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Jewelers’ Findings and Materials, and Lapidary Work

SIC Industry 3915 — NAICS² Industries 334518, 334519, 339910& 339913

SIC [1987] Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries Jewelry, Silverware, & Plated Ware Jewelers’ materials & lapidary work

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Active, but has moved from self-declared (non-SIC [SEC]) Industry 3915:
Charles & Colvard Ltd [formerly C3 Inc/NC] 8-K SC 13G3910
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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 3915
  • Diamond cutting and polishing
  • Diamond points for phonograph needles
  • Jewel bearings, synthetic
  • Jewel cutting, drilling, polishing, recutting, or setting
  • Jewel preparing: for instruments, tools, watches, and jewelry
  • Jewelers’ findings and materials
  • Jewelry parts, unassembled
  • Jewelry polishing for the trade
  • Jewelry soldering for the trade
  • Lapidary work, contract and other
  • Machine chain, platinum or karat gold
  • Pearls: drilling, sawing, or peeling of
  • Pin stems (jewelry findings)
  • Soldering for the jewelry trade
  • Stones: preparation of real and imitation gems for settings

Description of SIC Industry 3915 — Jewelers’ Findings and Materials, and Lapidary Work
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing unassembled jewelry parts and stock shop products, such as sheet, wire, and tubing; and establishments of lapidaries primarily engaged in cutting, slabbing, tumbling, carving, engraving, polishing or faceting stones from natural or manmade precious or semiprecious gem raw materials, either for sale or on a contract basis for the trade; in recutting, repolishing, and setting gem stones; or in cutting, drilling, and otherwise preparing jewels for instruments, dies, watches, chronometers, and other industrial uses. This industry includes the drilling, sawing, and peeling of real or cultured pearls. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing synthetic stones for gem stones and industrial use are classified in Industry 3299, and those manufacturing artificial pearls are classified in Industry 3961.

² North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 3915 ⇒ NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code N.A. Industry [2012] SIC Codes
In ascending order
334518Watch, Clock, and Part Manufacturing[2007]3429, 3495, 3579, 3829, 3873,
334519Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing3429, 3495, 3579, 3599, 3829,
3873, 3915
339910Jewelry and Silverware Manufacturing3172, 3479, 3911, 3914, 3915,
339913Jewelers’ Material and Lapidary Work Manufacturing[2007]3915

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