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American Express Co – ‘10-K’ for 12/31/07 – EX-21

On:  Thursday, 2/28/08, at 5:21pm ET   ·   For:  12/31/07   ·   Accession #:  1193125-8-42043   ·   File #:  1-07657

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  As Of                Filer                Filing    For·On·As Docs:Size              Issuer               Agent

 2/28/08  American Express Co               10-K       12/31/07   10:2.5M                                   RR Donnelley/FA

Annual Report   —   Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

Document/Exhibit                   Description                      Pages   Size 

 1: 10-K        Annual Report                                       HTML    547K 
 2: EX-10.13    Form of Award Agreement for Executive Officers        15±    60K 
 3: EX-10.14    Form of Award Agreement for Executive Officers         9±    40K 
 4: EX-12       Computation in Support of Ratio of Earnings to      HTML     22K 
                          Fixed Charges                                          
 5: EX-13       Portions of the Company's 2007 Annual Report to     HTML   1.75M 
 6: EX-21       Subsidiaries of the Company                            6±    30K 
 7: EX-23.1     Consent of Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP               HTML     10K 
 8: EX-31.1     Certification of Kenneth I. Chenault, Chief         HTML     12K 
                          Executive Officer                                      
 9: EX-31.2     Certification of Daniel T. Henry , Chief Financial  HTML     12K 
10: EX-32.1     Section 906 CEO and CFO Certifications              HTML     11K 

