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Household Audio and Video Equipment

SIC Industry 3651   —   NAICS² Industry  334310

SIC [1987]  →  Manufacturing  →  Electronic & Other Electric Equipment  →  Household Audio & Video Equipment  →  Household audio & video equipment §

93  Registrants  ·  List them ordered by how Active they have been

As Of     NameLatest Filings     SIC
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Active (in the Past Year, since 7/11/19) in Industry 3651:
Arlo Technologies, Inc.  8-K  4 New Filing this Past Week!  3651
Emerson Radio Corp  10-K  SC 13D/A OLD  3651
Genasys Inc. [ formerly Lrad Corp ]  SD  4  3651
Flag of Australia emoji
Integrated Media Technology Ltd [ formerly China Integrated Media Corp Ltd ]  6-K New Filing this Past Week!  UPLOAD  3651
Kemiao Garment Holding Group [ formerly Aivtech International Group Co. ]  10-K/A  UPLOAD  3651
Knowles Corp  11-K  4  3651
Koss Corp  10-Q  SC 13G/A  3651
Flag of Japan emoji
Panasonic Corp [ formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd ]  CB OLD  SC 13G/A  3651
Poehlman Cynthia  4/A  —  3651
Sonos Inc  8-K  4 New Filing this Past Week!  3651
Flag of Japan emoji
Sony Corp  6-K New Filing this Past Week!  UPLOAD  3651
Sorrells David F  4  —  3651
Flag of France emoji
Technicolor [ formerly Thomson ]  424B3  F-6 OLD  3651
Universal Electronics Inc  8-K  4  3651
 — 14 — 
Active, but no longer SEC-assigned to nor self-declared in Industry 3651:
Flag of Malta emoji
Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. [ formerly VGambling Inc. ]  8-K New Filing this Past Week!  3 New Filing this Past Week!  7900
Parkervision Inc  424B3 New Filing this Past Week!  4  3663
Universal Security Instruments Inc  8-K  SC 13G/A  5065
Vertex Energy Inc. [ formerly World Waste Technologies Inc ]  8-K  4  2911
 — 4 — 
Not Active (in the Past Year) as a Registrant:
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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 3651
  • Amplifiers: radio, public address, or musical instrument
  • Audio recorders and players: automotive and household
  • Clock radio and telephone combinations
  • Clock radios
  • Coin-operated phonographs
  • Disc players, compact
  • Electronic kits for home assembly: radio and television receiving sets, and phonograph equipment
  • FM and AM tuners
  • Home tape recorders: cassette, cartridge, and reel
  • Juke boxes
  • Loudspeakers, electrodynamic and magnetic
  • Microphones
  • Music distribution apparatus, except records or tape
  • Musical instrument amplifiers
  • Phonograph and radio combinations
  • Phonograph turntables
  • Phonographs, including coin-operated
  • Pickup heads, phonograph
  • Pillows, stereo
  • Public address systems
  • Radio and phonograph combinations
  • Radio receiving sets
  • Recording machines, music and speech: except dictation and telephone answering machines
  • Speaker systems
  • Tape players, household
  • Tape recorders, household
  • Television receiving sets
  • Turntables, for phonographs
  • Video camera-audio recorders, household
  • Video cassette recorders/players
  • Video triggers (remote control television devices)

Description of SIC Industry 3651 — Household Audio and Video Equipment §
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic audio and video equipment for home entertainment (including automotive), such as television sets, radio broadcast receivers, tape players, phonographs, and video recorders and players.  This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing public address systems and music distribution apparatus.  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing phonograph records and prerecorded audio tapes are classified in Industry 3652; those manufacturing telephone answering machines are classified in Industry 3661; those manufacturing motion picture reproduction equipment are classified in Industry 3861; and those manufacturing phonograph needles and cartridges are classified in Industry 3679.  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing separate cabinets for home electronic equipment are classified in Major Group 25.

§  SEC Review Office (RO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility

OM – Office of Manufacturing

²  North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 3651     ⇒     NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code  N.A. Industry  [2012]    SIC Codes
In ascending order
334310Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing  ⇒  3651,  3679

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