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Calculating and Accounting Machines, Except Electronic Computers

SIC Industry 3578 — NAICS² Industries 333311, 333313, 333316, 333318, 334118& 334119

SIC [1987] Manufacturing Industrial Machinery & Equipment Computer & Office Equipment Calculating & accounting equipment §

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As OfNameLatest Filings SIC
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Active (in the Past Year, since 3/30/19) in Industry 3578:
Diebold Nixdorf, Inc [formerly Diebold Inc] 8-K 43578
NCR Corp 8-K New Filing this Past Week! 4/A3578
Par Technology Corp 8-K New Filing this Past Week! 4/A3578
USA Technologies Inc [formerly USA Entertainment Center Inc] DEFA14A New Filing this Past Week! DFAN14A New Filing this Past Week!3578
— 4 —

Active, but no longer SEC-assigned to nor self-declared in Industry 3578:
Charlie’s Holdings, Inc. [formerly True Drinks Holdings, Inc.] NT 10-K New Filing this Past Week! UPLOAD2833
Flag of British Virgin Islands emoji
Nam Tai Property Inc. 20-F New Filing this Past Week! SC 13G/A6500
Scientific Games Corp [formerly Autotote Corp] 8-K New Filing this Past Week! 4 New Filing this Past Week!7373
— 3 —

Not Active (in the Past Year) as a Registrant:
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Businesses & Products of SIC Industry 3578
  • Accounting machines, operator paced
  • Adding machines
  • Automatic teller machines (ATM)
  • Billing machines
  • Bookkeeping machines
  • Calculating machines, operator paced
  • Cash registers, including adding machines with cash drawers
  • Change making machines
  • Coin counters
  • Funds transfer devices
  • Point-of-sale devices
  • Registers, credit account

Description of SIC Industry 3578 — Calculating and Accounting Machines, Except Electronic Computers §
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing point-of-sale devices, funds transfer devices, and other calculating and accounting machines, except electronic computers. Included are electronic calculating and accounting machines which must be paced by operator intervention, even when augmented by attachments. These machines may include program control or have input/output capabilities.

§ SEC Review Office (RO) Assigned Filings-Review Responsibility

OT – OfficeofTechnology

² North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

SIC [1987] Industry 3578 ⇒ NAICS [2012] Industry Codes

NAICS Code N.A. Industry [2012] SIC Codes
In ascending order
333311Automatic Vending Machine Manufacturing[2007]3578, 3581
333313Office Machinery Manufacturing[2007]3578, 3579
333316Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing3577, 3578, 3861
333318Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing3559, 3578, 3579, 3581, 3582,
3589, 3599, 3699, 3999
334118Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing3575, 3577, 3578
334119Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing[2007]3577, 3578

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