEM Instruments & Meters Co. Ltd.       China
LEM NORMA GmbH       Austria
Light Controls Corp.       Delaware
Linear Motion LLC       Delaware
Linx Acquisition Limited       England
Linx Asia Limited       Hong Kong
Linx Printing Technologies PLC       England
Linx Printing Technologies Share Trustee Limited       England
Linx SARL       France
Linx Technologies Limited       England
Linx Xymark Limited       England
Logitron International S.A.       Luxembourg
Mankeen Investment LTD      
Marley Pump Europe B.V.       Netherlands
Marsh Interex Ltd.       Jamaica
Marsh Label Technologies LLC       Missouri
Marsh-McBirney, Inc.       Maryland
Master Gears Corp.       Delaware
Matco Tools Corporation       New Jersey
McCormick Selph Holdings, Inc.       Delaware
McCormick Selph, Inc.       California
McCrometer, Inc.       Delaware
Mechanics Custom Tools Corporation       Delaware
Metron USA, Inc.       Michigan
Moonsilk LTD       England
Motion Engineering GmbH       Germany
Motion Engineering Incorporated       California
Motion Engineering K.K.       Japan
Motion Engineering UK LTD       England
Namco Controls Corporation       Ohio
Namco Controls GmbH       Germany
NEFF Antriesbstechnik Automation GmbH       Germany
Negele Messtechnik GmbH       Germany
Negele Verwaltungs GmbH       Germany
NET2NET, LLC       Delaware
Newtown Manufacturing Company, Inc.       Connecticut
NMTC Canada       Ontario
NMTC Holdings ULC       Nova Scotia
NMTC Partners Inc.       Ontario
NMTC, Inc.       Delaware
Noglia Vermogensverwaltung GmbH       Germany

Norcim LLC       New York
OECO Holdings, LLC       Delaware
OECO LLC       Delaware
Orbilasers S.A.       Switzerland
Orbisphere GmbH       Germany
Orbisphere Ltd.       England
Orbisphere Management Holdings S.A.       Switzerland
Orbisphere South Africa Pty. Ltd.       South Africa
OTT France S.a.r.l.       France
OTT Hydrometria, S.L.       Spain
OTT Hydrometrie A.G.       Switzerland
OTT Hydrometry LTD       England
OTT Latinoamerica, C.A.       Venezuela
OTT Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG       Germany
OTT Messtechnik Verwaltungs GmbH       Germany
OTT Southern Africa PTY LTD       South Africa
Pacific Scientific Company       California
Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co. LLC       Delaware
Pacific Scientific Energetics Company, Hollister Division, LLC       Delaware
Pacific Scientific GmbH       Germany
Pacific Scientific Motion Control Ltd.       England
PacSci Motion Control, Inc.       Massachusetts
Paris Nova Scotia Unlimited Liability Company       Nova Scotia
Pelton & Crane       Delaware
Petroleum Industry Controls, Inc.       Delaware
Piccadilly Precision Engineering LTD       United Kingdom
Portescap Danaher Motion Malaysia SDN. BHD.       Malaysia
Portescap Danaher Motion Singapore PTE LTD       Singapore
Portescap Danaher Motion U.K. LTD.       England
Portescap Danaher Motion U.S. LLC       Delaware
Portescap France SAS       France
Portescap International       Switzerland
Portescap S.A.       Switzerland
Portescap U.S. Inc.       New York
Power Tool Holders Incorporated       Delaware
Power Transformer Controls Company       Delaware
Precision Dynamics, Inc.       Delaware
Precision Gauges, Inc.       Delaware
Precision Specialties, Inc.       Delaware
Prozes und Maschinen Automation GmbH       Germany
PS/EMC West LLC       Delaware
Pureflow Ultraviolet, Inc.       Georgia
Qualitrol Company LLC       Delaware
Qualitrol Finance Corp.       Delaware
Qualitrol GmbH       Germany
Qualitrol Holding Company       Delaware
Qualitrol Holding GmbH       Germany
Qualitrol Instruments Ltd.       England

Qualitrol Luxembourg S.a.r.l.       Luxembourg
Quality Wire Processing, Inc.       Delaware
R. Jung GmbH       Germany
Radiometer (UK) LTD.       England
Radiometer A/S       Denmark
Radiometer America Inc.       Delaware
Radiometer Analytical, S.A.S.       France
Radiometer Basel AG       Switzerland
Radiometer Canada       Ontario
Radiometer Corporate Development Ltd.       England
Radiometer Danmark A/S       Denmark
Radiometer Finans A/S       Denmark
Radiometer GmbH       Germany
Radiometer Iberica S.A.       Spain
Radiometer Inc.       Delaware
Radiometer Ireland Ltd.       Ireland
Radiometer K.K.       Japan
Radiometer Ltd.       England
Radiometer Medical ApS       Denmark
Radiometer Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.       China
Radiometer Nederland B.V.       Netherlands
Radiometer Pacific Ltd.       New Zealand
Radiometer Pacific Pty. Ltd.       Australia
Radiometer RSCH GmbH       Switzerland
Radiometer S.A.S.       France
Radiometer Spolka z.o.o.       Poland
Radiometer Trading K.K.       Japan
Raisefocus Limited       England
Raytek Corporation       California
Raytek Do Brasil LTDA       Brazil
Raytek GmbH       Germany
Raytek Investments LTD (Mauritius)       Mauritius
Raytek Japan KK       Japan
Royce Thompson Ltd.       England
S.A. Aeronautique Systemes BIP       France
Sanher Linx Beschriftungstechnik       Switzerland
Securaplane Technologies, Inc.       Arizona
Sendx Medical Inc.       Delaware
Senstronics Holdings Limited       England
Senstronics Limited       England
Service Station Products Company       Delaware
Setra Sensing Technology (Tianjin) Co., LTD       China
Setra Systems, Inc.       Massachusetts
Shanghai Safa Plating Co. LTD       China
Shanghai Safe Plastic Cement Co. Ltd.       China
Shanghai Safu Machinery Hardware Co. Ltd.       China
Shanghai Sata Tools Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.       China
Shanghai Shilu Instrument Co. Ltd.       China
Shirokusa Dental Supply Works       Japan
SMB s.r.o.       Czech Republic
Societe Civile Immobiliere       France

