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Games, Toys, and Children’s Vehicles, Except Dolls and Bicycles

SIC Industry 3944 — NAICS² Industries 336991, 339930& 339932

SIC [1987] Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries Toys & Sporting Goods Games, toys, and children’s vehicles §

75 Registrants · List them ordered by how Active they have been

As OfNameLatest Filings SIC
In ascending orderAs Filer As Issuer
Active (in the Past Year, since 4/1/19) in Industry 3944:
Big Tree Group, Inc. [formerly Transax International Ltd] 15-12G SC 13G/A OLD3944
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Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology 6-K SC 13G3944
Edison Nation, Inc. [formerly Xspand Products Lab, Inc.] S-1/A New Filing this Past Week! SC 13G/A3944
Empire Global Gaming, Inc. 10-K New Filing this Past Week! SC 13D OLD3944
Funko, Inc. 8-K SC 13G/A3944
Gaming Partners International Corp [formerly Paul Son Gaming Corp] 15-12G SC 13D/A3944
Hasbro, Inc. DEFA14A New Filing this Past Week! 33944
Hassenfeld Alan G 43944
Jakks Pacific Inc 8-K New Filing this Past Week! SC 13G/A3944
Nocopi Technologies Inc/MD 10-K New Filing this Past Week! SC 13D/A3944
— 10 —

Active, but no longer SEC-assigned to nor self-declared in Industry 3944:
Alpha Investment Inc. [formerly Gogo Baby, Inc.] 10-K SC 13G OLD6500
Aluf Holdings, Inc. [formerly Corewafer Industries, Inc.] D/A SC 13G OLD7374
Greenfield Farms Food, Inc. [formerly Sweet Spot Games Inc] REVOKED SC 13G OLD0200
Mattel Inc/DE 10-K/A SC 13G/A3942
ULURU Inc. [formerly Oxford Ventures Inc] D SC 13D/A OLD2834
— 5 —

Not Active (in the Past Year) as a Registrant:
All Filings are OLD
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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 3944
  • Airplanes, toy
  • Automobiles and trucks, toy
  • Automobiles, children’s pedal driven
  • Banks, toy
  • Baskets, toy
  • Bells, toy
  • Blocks, toy
  • Carriages, baby
  • Cars, play (children’s vehicles)
  • Craft and hobby kits and sets
  • Cycles, sidewalk: children’s
  • Darts and dart games
  • Dishes, toy
  • Doll carriages and carts
  • Drums, toy
  • Electronic game machines, except coin-operated
  • Electronic toys
  • Engines, miniature
  • Erector sets, toy
  • Games for children and adults: puzzles, bingo, marbles, poker chips, and chess
  • Gocarts, children’s
  • Guns, toy
  • Hobbyhorses
  • Horns, toy
  • Kites
  • Magic lanterns (toys)
  • Models, toy and hobby: e.g., airplane, boat, ship, railroad equipment
  • Musical instruments, toy
  • Paint sets, children’s
  • Pistols, toy
  • Poker chips
  • Rifles, toy
  • Rocking horses
  • Science kits: microscopes, chemistry sets, and natural science sets
  • Scooters, children’s
  • Sleds, children’s
  • Strollers, baby (vehicles)
  • Structural toy sets
  • Sulkies, baby (vehicles)
  • Tenders, baby (vehicles)
  • Toys: except dolls, bicycles, rubber toys, and stuffed toys
  • Trains and equipment, toy: electric and mechanical
  • Tricycles, children’s
  • Vehicles except bicycles, children’s
  • Video game machines, except coin-operated
  • Wagons, children’s: coaster, express, and play
  • Walkers, baby (vehicles)

Description of SIC Industry 3944 — Games, Toys, and Children’s Vehicles, Except Dolls and Bicycles §
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing games and game sets for adults and children, and mechanical and nonmechanical toys. Important products of this industry include games; toy furniture; doll carriages and carts; construction sets; mechanical trains; toy guns and rifles; baby carriages and strollers; children's tricycles, coaster wagons, play cars, sleds, and other children's outdoor wheel goods and vehicles, except bicycles. Included are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic board games; electronic toys; and electronic game machines, except coin-operated. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dolls and stuffed toys are classified in Industry 3942; those manufacturing bicycles are classified in Industry 3751; those manufacturing sporting and athletic goods for children and adults are classified in Industry 3949; those manufacturing coin-operated game machines are classified in Industry 3999; those manufacturing electronic video game cartridges are classified in Services, Industry 7372; and those manufacturing rubber toys, except dolls, are classified in Industry 3069.

§ SEC Review Office (RO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility

OM – OfficeofManufacturing

² North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 3944 ⇒ NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code N.A. Industry [2012] SIC Codes
In ascending order
336991Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Parts Manufacturing3751, 3944
339930Doll, Toy, and Game Manufacturing3069, 3942, 3944, 3999
339932Game, Toy, and Children’s Vehicle Manufacturing[2007]3069, 3944, 3999

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