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Computer Integrated Systems Design

SIC Industry 7373
NAICS² 541512

StartServicesBusiness ServicesComputer & Data Processing ServicesComputer integrated systems design·

622 Registrants

In ascending order
2000Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} 4FRONT Technologies Inc [ formerly 4FRONT Software International Inc/CO ]
2002Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} 800AMERICA Com Inc [ formerly World House Entertainment Inc ]
2002Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Abacus Research & Development Inc
2001Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} About, Inc. [ formerly About Com Inc ]
2012Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Abovenet Communications Inc
2001Business Address in U.S.A. {US|USA} Accugraph Corp
2008Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Ace Comm Corp
2006Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Activant Solutions Holdings Inc.
2011Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Activant Solutions Inc/DE [ formerly Cooperative Computing Inc/DE ]
2001Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Active Software Inc
1996Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Acuity Imaging Inc [ formerly Automatix Inc ]
2001Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Advanced Communication Systems Inc
2002Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Advanced Systems International Inc
2016Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Aerohive Networks, Inc
2001Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Affinity Technology Group Inc
2016Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Agilysys Inc [ formerly Pioneer Standard Electronics Inc ]
2009Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} AHC Group Inc.
2011Business Address in Israel {IL|ISR} Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd
1997Incorporated or organized in U.S.A. {US|USA} Alantec Corp
2006Business Address in Canada {CA|CAN} Alexander International Ltd [ formerly Alexander International Inc ]
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Businesses and Products of SIC Industry 7373

  • CAD/CAM systems services
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) systems services
  • Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems services
  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems services
  • Local area network (LAN) systems integrators
  • Network systems integration, computer
  • Office automation, computer systems integration
  • Systems integration, computer
  • Turnkey vendors, computer systems
  • Value-added resellers, computer systems

Description of SIC Industry 7373 — Computer Integrated Systems Design

Establishments primarily engaged in developing or modifying computer software and packaging or bundling the software with purchased computer hardware (computers and computer peripheral equipment) to create and market an integrated system for specific application. Establishments in this industry must provide each of the following services: (1) the development or modification of the computer software; (2) the marketing of purchased computer hardware; and (3) involvement in all phases of systems development from design through installation.

Establishments primarily engaged in selling computer hardware are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5045, and Retail Trade, Industry 5734; and those manufacturing computers and computer peripheral equipment are classified in Manufacturing, Industry Group 357.

² North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) [2007]

SIC Industry 7373→ NAICS Industry Codes

NAICS Code N.A. Industry U.S. SIC Codes
In ascending order
541512Computer Systems Design Services7373, 7379


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