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Instruments for Measuring and Testing of Electricity and Electrical Signals

SIC Industry 3825 — NAICS² Industries 334514& 334515

SIC [1987] Manufacturing Instruments & Related Products Measuring & Controlling Devices Instruments to measure electricity §

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Active (in the Past Year, since 1/28/19) in Industry 3825:
Aehr Test Systems 8-K New Filing this Past Week! SC 13G New Filing this Past Week!3825
Allied Motion Technologies Inc [formerly Hathaway Corp] 8-K 43825
Analogic Corp 15-12G OLD SC 13G/A3825
Cohu Inc 8-K SC 13G/A3825
Data I/O Corp 10-Q SC 13D3825
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Exfo Inc. [formerly Exfo Electro Optical Engineering Inc] SC 13G New Filing this Past Week! SC 13G New Filing this Past Week!3825
Frequency Electronics Inc 8-K New Filing this Past Week! SC 13G/A New Filing this Past Week!3825
Giga Tronics Inc 8-K 33825
Intest Corp 8-K New Filing this Past Week! 43825
Itron, Inc. 10-Q SC 13G/A New Filing this Past Week!3825
Reliability Inc 8-K 33825
Teradyne, Inc 8-K New Filing this Past Week! 4 New Filing this Past Week!3825
Transcat Inc [formerly Transmation Inc] 8-K 43825
Wireless Telecom Group Inc [formerly Noise Com Inc/NJ] 8-K 43825
Xcerra Corp [formerly LTX-Credence Corp] 15-12G OLD SC 13G/A3825
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Active, but no longer SEC-assigned to nor self-declared in Industry 3825:
Agilent Technologies, Inc. 8-K New Filing this Past Week! 4 New Filing this Past Week!3826
ATRM Holdings, Inc. [formerly Aetrium Inc] EFFECT 42452
Crawford United Corp [formerly Hickok Inc] 8-K 43823
Kla Corp [formerly Kla Tencor Corp] 8-K SC 13G/A New Filing this Past Week!3827
Snap-on Inc 10-Q 43420
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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 3825
  • Alternator and generator testers
  • Ammeters
  • Ampere-hour meters
  • Analog-to-digital converters, electronic instrumentation type
  • Analyzers for testing electrical characteristics
  • Audiometers, except medical
  • Automotive ammeters and voltmeters
  • Battery testers, electrical
  • Bleed control cabinets (engine testers)
  • Bridges, electrical: e.g., Kelvin, Wheatstone, vacuum tube, and megohm
  • Current measuring equipment
  • Decade boxes: capacitance, inductance, and resistance
  • Demand meters, electric
  • Digital panel meters, electricity measuring
  • Digital test equipment, electronic and electrical circuits and equipment
  • Digital-to-analog converters, electronic instrumentation type
  • Diode and transistor testers
  • Distortion meters and analyzers
  • Elapsed time meters, electronic
  • Electron tube test equipment
  • Electronic test equipment for testing electrical characteristics
  • Energy measuring equipment, electrical
  • Field strength and intensity measuring equipment, electrical
  • Frequency meters: electrical, mechanical, and electronic
  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Function generators
  • Galvanometers, except geophysical
  • Ignition testing instruments
  • Impedance measuring equipment
  • Indicating instruments, electric
  • Instrument relays, all types
  • Instrument shunts
  • Instruments for measuring electrical quantities
  • Instruments, electric: for testing electrical characteristics
  • Integrated-circuit testers
  • Integrating electricity meters
  • Internal combustion engine analyzers, to test electrical characteristics
  • Laboratory standards, electric: resistance, inductance, and capacitance
  • Logic circuit testers
  • Measuring equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment
  • Measuring instruments and meters, electric
  • Meters, electric: pocket, portable, panelboard, and graphic recording
  • Meters, power factor and phase angle
  • Microwave test equipment
  • Multimeters
  • Network analyzers
  • Ohmmeters
  • Oscillators, audiofrequency and radiofrequency (instrument types)
  • Oscillographs and oscilloscopes
  • Potentiometric instruments, except industrial process type
  • Power measuring equipment, electrical
  • Pulse (signal) generators
  • Radar testing instruments, electric
  • Radio apparatus analyzers for testing electrical characteristics
  • Radio set analyzers, electrical
  • Radio tube checkers, electrical
  • Radiofrequency measuring equipment
  • Recorders, oscillographic
  • Reflectometers, sliding shorts
  • Resistance measuring equipment
  • Semiconductor test equipment
  • Signal generators and averages
  • Spark plug testing instruments, electric
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Standard cells
  • Standards and calibration equipment for electrical measuring, except laboratory
  • Standing wave ratio measuring equipment
  • Stroboscopes
  • Sweep generators
  • Sweep oscillators
  • Synchroscopes
  • Tachometer generators
  • Test equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment
  • Test sets, ignition harness
  • Time code generators
  • Transformers, instrument: portable
  • Tube testers
  • Volt-ohm milliammeters
  • Voltmeters
  • Watt-hour and demand meters, combined
  • Watt-hour and time switch meters, combined
  • Watt-hour meters, electric
  • Wattmeters
  • Waveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment
  • X-Y recorders (plotters), except computer peripheral equipment

Description of SIC Industry 3825 — Instruments for Measuring and Testing of Electricity and Electrical Signals §
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing instruments for measuring the characteristics of electricity and electrical signals, such as voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters, watt-hour meters, demand meters, and equipment for testing the electrical characteristics of electrical, radio, and communication circuits and of internal combustion engines. Establishments primarily engaged in the manufacturing of electronic checkout, monitoring, evaluating, and other electronic support equipment for electronic navigational, radar, and sonar systems are classified in Industry 3812, and those manufacturing similar equipment for communications systems classified in Industry Group 366.

§ SEC Review Office (RO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility

OLS – OfficeofLifeSciences

² North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 3825 ⇒ NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code N.A. Industry [2012] SIC Codes
In ascending order
334514Totalizing Fluid Meter and Counting Device Manufacturing3824, 3825, 3829
334515Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals3825

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