EX-21   —   Subsidiaries of the Company

EX-21TOCTopPreviousNextBottomJust 1st

EXHIBIT 21 SUBSIDIARIES OF THE REGISTRANT Unless otherwise indicated, all of the voting securities of these subsidiaries are directly or indirectly owned by the registrant. Where the name of the subsidiary is indented, the voting securities of such subsidiary are owned directly by the company under which its name is indented. [Enlarge/Download Table] Jurisdiction of Name of Subsidiary Incorporation I. American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. and its Subsidiaries American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. New York Amex Canada Inc. Canada Rexport, Inc. Canada Amex Bank of Canada Canada American Express Company (Mexico) S.A. de C.V. Mexico American Express Servicios Profesionales, S.A. de C.V. Mexico American Express Bank, FSB Utah American Express Receivables Financing Corporation IV LLC Delaware American Express Centurion Bank Utah American Express Centurion Services Corporation Delaware American Express Receivables Financing Corporation III LLC Delaware American Express Credit Corporation Delaware American Express Capital Australia Australia American Express Euro Funding Limited Partnership Scotland American Express Sterling Funding Limited Partnership Scotland American Express Funding (Luxembourg) Sarl Luxembourg American Express Overseas Credit Corporation Limited Jersey, Channel Islands AEOCC Management Company, Ltd. Jersey, Channel Islands American Express Overseas Credit Corporation N.V. Netherlands Antilles American Express Hungary Finance Company KFT Hungary American Express Canada Credit Corporation Canada American Express Canada Finance Limited Canada Credco Receivables Corp. Delaware Credco Finance, Inc. Delaware American Express Credit Mexico, LLC Delaware Fideicomiso Empresarial Amex No. 232033 (American Express Business Trust) Mexico American Express Dutch Capital, LLC Delaware American Express Holdings Netherlands CV Netherlands Antilles Amex Latin American Holdings S.L. Spain Swiss Branch Switzerland -1- American Express Receivables Financing Corporation II Delaware American Express Receivables Financing Corporation V LLC Delaware American Express Limited Delaware American Express do Brasil Assessoria Empresarial Ltda. Brazil American Express (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia American Express Card (Thai) Co. Ltd. Thailand American Express Finance (Thailand) Company Ltd. Thailand Alpha Card SCRL (50% owned) Belgium Alpha Card Merchant Services SCRL Belgium TRS Card International Inc. Delaware American Express de Espana, S.A.U. Spain Amex Asesores de Seguros S.A.U. Spain American Express Entidad Financiera de Credito S.A.U. Spain American Express Foreign Exchange S.A.U. Spain American Express Viajes, S.A.U. Spain American Express Barcelo Viajes (65% owned) Spain American Express International (B) SDN.BHD. Brunei American Express International Holdings, LLC Delaware South Pacific Credit Card Ltd. New Zealand Centurion Finance, Ltd. New Zealand American Express Argentina, S.A. Argentina American Express Holdings (France) SAS France American Express France SAS France American Express Carte France, S.A. France American Express (Paris) SAS France American Express Assurances France American Express Services S. A. France American Express Voyages SAS France American Express Change SAS France American Express International, Inc. Delaware American Express Reisebuero GmbH Austria American Express Swiss Holdings GmbH Switzerland American Express Payment Services Limited United Kingdom American Express International (India) Private Limited India Swisscard AECS AG (50% owned) Switzerland American Express Hungary Financial Services Ltd. Hungary American Express Hungary Travel Services Ltd. Hungary American Express Company A/S Norway American Express Denmark A/S Denmark American Express Locazioni Finanziarie, S.r.l. Italy Amex Broker Assicurativo S.r.l. Italy American Express International A.E.(Greece)(99% owned) Greece Key Tours Ltd. (32.5%) Greece American Express International (Taiwan), Inc. Taiwan American Express Travel Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited Hong Kong Farrington American Express Travel Services Limited Hong Kong ACS AllCard Service GmbH Germany American Express Bureau de Change S.A. Greece AE Exposure Management Limited Jersey, Channel Islands -2- American Express Poland S.A. Poland Sociedad Internacional de Servicios de Panama, S.A. Panama American Express Business Solutions Co. Ltd. Japan American Express International Services Russia Amex Marketing Japan Limited Delaware American Express (India) Private Ltd. India American Express spol. s.r.o. Czech Republic Amex Travel Holding (Japan) Ltd. Japan American Express Nippon Travel Agency, Inc. (55% owned) Japan Schenker Rhenus Reisen Verwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH Germany American Express Holding AB Sweden Resespecialisterna Syd AB Sweden Forsakringsaktiebolaget Viator Sweden American Express Business Travel Sweden American Express Commercial Card AB Sweden American Express Business Travel A/S Norway American Express Business Travel AS Denmark American Express Commercial Card AB Sweden American Express Services India Limited (99.99% owned) India American Express Foreign Exchange Services India Limited India Mackinnons American Express Travel (Private) Limited (30% owned)Sri Lanka American Express Superannuation Pty Limited Australia American Express Wholesale Currency Services Pty. Limited Australia American Express Slovensko s.r.o. Slovakia American Express Corporate Travel SA Belgium American Express Australia Limited Australia American