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Air Courier Services

SIC Industry 4513   —   NAICS² Industry  492110

SIC [1987]  →  Transportation & Public Utilities  →  Transportation by Air  →  Air Transportation, Scheduled  →  Air courier services §

23  Registrants  ·  List them ordered by how Active they have been

As Of     NameLatest Filings     SIC
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Active (in the Past Year, since 7/11/19) in Industry 4513:
Air T Inc [ formerly Air Transportation Holding Co Inc ]  10-K  SC 13D/A  4513
Air Transport Services Group, Inc. [ formerly ABX Holdings, Inc. ]  8-K  SC 13G/A New Filing this Past Week!  4513
Federal Express Corp  424B5  FWP  4513
Federal Express Europe Inc  424B5  FWP  4513
Federal Express Holdings SA, LLC [ formerly Federal Express Holdings SA ]  424B5  FWP  4513
Federal Express International Inc  424B5  FWP  4513
Fedex Corp [ formerly FDX Corp ]  8-K  4 New Filing this Past Week!  4513
Fedex Corporate Services Inc  424B5  FWP  4513
Fedex Freight Corp [ formerly Fedex Freight System Inc ]  424B5  FWP  4513
Fedex Freight Inc [ formerly Fedex Freight East Inc ]  424B5  FWP  4513
Fedex Ground Package System Inc  424B5  FWP  4513
FedEx Office & Print Services, Inc [ formerly FedEx Kinkos Office & Print Services, Inc ]  424B5  FWP  4513
FedEx TechConnect, Inc. [ formerly FedEx Customer Information Services, Inc. ]  8-A12B/A OLD  25-NSE  4513
 — 13 — 
Active, but no longer SEC-assigned to nor self-declared in Industry 4513:
Brinks Co [ formerly Pittston Co ]  8-K New Filing this Past Week!  4  4731
 — 1 — 
Not Active (in the Past Year) as a Registrant:
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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 4513
  • Courier services, air
  • Letter delivery, private: air
  • Package delivery, private: air
  • Parcel delivery, private: air

Description of SIC Industry 4513 — Air Courier Services §
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing air delivery of individually addressed letters, parcels, and packages (generally under 100 pounds), except by the U.S.  Postal Service.  While these establishments deliver letters, parcels, and packages by air, the initial pick-up and the final delivery are often made by other modes of transportation, such as by truck, bicycle, or motorcycle.  Separate establishments of air courier companies engaged in providing pick-up and delivery only; `drop-off points'; or distribution centers are all classified in this industry.  Establishments of the U.S.  Postal Service are classified in Industry 4311; and establishments furnishing delivery of individually addressed letters, parcels, or packages (generally under 100 pounds) other than by air are classified in Industry 4215.  Establishments primarily engaged in undertaking the transportation of goods from shippers to receivers for charges covering the entire transportation, but making use of other transportation establishments to effect the entire delivery, are classified in Industry 4731.

§  SEC Review Office (RO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility

OE&T – Office of Energy & Transportation

²  North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 4513     ⇒     NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code  N.A. Industry  [2012]    SIC Codes
In ascending order
492110Couriers and Express Delivery Services  ⇒  4215,  4513

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