Sonix Inc.       Virginia
Sonix Technologies SDV.BHD.       Malaysia
Spline Gauges Ltd.       England
Stampede Acquisition Ltd       United Kingdom
SunBank de Mexico, RL de CV       Mexico
SunBank Family of Companies, LLC       California
Superior Electric Holding Group LLC       Delaware
Swiss Precision Parts Corp.       Delaware
SWL Management GmbH       Germany
System und Kompenentenwek Leutkirch GmbH & Co. KG       Germany
System und Komponentenwek Leutkirch Verwaltungs GmbH       Germany
Techniques et Fabrication Electroniques       France
TECNA Srl       Italy
Tenzen Limited       England
The Allen Manufacturing Company DBA Danaher Business Systems       Delaware
The Anglodent Company       England
Thomson 60 Case LLC       Delaware
Thomson Barnstaple Ltd.       England
Thomson Bay Company LLC       Delaware
Thomson IBL Company       England
Thomson Industries R.L. de C.V.       Mexico
Thomson Industries, Inc.       New York
Thomson International Holdings LLC       Delaware
Thomson Micron LLC       New York
Tianjin Danaher Motion Co. Ltd.       Hong Kong
Tianjin Kollmorgen Industrial Drives Corp., Ltd.       China
Tollo Linear AB       Sweden
Trojan Investment Company LP       Ontario
Trojan Technologies Company       Ontario
Trojan Technologies Deutschland GmbH       Germany
Trojan Technologies Espana S.L.       Spain
Trojan Technologies France S.A.S.       France
Trojan Technologies Inc.       Ontario
Trojan US Holdings Inc.       Delaware
Trojan UV Holdings Corp.       Delaware
TrojanUV Technologies UK Limited       England
Truck Storage Incorporated       Delaware
U.S. Peroxide LLC       Delaware
Universal Technic SAS       France
Utica Holding Company       Delaware
Veeder-Root Company       Delaware
Veeder-Root Do Brasil LTDA       Brazil
Veeder-Root Environmental Systems, Ltd.       England
Veeder-Root Finance Company       England
Veeder-Root GmbH       Germany
Veeder-Root Ltd.       England

Veeder-Root Petroleum Shanghai       China
Venture Measurement Company LLC       Delaware
Verigard LLC       Delaware
Videojet Guangzhou Packaging Equipment Co LTD       China
Videojet K.K.       Japan
Videojet Technologies B.V.       Netherlands
Videojet Technologies Canada L.P.       Canada
Videojet Technologies Europe B.V.       Netherlands
Videojet Technologies Gesellschaft mbH       Austria
Videojet Technologies GmbH       Germany
Videojet Technologies Inc.       Delaware
Videojet Technologies Kodlama ve Etiketleme Danismanlik ve Ticaret LTD.STI       Turkey
Videojet Technologies LTD       England
Videojet Technologies Pte Ltd (Asia HQ)       Singapore
Videojet Technologies PTE. LTD. (Singapore)       Singapore
Videojet Technologies PTE. LTD. (Asia HG)       Singapore
Videojet Technologies S.A.       France
Videojet Technologies S.L.       Spain
Videojet Technologies SP z.o.o.       Poland
Videojet Technologies Trading Co. Ltd. (Shanghai)       China
Visual Networks International Operations, Inc.       Delaware
Visual Networks Investments, Inc.       California
Visual Networks Italia S.r.l.       Italy
Visual Networks Operations, Inc.       Delaware
Visual Networks Technologies, Inc.       California
Visual Networks Texas Operations, Inc.       Delaware
Visual Networks, Inc.       Delaware
Voluntary Employee Benefit Association      
Wermex Corporation       Texas
West Instruments       England
Western Pacific Industries, Inc.       Delaware
Willett A.B. (Sweden)       Sweden
Willett A/O (Russia)       Russia
Willett A/S (Norway)       Norway
Willett America Inc.       Texas
Willett ApS (Denmark)       Denmark
Willett Global Sourcing PTE. LTD.       Singapore
Willett GmbH       Germany

Willett Holdings B.V.       Netherlands
Willett India PVT. LTD       India
Willett International Limited       England
Willett Korea Co., Ltd.       Korea
Willett Limitada       Brazil
Willett Limited (Thailand)       Thailand
Willett Magyarorszag Nyomtatas - es Kodolastechnikat       Hungary
Willett Overseas Limited       England
Willett S.A. (Uruguay)       Uruguay
Willett S.r.l.       Italy
Willett Systeme AG       Switzerland
Zhuhai FTZ Videojet CIJ TEchnologies CO. LTD       China
Zhuhai S.E.Z. Videojet Electronics Ltd.       China
Zipher Limited       England
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