Express Holdings Limited England American Express Insurance Services Europe Limited England American Express Services Europe Limited England & Wales Uvet American Express Corporate Travel S.p. (35% owned) Italy ICONCARD S.p.a. (50% owned) Italy Immobiliare Spagna & Mignanelli S.r.l. (11.42% owned) Italy American Express Travel Related Services Pakistan (Private) Limited Pakistan Amex Life Insurance Marketing, Inc. Taiwan Amex General Insurance Agency, Inc. Taiwan American Express Travel Services Vostok, LLC Russia Interactive Transaction Solutions Limited England Interactive Transaction Solutions SAS France Amex Pre-Paid Card Y.K. Japan American Express Publishing Corporation New York Travellers Cheque Associates, Limited (54% owned) England & Wales Bansamex S.A. (50% owned) Spain Amex (Middle East) B.S.C. (50% owned) Bahrain ASAL (American Express Saudi Arabia) (25% owned) Bahrain Amex Oman LLC Oman Amex Egypt Company Egypt American Express Europe Limited Delaware American Express France Holdings I LLC Delaware American Express Management SNC France American Express France Finance SNC France American Express France Holdings II LLC Delaware American Express Insurance Services, Ltd. England & Wales Cardmember Financial Services, Ltd. Jersey, Channel Islands -3- Integrated Travel Systems, Inc. Texas American Express Bank (Mexico), S.A. Mexico American Express Bank Services, S.A. de C.V. Mexico American Express Incentive Services, Inc. Delaware American Express Incentive Services, LLC (49% owned) Missouri American Express International (NZ), Inc. Delaware Cavendish Holdings, Inc. Delaware American Express Business Loan Corporation Utah Travel Impressions, Ltd. Delaware American Express Global Financial Services, Inc. Delaware Harbor Payments, Inc. Delaware Harbor Payments Corporation Georgia Fiware Holdings, Inc. Delaware American Express Travel Holdings (M) Company SDN Malaysia Mayflower American Express Travel Services Sdn Bhd (30%) Malaysia Ketera Technologies, Inc. (20% owned) Delaware Amex Card Services Company Delaware Belgium Travel Belgium South African Travellers Cheque Company (Pty) Ltd. South Africa Inveramex Chile Ltda. Chile Amex Immobiliaria Ltda. Chile American Express (China) Ltd. Delaware American Express Insurance Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc. Puerto Rico American Express Travel (Singapore) PTE Ltd. Singapore American Express Marketing & Development Corp. Delaware American Express Insurance Services Agente de Seguros SA de CV Mexico American Express Travel Services Vostok LLC Russia Rosenbluth International (Russia) Ltd. Pennsylvania Rosenbluth Holding Company Russia Rosenbluth International Travel, Ltd. Russia Rosenbluth France Holdings, S.A.R.I. France Rosenbluth International France, S.A.R.I. France Rosenbluth International Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong Rosenbluth International, SRL de C.V. Mexico Rosenbluth (Germany) GmbH Germany Rosenbluth International GmbH Germany Rosenbluth International Reisebur GmbH Austria Austria Rosenbluth International Limited Pennsylvania Rosenbluth International (Israel) Ltd. Israel II. American Express Banking Corp. and its Subsidiaries American Express Banking Corp. New York American Express Bank Ltd. Connecticut Amex Holdings, Inc. Delaware Amex Cyber International Ltd. British Virgin Islands mReferral Corporation Limited (33.33%) British Virgin Islands American Express Bank GmbH Germany American Express FinanzManagement GmbH Germany American Express Bank (Switzerland) S.A. Switzerland Amex International Trust (Guernsey) Limited Guernsey, Channel Islands -4- Birdsong Limited Guernsey, Channel Islands Songbird Limited Guernsey, Channel Islands AITG Corporate Secretaries Limited Guernsey, Channel Islands Nominees One Limited Guernsey, Channel Islands Nominees Two Limited Guernsey, Channel Islands American Express Bank Asset Management (Cayman) Limited Cayman Islands American Express Financial Services (Luxembourg) S.A. Luxembourg Amex International Trust (Cayman) Ltd. Cayman Islands Vesey Limited Cayman Islands Global Nominees Limited Cayman Islands AEBL Uruguay Limited Uruguay American Express Bank International United States Argentamex S.A. Argentina American Express Bank Ltd., S.A. Argentina Amex Nominees (S) Pte Ltd. Singapore Amex Bank Nominee Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong The American Express Nominees Limited (98% owned) England & Wales American Express Bank LLC Russia American Express do Brasil Representacoes Ltda. Brazil American Express do Brasil Consultoriae Servicos Internacionais Ltda. Brazil American Express Bank Asset Management Company (Luxembourg) S.A. Luxembourg III. Other Subsidiaries of the Registrant American Express International Deposit Company Cayman Islands American Express Austria Bank GmbH Austria Amex Assurance Company Illinois Ainwick Corporation Texas American Express Asset Management Holdings, Inc. Delaware American Express Investment Management Ltd. Cayman Island Amexco Insurance Company Vermont National Express Company, Inc. New York The Balcor Company Holdings, Inc. Delaware The Balcor Company Delaware International Capital I Corp. Delaware International Capital Corp. (Cayman) (Ltd.) Cayman Islands Acamex Holdings, Inc. Cayman Islands Etisa Holdings Ltd. Cayman Islands Empresas Turisticas Integradas, S.A. de C.V. (95% owned) Mexico Rexport, Inc. Delaware Drillamex, Inc. Delaware UMPAWAUG I Corporation Delaware UMPAWAUG II Corporation Delaware UMPAWAUG III Corporation Delaware UMPAWAUG IV Corporation Delaware 56th Street AXP Campus LLC Arizona FRC West Property L.L.C. Arizona -5-
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