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Murphy Keith · 4 · Organovo Holdings, Inc. · For 11/13/13

Filed On 11/15/13, 8:56pm ET   ·   Accession Number 1181431-13-59344   ·   SEC File 1-35996

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11/15/13  Murphy Keith                      4          Dir.,Off.   1:5K   Organovo Holdings, Inc.           R R Donnelley...Filer/FA

Statement of Change in Beneficial Ownership of Securities   —   Form 4
Filing Table of Contents

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 1: 4           Statement of Change in Beneficial Ownership of      HTML      6K 
                          Securities -- rrd395400.xml/3.6                        

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This is our “Plain Text” rendering:
Ownership Document
Schema Version:  X0306
Document Type:  4
Period of Report:  11/13/13
Not Subject to Section 16:  0
Issuer CIK:  1497253
Issuer Trading Symbol:  ONVO
Reporting Owner:
Reporting Owner ID:
Owner CIK:  1536583
Owner Name:  Murphy Keith
Reporting Owner Address:
Owner Street 1:  6275 NANCY RIDGE DRIVE, SUITE 110
Owner Street 2:
Owner City:  SAN DIEGO
Owner State:  CA
Owner ZIP Code:  92121
Owner State Description:
Reporting Owner Relationship:
Is Director?  Yes
Is Officer?  Yes
Is Ten Percent Owner?  No
Is Other?  No
Officer Title:  Chairman, CEO and President
Non-Derivative Table:
Non-Derivative Transaction:
Security Title:
Value:  Common Stock
Transaction Date:
Value:  11/13/13
Transaction Coding:
Transaction Form Type:  4
Transaction Code:  S
Equity Swap Involved?  No
Footnote ID:  F1
Transaction Amounts:
Transaction Shares:
Value:  100,000
Transaction Price Per Share:
Value:  9.6383
Footnote ID:  F2
Transaction Acquired-Disposed Code:
Value:  D
Post-Transaction Amounts:
Shares Owned Following Transaction:
Value:  6,301,748
Footnote ID:  F3
Ownership Nature:
Direct or Indirect Ownership:
Value:  D
Footnote - F1The sale of shares was effecutated pursuant to a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan adopted by the Reporting Person.
Footnote - F2This transaction was executed in multiple sales through a sale order executed by a broker-dealer at prices ranging from $9.50 to $9.95. The price reported in this column reflects the weighted average sale price. The Reporting Person will provide upon request to the SEC staff, the Issuer, or a security holder of the Issuer, full information regarding the number of shares sold at each separate price.
Footnote - F3This number does not include 294,344 shares of common stock underlying outstanding options and 30,000 shares of common stock underlying warrants held by Mr. Murphy; post-transaction Mr. Murphy continues to beneficially own or have a right to acquire 6,626,092 shares of common stock.
Owner Signature:
Signature Name:  /s/ Keith Murphy
Signature Date:  11/15/13
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