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Facilities Support Management Services

SIC Industry 8744 — NAICS² Industry 561210

SIC [1987] Services Engineering & Management Services Management & Public Relations Facilities support services §

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Active (in the Past Year, since 4/1/19) in Industry 8744:
Vectrus, Inc. [formerly Exelis MSCO Inc.] 8-K New Filing this Past Week! 4 New Filing this Past Week!8744
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Active, but no longer SEC-assigned to nor self-declared in Industry 8744:
BlackRock Holdco 2, Inc. [formerly BlackRock Merger Sub, Inc.] 4 4 OLD6282
CoreCivic, Inc. [formerly Corrections Corp of America] 8-K New Filing this Past Week! 46798
Geo Group Inc [formerly Wackenhut Corrections Corp] 8-K/A New Filing this Past Week! 46798
— 3 —

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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 8744
  • Base maintenance (providing personnel on continuing basis)
  • Correctional facilities, adult: privately operated
  • Facilities management, except computer
  • Facilities support services, except computer
  • Jails, privately operated

Description of SIC Industry 8744 — Facilities Support Management Services §
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing personnel to perform a range of services in support of the operations of other establishments or in providing a number of different continuing services, on a contract or fee basis, within another establishment. Included in the industry are establishments primarily engaged in the private operation of jails and adult correctional facilities, whether or not providing both management and supporting staff. Establishments primarily engaged in operating juvenile correctional homes are classified in Industry 8361. Establishments which provide management and staff to operate a business are classified according to the type of activity of the business. Establishments primarily providing one specialized service, such as janitorial services or guard services, are classified in the specialized industry. Janitorial services are classified in Industry 7349, and guard services are classified in Industry 7381. Establishments primarily engaged in providing management services only, except agricultural, are classified in Industry 8741. Computer facilities management services are classified in Industry 7376. Establishments primarily supplying temporary or continuing help are classified in Industry 7363. Establishments primarily engaged in providing temporary or continuing help for agricultural purposes and agricultural management services are classified in Agriculture, Industry Group 076.

§ SEC Review Office (RO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility

OT&S – OfficeofTrade&Services

² North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 8744 ⇒ NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code N.A. Industry [2012] SIC Codes
In ascending order
561210Facilities Support Services8744

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